Tuesday, 28 June 2011

top tips for flying

today i am finally off on holiday with my friends, infact i'm on my way to the airport as we speak! this trip feels like a long time coming as we've been planning for so long and now it's finally here! this is definately the perfect end to exams and it ensures that we have a beautiful tan for our prom too! so in preperation for my trip i thought i'd share with you my top tips for flying.

going to amazing places by plane can be fun but it definately takes a toll on your skin. all that recycled air can really dry it out. to prevent this as much as possible we need to make our face as hydrated as we can during the flight. how do i do that i hear you ask?!
  1. drink LOTS of water! this kind of goes without saying.... if we want hydrated skin we have to keep our bodies hydrated. if you can buy some water in the airport to take on the plane or just bug the flight attendants for water.
  2. if you can get one that stays within your liquid allowance on your inflight bags then i'd suggest a facial spray. obviously be careful as you can't take aerasols or anything but this definitely helps if it is available to you!
  3. MOISTURISER! this is your best friend on a flight. long ones especially. try putting a small amout of your moisturiser into a smaller pot (a smaple pot would be ideal) or just collect some sample sachets that you can take with you to use instead.
  4. its alot better for your skin to avoid wearing make up on the plane so if you are able to avoid wearing it then thats best. if you can't face the idea of getting on and off the plane without it on just take it off for the flight and reapply it before you land. once your sat in your seats no one really pays attention to anyone else anyway. (this is my fail safe method on days when i'm feeling self conscious)
  5. if you insist upon wearing make up then tinted moisturiser is definately a better option than foundation as its lighter and obviously provides your skin with moisture to keep it hydrated.
  6. your lips can also dry out on the play so a good lip balm is key. maybe some vaseline or carmex?
now we're all ready to jet off to somewhere exotic whilst maintaining beautiful skin!

are you off anywhere this summer? what are your top tips for flying?

Rosie xoxo

Monday, 27 June 2011

some amazing make-up from katie alves

i'm finally back! thank you all for being so patient with me during the exam period. it's finally over so now i can get back to having a life..... and blogging!

ss my first post back i wanted to tell you all about a lovely lady i've been just amazed by. her name is katie alves and you can find her over at http://katiealves.deviantart.com/

i like to think that i'm quite competent when it comes to doing my make-up but this girl just takes it to a whole new level. it's not really your average daily make-up look and although i doubt i would have anywhere to wear these looks, they are just gorgeous and leave me totally lost for words.

i thought i would select for you all some of my favourite looks just to give you a taster of what Katie is about.

i hope you can all agree that this girl has some serious talent! so go check her out. or maybe have a go at one of her looks yourself?

if you do i'd love to see it , so leave a comment below!

Rosie xoxo

Saturday, 11 June 2011

101 things to do in 1001 days

in modern life i think its quite easy to get sucked up and pulled along, as everything seems to always be moving so fast. all those little things that we always mean to get done or just wanted to one day do get left behind, so when i was recently made aware of the day zero project it seemed like a wonderful way to keep myself focused on all of those goals and ideas that often get neglected. 

the aim: complete 101 tasks in 1001 days. 

start date: 11th June 2011
finish date: 6th March 2014
number of tasks completed: 36/101

red text = finished with completion date
green text = in progress

1. write a letter to myself to open in 10 years time
2. sleep under the stars
3. watch the sun rise and set all in one day (27/08/11)
4. improve my posture (18/08/13)
5. wear bright lipstick for a day (12/07/11)
6. go to university (25/09/12)
7. make a cookbook of all of my favourite recipes (30/12/11)
8. go to a spa with my mum
9. get a tattoo
10. find and reach my 'happy weight'
11. go skydiving
12. go and see a chelsea match with my dad
13. help a complete stranger (15/06/12)
14. learn to rollarskate (30/09/12)
15. ride the circle line the whole way round
16. plant a tree
17. expand my vocabulary by 100 words [0/100]
18. sing karaoke in a bar
19. have dinner by candlelight [29/11/13]
20. influence someone in a positive way [08/09/11]
21. go skinny dipping
22. kiss in the rain
23. worry less [16/12/12]
24. grow and cook my own vegetables
25. ride in a hot air balloon

