Sunday, 31 July 2011

christmas already?!

With the British summer seemingly having occured in April and the current weather being less than wonderful, I guess we could forgive people for thinking it is winter right now...... But Harrods have gone the full mile and are already promoting their annual Christmas World. My Grandad even told me that you could put your names down to see Santa already!

I think it's a little too early for me to be getting into Christmas mode as I've only just managed to get myself into the Summer mindset! But for those of you already thinking ahead here is the video from the lovely people at Harrods......

What do you think?

Rosie xoxo

we all love a good wedding

Yesterday saw the second royal wedding of the year get underway. This time it was the turn of Zara Phillips and rugby player Mike Tindall. Her dress was designed by Stewart Parvin, a favourite of the queen, and hasn't he done an amazing job! This dress is exactly what I hope mine will look like one day (if I suddenly get super rich). The shape is super flattering and the cut is just amazing on her!

Her big day may not have been as extravagant as her cousins but the pictures look amazing and if my wedding is even an eighth as good as her's I will be pleased! What do  all think of her dress?

Rosie xoxo

Saturday, 30 July 2011

the only way is blogging

This post is super, super late, so massive apologies! I was away in the lake district for almost a week and before that my phone did not want to play when it came to downloading any of my pictures! So finally here we go.....

Two weeks ago now I was lucky enough to attend the first ever 'The Only Way is Blogging' event (or TOWIB for short) run by the lovely Hayley over at London Beauty Queen. I have been umm-ing and ah-ing as to whether I should go or not. Would everyone else have bigger blogs then me? Would they all know each other? Turns out I had nothing to worry about as everyone was super friendly and lovely!

The day started with an oppurtunity for us to get to know some of the other bloggers as well as having a quick look at the new MUA Pro collection. I think its safe to say that without the lovely ladies at MUA I would have been totally lost. My shyness took over and I looked like a deer in the headlights but they were so kind and introduced me to some lovely bloggers and from then on I was set!

The new Professional collection from MUA is amazing with everything from primers to eyeshadow palettes and everything is £4 or less! And don't worry they are still keeping all of the £1 collection that made us fall in love with them! (I'm currently trialing some of the new products so expect a post soon!)

The ladies from MUA brought with them the wonderful Katie, the MUA Cosmetics make-up artist, who showed us how to create three looks using a mix of both the new and older MUA products. She choose three lucky bloggers who made the perfect models for the looks. Sabrina from A little Obsessed was given a statement lip with a more neutral eye. Sophie from Sophie Is Made Up had a gorgeous smokey eye look and lastly we had Natalie from Blush Blend Beauty with a gorgeous bright turquoise, festival worthy look using the insanely bright poptastic palette!

I do think I would have to say the product I am most excited for is the eyeshadow palettes which are a bargin at only £4! With 12 shadows of an amazingly high quality in so many colours, I can already see myself buying every single one! Especially after seeing all of the different looks that I can do with them.

Next we had a talk from the Andrew, otherwise known as 'the dove man'. He was the only man at the whole event and must have felt totally overwhelmed in a room of giggling beauty bloggers but he was such a confident speaker and so knowledgeable! I came out feeling like I had learnt so much about my skin and hair, it was crazy! He broke all of the sciencey stuff down into easily digestable chunks and told us exactly what Dove could offer us that other brands couldn't. One point I found particularly interesting was the for a brand to call their products 'superior' to others they have to actually prove it. I was under the impression that this was just an advertising ploy but now that I know I'll definitely be on the lookout! So that means that Dove is actually superior to other brands! (All the more reason to try out their products!)

We had a quick break which I used as an oppurtunity to grab a drink and some food before we moved on to the  Q&A with top beauty bloggers BritBeautyBlogReallyRee and the LondonBeautyQueen. As someone fairly new to the blogging scene this was so helpful to me! I picked up so many amazing tips on how to deal with negativity, copyright laws and content. I left the Q&A feeling so inspired and it's definitely made me step up my game when it comes to blogging! (I hope you have all noticed!)

