Tuesday, 31 May 2011


i've been feeling really nostalgic since i've left school, listening to old music, sorting out photo albums and doing all sorts of other things. it got me thinking about products i used to use and products i remembered from my childhood and one definately stuck out...
the sudocrem i remember as a baby was a big fat pot with masses and masses of product in it, that my mummy used to put on my cuts, it's safe to say i had NEVER thought of using it as an adult! i remember i had once read that sudocrem was cheryl cole's secret to her amazing skin. now to this day I am a little sceptical as i'm sure she also has lots of facials and other super products but there is no doubt that sudocrem has so many benenfits and it has definitely become my new best friend. my quest for perfect skin is ongoing and i thought why not! if it's good enough for babies it's good enough for me!

sudocrem has antibacterial properties so its super amazing at reducing the swelling and redness of my spots. in fact i find that sudocrem is the only product i've found that makes my skin less red. initally i was very worried that it might make my face really oily as it is really thick but its helps balance the moisture in my face and is helping to regulate my dry skin. i've even started wearing this just around the house during the day when i'm going make-up less.

the only disadvantage i have for this product is that it does have a tendancy to make me look like a ghost but this is only because it is so thick and just needs that extra time to sink into your skin. i like to think that means its making me even more mosturised.

to add to my love even more sudocrem have now made tubes of sudocrem! so much easier to chuck into your handbag. it also limits the transfer of bacteria into your pot, which has got to be a bonus!

so if you get the chance to go and try out this wonder product...DO! i highly recommend it. it is a skin staple product for me when my skin needs a bit of TLC.

do you have any products that you think are a skin staple? do you use Sudocrem?

Rosie xoxo

Saturday, 28 May 2011

kissable lips

i've got to be honest, before i started blogging i was never a massive lipstick fan. in fact i would have definitely chosen lipgloss over lipstick any day! lipstick reminded me of my grandma and dance shows, it made me feel too old or too made up. it has only been in the past year that i really started wearing lipstick and i'm now a total lipstick lover! i'm rarely seen without it! however i do have a massive problem in that i have really, really, REALLY dry lips, not a great look when your wearing lipstick. but I've now found a few super tips to get rid of this dry skin and make my lips gorgeous and kissable (you never know who you might meet!)

here is just a few things you can do to make your lips beautiful. obviously you don't have to do all of them but think how great your lips will look it you do!

1) use a warm flannel: i'm always surprised by how many people don't do this, it's super easy and definitely helps. gently rub your lips with the warm flannel and this will slowly start to loosen the dead skin that makes your lips all flakey. this makes it easy to exfoliate off the skin.

2) do the good old toothbrush trick: all you need to do is just work an old toothbrush into your lips to remove the dead skin. i did a post on it here before if you want to go and take a look. this is 10 times move effective after the warm flannel has been applied!

3) make a lip scrub: i think this is probably the most effective thing i have found and its so easy to make! all you need is some vaseline, honey and some sugar (it can be brown or white sugar, totally doesn't matter!) put a teaspoon of sugar, a squirt of vaseline and two tablespoons of honey into a small bowl or container. stir all of the ingredients together until they are thoroughly mixed into each other. you can then apply the scrub as you would apply your lip balm. instead of leaving it on like lip balm, keep working it into your lips, this acts as an exfoliant and will get rid of all of the gross flakey bits. when you have finished rubbing it in you can remove it using a piece of kitchen roll or tissue. your lips should feel super smooth!

4) apply lip balm: before you apply your lipstick always apply a little lip balm. i do this about 4 minutes before i apply my lipstick because then they are soft and moisturised but don't affect the way the lipstick is applied.

these make my lips look so amazing now when i wear lipstick and the lip scrub tastes amazing too!

 what do you do to prep your lips for lipstick? have you tried a lip scrub?