26. learn to skate board
27. ride in a helicopter
28. go to a film premiere
29. do exercise regularly
30. learn to belly dance
31. do yoga/pilates
32. see the northern lights
33. find my perfect hairstyle(28/06/12)
34. watch all of the lord of the rings films back to back
35. perform with my brother
36. make a list of 100 things I like about myself (16/08/11)
37. try epilating
38. spend an afternoon reading in the park
39. learn how to alter clothes
40. go paintballing
41. smoke shisha (2/10/13)
42. try waxing (25/08/11)
43. leave 10 anonymous post it note messages in borrowed books [1/10]
44. learn to play an impressive sounding piece on the piano
45. create a budget and stick to it
46. drink only water for a week (11/08/12)
47. see a comedian live (26/08/12)
48. make bread from scratch (21/12/12)
49. get a massage (3/4/12)
50. send someone flowers, just because

51. send 10 people letters, just because [0/10]
52. go to midnight mass one xmas (25/12/12)
53. buy a new bed
54. sell something online (24/10/11)
55. try absinthe
56. write a list of things that make me unhappy and burn it
57. do a 5k race and run the entire thing (no stopping)
58. learn to pole dance
59. learn how to do a cartwheel (3/3/13)
60. fly first class somewhere
61. create something on a pottery wheel
62. take part in operation beautiful
63. hand in an assignment a week early
64. kiss someone at midnight on new years [1/1/14]
65. join a gym/exercise class and actually go
66. go fruit picking
67. build and light a bonfire
68. leave a bunch of flowers on a strangers gravestone
69. learn how to write my name in chinese
70. read books regularly (28/02/12)
71. make a patchwork quilt or cushion
72. win a competition (08/07/11)
73. donate some time to charity (28/02/12)
74. make jam (19/12/11)
75. buy something from a shopping channel

76. learn to knit
77. attend a midnight showing of a movie
78. participate in a protest
79. get a facial (03/04/12)
80. learn how to play poker (2/2/13)
81. make some handmade cards
82. find the perfect little black dress (07/07/11)
83. de-clutter bedroom (30/12/11)
84. find the perfect pair of jeans (30/12/11)
85. learn how to use photoshop
86. get eyebrows done professionally
87. attend a taping of a tv show
88. jump into a body of water fully clothed (10/07/11)
89. learn to drive an automatic car
90. go to a waterpark (01/07/11)
91. learn to like/tolerate beer
92. buy a world map to stick up and cover in pins
93. complete my gold duke of edinburgh
94. buy a decent camera (09/11/11)
95. go to the horse races
96. learn how to change my car oil (24/08/11)
97. turn my favourite quote into a piece of art
98. finish a whole sudoku book (16/08/13)
99. do 100 press ups
100. save £1000 (12/07/11)
101. on day 1001 start a new list with anything I haven't completed and some new goals

like the idea? make one too and link yours below 

*this list has now become a page. link here*

Sunday, 5 June 2011

i've not disappeared.....

hello all!

i hope everyone is okay and those with exams are holding on in there! i myself have my exams starting next week and i'm super stressed about them, there's far too much riding on them and thats all a little too scary for me but all i can do is try my hardest and hope, so in doing so my entire life has become revision. this has meant that blogging has taken a bit of a back seat and i just wanted to put up a quick post to apologise for the lack of posts recently. i've got around 50 half finished ones that i'll be churning out once my exams are finally done but until then I'm afraid they may be less frequent.

i can't wait until exams are over! in only 23 days i'll be lying happily on the beach in tenerife with my friends and won't even have to worry anymore ! to be honest that's all thats driving me forward right now. 

i hope you all understand and good luck to anyone else who has to endure the dreaded exam season... infact if you have exams soon, get back to your revision!

please feel free to leave me comments and requests etc and i'll try my best to reply to you even if i can't get lots of posts up.

Rosie xoxo
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