The last proportion of the day involved a talk by Ree from ReallyRee (who is so lovely!) about her top tips for fake tanning and her new favourite tan 'Lauren's Way', created by Lauren from the Only Way is Essex. As a tanning virgin I was very excited to learn about the correct way to apply tan, fix mistake etc as the only reason I have never really got round to fake tanning was mainly the fear of streaky or even worse.... orange! But as Ree explained, it really is easy! I was lucky enough to be given some of the tan to take home so as soon as I get up the courage I will be trying it out and sharing my experience with you!

The event was such a success that the next has already been scheduled for 15th October! So pop it all in your diaries! For more info on this event or the next one follow the TOWIB blog,  facebook or twitter. See you all there!

Rosie xoxo

i see your true colours shining through

It seems like every celeb and their mother is going out and getting a dramatic new hair style. Latest to join the group is Jessie J who took to twitter to show all of us a colour change to her now trademark bob.

PURPLE HAIR?! On most people this would be a total disaster and I would be left wondering WHY?!?!?! However in my eyes this woman can do no wrong! I am loving this look. It is perfectly suited to her personality and I think she looks lovely!

What about you? What do you think about Jessie's new do? Do you dye your hair amazing colours too? (I'd love to see pictures!)

Rosie xoxo

take a peek

This is just a super quick message to tell you all that my blog was featured this week on the Brand Alley's 'Update from the Blogosphere' over at Brand Alley- The Savvy Shopper!

This week the focus went to holidays, as people are trying their best to escape the gloom of the UK, so my post about packing your suitcase has gone down a treat! I'm super thrilled about this and want to thank the lovely people over at Brand Alley for featuring me!

Told you that would be super quick! Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

Rosie xoxo

Thursday, 28 July 2011

project 10 pan

My make-up obsession is out of control. I don't have any space on my desk anymore (or any money in my bank account!) It's making doing my make up super hard and me being me, I don't have to heart to throw anything away. Instead, in an attempt to free up space, I thought I would try and do 'project 10 pan'. Here is my pledge:

"I will not purchase any cosmetics until I have hit pan/used up at least 10 items in my current collection. It can be a foundation, lipstick, moisturiser, blusher, eyeshadow or nail polish... anything really...but it must be completely finished for it to count."

So here we have....

- rimmel clear complexion clarifying powder
- mua pressed powder
- colourworks bronzer
- colourworks blusher
- elf mineral infused face primer
- t-zone clear up concealer
- unlabelled glitter
- m&s blemish treatment
-barry m liquid eyeliner
- primark big lashes mascara
- mua mascara
- maybelline great lash waterproof mascara in very black
- active brown eyeshadow duo
- 4x avon lipstick
- 2x natural collection lipgloss
- barry m lipgloss
- 5x unlabelled lipgloss
- next just pink body spritz
- m&s coconut milk hand and body lotion
- vaseline hand lotion
- radox shower smoothie
- baylis and harding body butter
- homemade moisturiser
- boots honey and jojoba leave-in conditioner
- boots honey and jojoba intensize hair mask
- 5x unlabelled nail varnish
- 3x body collection nail varnish
- 3x bhs nail varnish
- body collection foot gel
- veet wax strips

I know what you're all thinking.... 'Rosie that is definitely more than 10 things!' and you'd be right. In fact it is 46 items (crazy I know!) They are all items that I have had some use out of but just never really got around to finishing, and with my collection being so out of control at the moment I just don't think I can justify purchasing anything else until they have all been used. It also means I can try and discover why I originally fell in love (or out of love) with some of these products and maybe even share my thoughts with all of you.

I know that I will find this super hard but it needs to be done! So here begins 'project 10 pan'. I will keep you updated with my progress!

Rosie xoxo

PS. This totally starts after my super spending spree I had today..... oopsie! :)

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

back in the day

I've been feeling kinda old lately, like I'm having to grow up a bit too fast for my liking. So here is some little memories from my childhood. I was a typical 90's kid so if you were one too sit back and see if you can spot some things that will spark some old memories!