Rosie xoxo

Friday, 27 May 2011

bye bye secondary school.....

this week has marked the end of an era for me. the end of my time in secondary school and the beginning of my time at university (well almost!) if i'm totally honest it hasn't really sunk in yet as i've been keeping myself busy with exam revision but i thought i'd share with you all some little bits of my leavers day.

leavers day in the uk is often more traditionally known as 'muck up day' where we basically set up pranks all over the school. but our teachers were very clear that this was not allowed this year. so instead we decided to take muck up day to those outside of our school. this involved the use of water pistols in a drive by style shooting as students walked up to school, then followed by a trip to the local boys school accompanied with whipped cream and shaving foam to attack our fellow sixth form leavers.


aswell as the joys of muck up day, we also had a bbq on the field with all of our teachers. there were games, such as a teachers v students tug of war (we won), and lots and lots of pictures! we got to give our presents to teachers and just basically say goodbye to everyone, there was lots and lots of hugs! we then finished the day with an amazing assembley full of live music, speeches, videos and finally with the presentation of a present to each of us from the teachers and...... our prom tickets!

it was the best send off we could have possibly gotten and actually as i write this is making me quite sad that i won't be going back next year. its time for me to try something new i guess, look to the future, however uncertain it may be.

i hope you'll forgive me for this very brief overview but there was so many things that happened and there was no way i could fit them all into this one post wtthout rushing it all far too much!

have any of you had your leavers day or graduation? what was yours like?

Rosie x

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

the 4 week no heat challenge: update

i've officially completed one week of the challenge (well one week and 3 days to be exact) and if i'm totally honest i can't decide if i've found it hard or easy? i'm not really missing straightening my hair as its giving me a lot more time in the mornings and i've found some new great ways of styling my hair without heat, however every now and again i get a random urge to use my styling tools. it's usually late at night to try out a look i've just seen, or when i'm sat at home and no one will see me anyway. i'm not sure if this is something new or i've just never really thought twice about doing it before, but it has been most strange.

although it has, at times, been testing i have already begun to see the benefits of the challenge, the most noticable being that i've definately got far less hair fall out! before the challenge i literally only had to run my fingers through my hair and i would pull out chunks of hair with it!  this is making my hair seem slightly thicker (i'll be honest, not by much) and it feels far less dry and damaged.

i'm not as confident as i would normally be when going out, as i'm not usually very adventurous with my hair but this challenge has made me think outside of my comfort zone and begin to look at trying other hairstyles. i may start out quite nervous but after a few compliments i'll be beaming for the rest of the day. i'm definately beginning to build up a catalogue of looks i can use in the future.

how is the '4 week no heat challenge' going for you? it's not too late to join up!

Rosie xoxo

Sunday, 22 May 2011

my first blog award :)

almost a week ago now i came home from a long day at work to find that i had been given two awards by the lovely Emmie's Darlings. i am so very excited by this so thank you so much! it was so unexpected and i am just so happy many, many thanks! i love blogging and it makes me happy to know that some of you love what i do.

now i get to tell you 10 things about myself you probably wouldn't know:

1. i don't know my alphabet without singing the alphabet song in my head.

2. my best friend is called gina and i only see her about once a month beause we go to different schools and live quite far apart, but yet when we are together its like we've never been apart.

3. i keep little notebooks full of lists of things, from what to take on holiday to things i want to buy... i have it all.

4. i secretly love school. i find it really interesting... well most of the time. and sometimes i even like revision. yeah i know. i'm weird.

5. i'm really scared of the dark. the only place i don't get scared is in my bedroom.

6. i love cleaning and organising things. when i'm really stressed i love to reorganise my cupboards and draws.

7. i love doing things for other people. i know it sounds massively corny but I always feel happiest after i have helped someone else or made someone else smile no matter how small or large what i have done is.

8. i love collecting things. as a little kid i used to collect stamps, china dolls, china figures... to be honest there wasn't much i didn't collect and i'm pretty sure this is where my ridiculous collection of shoes and make-up came from.