1. What was your favorite gaming system/Device?

I used to be totally obsessed with my cousins gameboy colour. I thought it was the coolest thing EVER! Whenever he came down human interaction took second place. I would just sit and play Mario for hours and hours, without breaks!

2. What was your favorite TV Show?

When I was really little I used to love Blues Clues, actually even when I was probably too old for it I used to watch it. Especially if I was ill! When I got a bit older I used to love Recess and The Amanda Show

3. What was your favorite movie?

Anything by Disney! I still have about 40 videos, which are totally perfect for sick days when I fancy a bit of Aristocats!

4. What was your favorite food or drink or meal?

BN biscuits! Not only did they have the best adverts and most amazing, catchy song to accompany the advert, they were super yummy. You can't get them in UK aymore but they are still available in France, so when I'm over there I make sure to stock up!

5. What was one of your most important objects?

I had tiny blanket which I wouldn't got to sleep without. I used to hate it if my mum washed it because 'it wouldn't smell the same!' so I'd make her stamp on it to try to make it dirty again!

6. What was your career aspiration?

I was desperate to be a popstar. I loved to sing, like an insane amount, but the second you put me in front of an audience I would get terrible stage fright and my voice would resemble that of a mouse. In one play where they had me sing I was so quiet they couldn't even accompany me with a piano!

7. What was your favorite computer game or online website?

My love for Neopets was borderline obsessive. Neopets is an online game where you got to create and care for your own online pets. You got to play games to earn 'money' and then use the money to get food for your pet or buy it little outfits etc. I used to be on it 24/7 just to be sure that my 'pet' wasn't dying.

8. What was your favorite song, artist, or band?

I had alot of love for The Spice Girls but I was always dancing around my room to 'Uncle John from Jamaica' by the Venga Boys. Maybe it was because it was my first ever tape, but I played it so much that everyone in the house knew the words!

9. Show a picture that could describe you as a child. 

I think this says it all really.

10. What was your favorite book?

I used to love the animal ark books or anything by Jacqueline Wilson. I remember my grandad once took me up to Harrods to meet her and when she asked my name I got so shy I couldn't even speak! I smiled for weeks after that trip.

11. What was your favorite store?

I used to love the disney store. The one where I live had a huge box stacked full of cuddly toys. The pile of toys was about 5 times the size of me and I could just spend hours in their looking at all of them.

What about you? Where you a 90's kid too? xoxo

Monday, 25 July 2011

holiday hotlist

Holiday shopping can be a nightmare, especially for someone as scatter brained as myself. This where comes in. They have set up a amazing new way to devise your list and ensure we don't miss anything out called Holiday Hotlist.

It's super easy. All you have to do is go on over to the website and answer a quick few questions. Easy stuff like where you're going, who with etc. Then like magic, a list of all of the stuff you need to take appears in front of your eyes. Then it's up to you what to do with it. I like to print it off and add any extra's that being me, I would normally forget like money and passport!

Have you tried the Holiday Hotlist? What do you think? xoxo

Saturday, 23 July 2011

pack up your troubles in your old kit bag

Having just been on holiday and everyone else seemingly disappearing for theirs now and in the coming weeks I thought now would be the perfect time to deal with what is, for me, the most stressful part of my holiday preparation. Packing.

I was so excited for Tenerife that, as usual, I was organising months in advance and had already started planning every outfit I was taking. The only problem I had was how to decide what to take and how to fit everything into my suitcase whilst staying in the weight limits (something I always find really, REALLY difficult) So I have put together my list of ways to try to avoid the embarassment of repacking your suitcase in front of everyone at check in.

1. Make a List
Before you even think about getting out your suitcase, sit and write down all of the essentials that you need to take with you. Write it down even if you think its obvious because its bound to be the most obvious things that you end up forgetting!