9. i love dance and performing. i've been dancing and singing for as long as i can remember and do plays at least once a year, as well as dance shows about 3 times a year. i've been lucky enough to be in some amazing shows and this year i played belle in beauty and the beast.


10. my middle toe on my left foot is my bigger than my second toe. i'm a freak.

who do you think deserves this award?

The London Lipgloss- zoe is possibly one of the most lovely people i have met through blogging. she is so helpful and lovely to chat to, as well as producing a wonderful blog. her ootd's are so lovely and always make me think 'ah i must go try that', you can always tell she has put thought into her posts and she clearly has a love for all of her followers. an all round lovely person. 

Emmie's Darlings- i'm not sure if i'm allowed to give the award back but i just totally have to! i loveeeee emmie's blog its just so well written and she comes across so sweet and lovely, definitely my kind of person. when i see she has a new post up i race on over there to check it out as quick as i can. a great read.

Computergirl's Musing's- emma's blog is just full of so many things, you could never ever get bored. she talks about everything that tickles her fancy and does it with her own little flair. sometimes i just find myself reading her blog for hours she's just got such a way of making everything so fun and interesting.

so there we go some wonderful bloggers for you all to go check out if you don't follow them already (which you should!) well done girls keep on being amazing :)

Rosie xoxo

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

my festival checklist

festival season has begun! well just about.... this summer i am off to reading festival for the second year in a row and to say i'm excited is a massive understatement. the bands playing this year are a massive mix from the very chilled to the most definitely not (bring me the horizon i'm looking at you!). so in my excitement i decided to show you all my festival essentials and some other random things i like to have with me. so here we go...
  • wellies- last year it rained a ridiculous amount and in some places the mud was even above my knees. without them i would have died.
  • waterproof tent- if it rains you will be thankful.
  • warm sleeping bag- it gets cold at night.
  • an old pillow- when you do finally decide to go to sleep this will be a god send.
  • knee high socks- to avoid the inevitable welly burn.
  • dry shampoo- trust me. your hair will thank you. my personal favourite is batiste blush, 1 because its pink and 2 because it smells lovely. i just want to smell my hair all day after i've put it on. 
  • my id- you need one to get your over 18 band, and you need your over 18 band to buy alcohol!
  • baby wipes- your shower substitute for the festival.
  • neon face paint- we bought this at the festival last year and wore it every day writing messages on clothes and our faces alike. it was a staple accessory to all outfits.
  • toothpaste/ toothbrush-  just cause you're not showering doesn't mean you shouldn't clean your teeth!
  • lip balm- my carmex is my total godsend. it makes my lips super smooth and gorgeous and now i even have the tube version so i don't have to put it on with my mucky hands.
  • sunglasses- to allow us to to actually see the bands when it gets really sunny (i can dream can't i!)
  • shorts- i lived in these last year. they keep you nice and cool in the overwhelmingly hot crowds and look lovely too.
  • light, thin waterproof jacket- if you are planning on spending alot of time at an outdoor stage then this is massively important.
  • a sharpie- to vandalise your tent and write all over your self.
  • basic make-up kit- so basically my foundation, concealer, eye liner, black/grey eyeshadow, blush & mascara
  • lipsticks- as i don't wear much make up at the festival i like to try out loads of different lipstick colours instead.
  • money- how else would i buy my giant yorkshire pudding!
  • a hoodie or jumper- it can get pretty cold at night round the camp fire and even if you have your beer coat on most of the time you will eventually need an actually jumper to keep you warm.
  • strappy tops/t'shirts/crop tops- take your pick
  • masses of alcohol- our evenings are mostly spent round the campfire getting drunk until the early hours of the morning so this is important. it can also help make all of those mosh pits that little bit more fun and less painful.
so there we have it my list of things i'll be taking with me to the festival.

what festivals are you going to this year? what will you be taking with you?

Rosie xoxo

Monday, 16 May 2011

quick tip: fixing a broken lipstick

this is super easy and can breathe a new lease off life into a an old broken lipstick.

all you have to do is take the broken lipstick and using either a lighter or a match, heat up the bottom of the piece that has broken off. quickly place the piece back in the pistick holder trying to place it back into the position it had broken from (this is a little like a puzzle!) once done try to see if you can move the lisptick up and down without it getting caught. if it seems okay place it in the fridge or the freezer to allow it to set.

et voila! a lipstick thats good as new!

Rosie xoxo

Sunday, 15 May 2011

4 week no heat challenge!

aqs awful as it is to admit i am a little bit of a heat junkie. i cannot leave the house with my hair down without attacking it with some straighteners or a curling iron. i have that kind of hair that isn't quite straight but isn't quite curley and definately isn't wavey in a nice way! my insecurities lead to my massive heat overload and its made my once thick hair, thin and weak. so i've decided to drop the hot styling tools and take part in cosmetics-charlotte's '4 Week No Heat Challenge'. that means no straighteners, no curlers and no hairdryer!

i, like charlotte, have exams until the end of june and so for me this is the perfect time to just let my hair breathe before the summer end of school parties begin! i'm hoping i can get some of that strength i once had in my hair back as well as, growing a couple more inches? (a girl can hope!)

i'd love it if some of you wanted to join in to! leave me a comment below if you decide to join and as for me i'll be starting tomorrow and documenting my journey to try and relieve myself of my ghd obsession!

Rosie xoxo

Friday, 13 May 2011

notd: summer pastels from 17

i got a little excited this week as during my clearout i discover a whole box of nail varnish I had forgotten i even had. amongst all of them was the most lovely colour that I bought with friends a few years ago on our sixth form induction trip. i've been feeling a little less summery since i've got back into the school routine. and exams are getting ever closer which isn't helping. so i thought a nice summery pastel shade was exactly what i needed.

the polish is just such a gorgeous colour it comes from 17's lasting fix polish collection and is the shade 'mint choc chip'. the colour name always confused me as i don't think its quite green enough for that but heigh ho! i do have to say that to be honest its staying power isn't really as great as advertised. it's meant to be able to last for 5 days but having only been on for a day, chips are beginning to form, which is a little disappointing. but the amazingness of the colour makes up for it slightly.

i'm not sure if this polish is still in stock, but if it is go snap it up! pastels are just so lovely and summery and perfect to get you in the mood for the incoming season.

what are you favourite nail polishes for the summer?

Rosie xoxo

Monday, 9 May 2011

quick tip: applying concealer

my current lack of decent brushes means that i am applying the majority of my make-up using my fingers. this can be benefical as i find it can often give a more natural finish but it can also spread bacteria and isn't so great for your skin in other ways too. i wanted to share with you these quick tips to ensure you're really protecting your skin as much as you can.

  • in order to combat the bacterial aspect ensure that you wash your hands before you apply ANY make up with your fingers. this limits the spread of bacteria onto your skin.
  • when applying concealer to your face using your fingers, apply it using your ring finger (thats your 4th, next to your pinkie). this is because it is the stiffest of your fingers and will avoid tugging on the delicate skin under your eye and help prevent premature signs of ageing.

obviously if you have a concealer brush it is far less harsh, but if like me your trying to save some pennies just be sure to do your best to protect your skin as much as possible.

Rosie xoxo

give to 'give and make-up'

i've recently been having a mass clear out of my bedroom and had created myself a little pile of products that i had got little/no use out of. my impulse buying had left me with all of these products with which i had no purpose and it seemed silly to through away as although not right for me they may be perfect for someone else! so whilst browsing the internet i found this company who have the perfect solution to my dilema...