2. Be Selective
I always start by pulling out of my wardrobe everything I would take if there was no limits. Then I make a note of how many days I'm traveling to make sure I don't take 30 outfits for 10 days! Then downsize! I go through and put them into piles of shorts, skirts, shoes etc, decide which things I would like to take most and sort out things that I probably wouldn't wear anyway. Basically if you wouldn't wear it in the UK chances are you wouldn't wear it abroad. You have to be ruthless!

3. Make Outfit Ideas
Make sure all of the clothes you are taking can be put into at least one outfit preferably more. There is nothing worse than packing a load of clothes and then realising that you have no shorts to go with that amazing top you packed.

4. Toiletries and Make-up
This is always a hard one for me. As a make-up obsessive I like to take as much as I can so I have the choice when I get there, but obviously this isn't always possible. For things like cleanser, shampoo, shower gel etc i would suggest either buying it when you get there (this may not be an option, depending on where you are going) or getting travel size versions. If you don't want to go out and buy travel sized copies you could make your own by simply pouring some product into smaller bottles. You can get some great bottles for this at Primark for £1. The set comes with 3 bottles, 3 smaller pots, a funnel to help transfer products and some cute little labels so you can tell what everything is. If all of this sounds like too much trouble then you could just share with everyone traveling with you? As for make-up, be selective! You may, like me, like to have a choice but do you really need 6 blushes and 10 lipsticks? Pick your 2 or 3 favourites.

5. Sharing
If you are travelling with friends or even with your family, do you really ALL need to bring a hairdryer. There is nothing more annoying than getting there and finding out that everyone has brought their straighteners. Not only do you not need straighteners for every person in the room, it takes the place of something else in your suitcase! So check with everyone in advance who is going to bring what when it comes to electrical appliances.

6. Weigh Your Case
Make sure you know your weight limits! Every airline is different so check before you leave for the airport, or even better check before you start packing! Check for both your hand luggage and check-in luggage to be sure that you avoid an embarassing moment at check-in. To be sure you'r within the limits weigh your packed case before you leave. It just makes sure that you don't have to worry when you get to the airport.

7. Hand Luggage
As well as being aware of the weight limit of your hand luggage make sure you know about your liquid allowances. Nothing about 100ml can go through and you are only allowed one sandwich bag full of products. If you carry more than that maybe give some to your friends to take through if they have space? It's also worth putting your valuables in your hand luggage to make sure you have them for your holiday if your suitcase goes missing. I usually pack a bikini and some underwear in their too, just to make sure I have some essentials with me at all times.

8. Packing it all in
 This is the bit I'm good at! I like to alternate between folding and rolling up items as it makes sure that all space in the uitcase is filled. Roll items that you know are more likely to crease and if you have something that rolls it super small then stuff them into your shoes. This makes sure you are using every inch of space and helps more delicate shoes keep their shape. Place heavy items at the bottom as this also helps limit the creasing of your clothes. Any breakables and your wash bag should be packed in the centre of the bag. This protects it from knocks and breakages to your products. If you put all of the products within a plastic bag in your wash bag this helps prevents your clothes from spillages!

9. Leave a Little Space
If you're a shopper like myself and are likely to come back with lots of goodies, make sure you have left enough space to accomdate this! As well as the issue of space, be sure that you won't be over the weight limit once you have packed them in. If you are willing to throw some things away when you get there than that's toally fine. But if not..... LEAVE SOME SPACE!

10.Wear Your Heaviest Items
This can save alot on the weight of your suitcase so choose an item that you think is pretty heavy. Or you might instead want to layer on a few things. It is especially good to wear your heaviest pair of shoes. Yes, this does mean I often end up wearing 5 inch heels on the plane but you can have a pair of flip flops in your bag for a quick change if necessary. Just make sure you don't replace anything in the case with new items!

11. Lock your case!
This is super important! Not only does it avoid your luggage spilling out and everyone seeing your pants, it also make sure that if it gets lost or broken you can still claim on it. Unlocked suitcases can invalidate travel insurance claims so please put a lock on it! Just be sure to remember where you put the key...

I hope this was helpful to you all and have an amazing holiday, wherever you may be going! I've got some more holiday related posts on the way so keep your eyes peeled! I would love to hear about it so please leave me some messages and if you have some more tips please leave a comment below.

Rosie xoxo

Friday, 22 July 2011

nourish me truly from vo5

I've been hearing good things about VO5 recently and being the nosy person that I am I popped on down into town to go and have a good old looksie. To my surprise Superdrug had the VO5 shampoo and conditioner at only £1.99 each for a fairly large bottle. Bargin!

There is 8 variatons of the products all named slightly differently to distinguish their specific target audience.

Available with both a shampoo and a conditioner:
- plump me up
- revive me daily
- nourish me truly
- gloss me smoothly
- give me moisture
- beyond blonde
- cherish my colour

And then:
- revive me daily 2 in 1

I picked up the 'nourish me truly' as my hair has been feeling majorly dry, damaged and just all round gross recently, and was in need of a pick me up. VO5 claim that this particular shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair, which is infused with extract of Cashmere Keratin, will 'strengthen and repair for visable radiance, restore, soften and improve manageability and leave hair truly luxurious to the touch.' Needless to say with all of these claims I had high hopes for it!

I was definitely not disappointed! The products smell amazing upon application and it left my hair soft, shiney and so easy to style. There was definitely no need to apply any other products to my hair as this did the job 100%. At this price I'll definitely be repurchasing!

How you tried the VO5 shampoos? xoxo

Thursday, 21 July 2011

my makeup story

I found this tag over at All things beautiful run by the lovely Beth and thought it was a great way to share how it was that I first became interested in make up and how my obsession with all things beauty really planted itself in me. So lets jump straight in....

1) How old were you when you first started wearing make-up?
It's hard to say. I remember looking at other girls when I was 11 who were wearing mascara and lip gloss, thinking eugh why would they want to do that. Saying that however I was forced to wear make-up for dance shows and the like from about the age of 9 but everyday make up wear didn't really start until I was about 13.

2) How did you get into make-up?
Again I think I could clearly pick the moment I decided I loved make up. To be perfectly honest I started wearing make up in a desperate attempt to cure the awful insecurity I had about my looks in my early teen years. I was so desperate to be like everyone else and the 'pretty' girls seemed to be wearing make-up so I felt I should too. It just so happens that as time went on I grew to love make up and rather than feeling like I should be wearing it, I began to feel that it was something I wanted to wear and experiment with.

3) What are some of your favourite brands?
As a student lacking in funds the majority of my make up is from drugstores. However if I had all the money in the world I would definitely be straight down to MAC to buy out around 90% of the shop. As for lower priced brands I am a MASSIVE fan of Barry M for nail polishes and then other brands like Collection 2000, ELF and Rimmel for foundations, blushers, mascaras and the like.

4) What does make-up mean to you?
Make-up is what makes me me. Some people love horses, some love sport. I love Make-up. Obviously I love other things too but I like that my friends associate me with make-up. Sometimes I get asked to recommend products to them or to do their make-up and I love every second. Make-up is my hobbie. It's something I love to be a part of and allows me to express myself effectively to others.

5) If you could only wear 4 products on your face what would they be?
Mascara, Foundation, Lipstick and Blush

6) What is your favourite thing about make-up?
How confident it makes me feel. I know I should be trying to feel confident without my make up and I do leave the house without make up on occasionally, I just prefer to have my make up. It makes me feel able to confidently present myself to others in the most positive way possible.

7) What do you think about drugstore make-up vs high end make-up?
Although I do like high end brands and I think they do provide excellent quality make-up alot of the time I can get make up of similar or the same quality from drugstore for a fraction of the price. 98% of my make up is from drugstores and although some of it I am less than pleased with, I like to think that over time I have started to get an eye for what drugstore brands are best for what products.