'give and make up' is a non-profit organisation which gives essential item to women and children affected by domestic abuse here in the uk. they work in conjunction with the charities 'refuge' and 'women's aid' who make sure the items get to those who really need it.

they can accept a variety of things as donations (list taken from the website):

everyday essentials
bath/shower gel
body lotion
feminine hygiene products
shaving products
at-home hair dye colouring kits



makeup brushes
makeup bags
curling tongs

baby products

the products don't have to be new, but shouldn't have had extensive use! the only products they insist on having new are those with applicator wands (e.g mascara, concealer etc) as we don't want to be spread lots of gross bacteria! you can send gifts of any size so samples are perfectly fine too!

i've decided to send off  my little bundle of things that i have accumulated in my clear out but you don't have to send off boxes and boxes of things they are very happy to just accept a few products and every little helps!

to find out more about the company and how to send off your own little bundle go to the website here:

it's a really nice easy way to help someone else and clear out all of those products you bought thinking you would get masses of use out of but have instead been gathering dust on the shelf.

Rosie xoxo

Sunday, 1 May 2011

how to: clean your make-up brushes

everyone knows how important it is to clean your brushes, because they harbour lots of dirt and bacteria,  but not many people are really sure of the best way to do it.

i like to clean my brushes after each time i use them with a make up wipe just to remove excess makeup and dirt,this is especially useful if you are usfing lots of different colours for a look but have limited brushes. in addition to this there is two other ways of cleaning your brushes, spot cleaning and deep cleaning. spot cleaning is usful if you don't have time to do a deep cleanse and can be done every couple of days whereas a deep cleanse can take longer and i usually do it around once every two weeks.

NB it is important not to get water into the fennel of your brush (thats the silvery bit between the bristles and handle.) this is because if water gets in there it can losen the bristles and cause the brush to shed as well as making the bristles uneven. i always find this bit super hard so you have to be really careful.

spot clean

you need:
  • a brush cleanser (e.g mac brush cleanser/a home made alternative)
  • a paper towel (preferably kitchen roll as it won't fall apart like toilet roll)
  1. hold the brush over the paper towel and drizzle or spray (depending on the packaging) some brush cleanser onto your brush. be careful to avoid getting cleanser into the fennel.
  2. work the brush into the excess cleanser on the paper towel. i once read that when cleaning your brushes you should use a certain movement depending on the shape? so after much research i have discovered if you are cleaning round and domed brushes (e.g blush brushes, powder brushes) then move then in a circular motion if it is a flat or angeled brush (e.g eyeliner brushes, foundation brushes) then sweep forward and back as if you are painting a line onto the paper towel.
  3. repeat until the brush appears to be clean. then ensure the bristles are in their natural shape and place the brush on a clean piece of paper towel to dry.

    update: more recently i've been simply using a small squirt of antibacterial hand wash and a face wipe to spot clean my brushes because i can't really afford a brush cleanser at the moment

deep clean

you need:
  • a bowl
  • a baby shampoo
  • olive oil
  • antibacterial hand gel
  • paper towels
  • a sink
  1. put a little baby shampoo, antibacterial hand gel and olive oil into the bowl. there is no set amount, you should judge this by eye depending on the amount of brushes you have.
  2. take a dry brush and mix it into the mixture.
  3. brush off any excess onto the side of the bowl. now take a paper towel and work the brush into it. remember to use the correct movement.
  4. after a few minutes run the brush under some water and continue working it into the paper towel until there is no colour trail.
  5. take another paper towel, place the brushes back into their natural shape and leave to dry.
  6. you will need to leave your brushes to dry for a few hours following a deep cleanse so make sure you've done your make-up before you wash them.
NB if you are cleaning a kabuki brush be sure to keep the bristles pointing downwards trhoughout the process to avoid water running down and loosening the glue. then allow it to dry on its side.

i hope this is helpful in making sure you clean your brushes effectively and avoid all those icky breakouts and infections. please tell me if you have any specific 'How to' you want to see.

Rosie xoxo
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