8) What is one tip of advice you can give to a beginner?
Do your research! Don't just go into a shop and grab things that have the prettiest packaging. If you know someone who is into make up then take them with you or have a look on blogs and on youtube, to enable you to create a list of things you need to buy. Don't just buy something because it's cheap/expensive. Start out with essentials and then expand, basically what I'm saying is don't buy a white eyeliner pencil if you don't have a foundation or don't buy fifty thousand eyeshadows if you don't have a mascara. Although I said do your research if you feel really strongly about a product and really want to get it... then do. Trust your instincts. Make up is about you as a person expressing yourself so don't be afraid to experiment.

9) What is one make-up trend you never understood?
The whole super messy eyebrows thing. I don't mean thick eyebrows, I mean eyebrows with the hair pointing upwards..... I just like to have a clean polished look and that for me is just a little off. Another thing I totally didn't get was the foundation on your lips trend. I tried it once..... never EVER again.

10) What do you think about the beauty community on Blogs/Youtube?
I think its an amazing way for people to share tips and even make friends. I love getting to know other people with blogs because I know that they 'get' the whole blogging thing whereas I'm worried to tell alot of people I know beacuase they think it's all a bit odd. The blogging community gives me a place to voice my opinions and talk to people who are similar to myself without fear of being seen as 'weird'.

As always I tag all of you to do this to. I'm super nosy so I love to know things about other people and I think its really nice to see how the self-confessed beauty obsessed discovered their love for make-up and how they feel about it now. If you do the tag don't forget to link it below! xoxo

another cut!

only the other day i was talking about how pixie lott has traded in her long locks for a new shorter do and it seems vanessa hudgens has done the same! the new haircut is for an upcoming movie in which she plays a homeless pregnant teenager and apparently she cut it herself to prepare for the role! vanessa is so gorgeous that to be honest she could pull off pretty much any hair syle but i do still prefer her long hair.what can i say? i'm a sucker for long, flowing hair!

what do you think? do you love it or loathe it?

Rosie xoxo

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

summer skin detox

let's face it DETOX isn't really anyones favourite word. when anyone says it all i can think of is some poor girl living off honey and lemon water for a week. so when i found this detox i wasn't so sure about it until i was told i still get to eat pretty much what i want. (yes, i couldn't believe it too!) it's cheap and easy and i can fit easily around my everyday life. my skin is terrible and i have tried many products to make it better the majority of which help the problem but none have solved it totally. so i thought, well i'll give anything a try at this point!

all it involves is taking the following along with your meals:

morning:  2 cups of water with 2 tbsp. lemon juice.

midday:  2 tbsp. balsamic vinegar

night: 2 cups of water with 2 tbsp. lemon juice AND 1 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar

try to avoid heavily processed foods and drink plenty of water.

the detox cleanses the digestive system and eliminates all of the toxins from the body, which therefore eliminates toxins from the skin and minimizes breakouts. it might not be the best tasting thing ever but if it really is good for you isn't it worth it?

now i've only done this for one week so far and it is recommended that if your skin is really bad you do it for a week, every couple of months. this obviously means my experience of this is minimal but so far my skin does seem to be clearing up and it looks alot brighter and just generally healthier. only time will tell i guess?

are you a fan of detox's? have you ever tried one?

Rosie xoxo

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

pixie gets the chop

like many a celeb before her pixie lott has had the chop. her long, flowing blonde locks have been transformed into a cute, messy bob!

i am always a little funny about celebs with amazing hair taking a risk and doing something dramatic like pixie has, as it doesn't always really pay off. and much as i do like her new cut, i am a little sad she got rid of her old hair as i thought it suited her so well! but then again sometimes we all need a change i guess?

what do you think of pixie's new do?

Rosie xoxo

i don't mean to be a bother but have you seen this girl

A new TAG for you all just to let everyone know a bit about me. I don't want to just be a face on here, I want everyone to feel like they know me at least a little bit :) So off we go......

1. Do you have a middle name? Yes, Hannah
2. What is your Favorite subject in school?
Drama and Theatre Studies, if I just got to do the acting and devising part full time but sadly we don't. So then Psychology I think.
3. Whats your Favorite drink? Goodness me! This is a hard one... to be honest it totally depends on my mood but I drink alot of lemonade, orange juice, and sparkling water. (Not together though!)
4. What is your Favorite song at the moment? 'Small Bump' By Ed Sheeran. Its perfect for lazy summer days and just has the sweetest lyrics. Or 'Superbass' by Nikki Minaj. It just makes me super happy and reminds me of my holiday.
5. What would you name your kids? I want my children to have really unusual names and when I was little I made lists and lists of names that I wanted to use for my children but I don't think I'll really know until I see them.
6. Do you participate in any sports? I've been doing dance since I was very, very small and I was on the crosscountry team last year but other than that my exercise is mainly walking or workout videos.
7. Favorite Book? When I was younger I used to love 'The Velveteen Rabbit'. I still read it sometimes when I need a pick me up or I'm feeling nostalgic.
8. Favorite Color?
Pink, but it has to be a pretty pink, nothing garish.
9. Favorite Animal? Horses. I used to horse ride I even went to the British showjumping championships one year, but my school work and job took over and I really do miss it very much.
10. Favorite Perfume? 'Rock and Rose' by Valentino. Definitely my signature scent.
11. Favorite Holiday? With my family.... Florida. I was only small but I still keep the photo album in my cupboard so I can look at it whenever I want. With friends I'd have to say Tenerife. It was just so much fun and it was my first proper holiday away with no parents or teachers. Just me and my friends :)
12. Have you graduated high school?
I finished a couple of months ago now. Just waiting on exam results in August.
13. Have you ever been out of the country? If so, how many times? I love to travel and go out of the country all the time. I have no clue how many times but I'd say at least 60/70?
14. Do you speak any other languages? I speak GCSE level french and have learnt a little spanish, german and japanease over the years but not enough to really hold a conversation.
15. How many siblings do you have?
Just my, not so little, brother Tom.
16. What is your favorite store? I don't really buy many clothes but alot of the things I do buy probably come from New Look or H&M.
17. Favorite restaurant? Gotta love a bit of Nando's.
18. Do you like school?
Yeah... I'm a bit of a nerd like that.
19. Favorite YouTuber? This is a hard one! I'm going to have to cheat and pick two? From the US it has got to be Tesschristine123 and from the UK CosmeticsCharlotte72
20. Favorite movie? I don't really have one to be honest? I don't really watch many movies. I always seems to end up watching sad film though when I do watch them.
21. Favorite TV show? I don't really have one but I'm definitely a sucker for reality TV, stuff like Made in Chelsea, The Hills, Girls of the Playboy Mansion etc
22. PC or Mac?
PC, Mac's confuse me...
23.What kind of phone do you have? An I phone but its totally broken so I'll be getting a new one soon I hope :)
24. How tall are you? About 5ft9
25. When's your birthday?
November 11th. You alla have no excuse for forgetting as its the 11th of the 11th :)
26. What is your nationality? A proud British girl :)
27. What are you studying now? And what was your dream job when you were younger? I've just finished secondary school studying Psychology, Biology and Drama & Theatre Studies but next year I will hopefully be studying Psychology only, which is a far cry from what I wanted to be as a kid.... a popstar.
28. What sort of music do you listen too?
A big of mash up of everything. I can go from acoustic guitar to sugary pop to heavy rock in a second.
29. Do you have a job? Aside from being a student, I work in a pub at the weekends.
30. Do you play any sports? I swear a already answered this? See question 6 :)
31. What's the first thing you look for in a person? A kind heart. I don't really know how to describe it but when someone had a kind heart you just know and that really makes a person truly worth knowing.
32. Who's the first person you turn to when you're upset?
Either my friend Gina or friend Gemma. They know just what to say, especially after spending 7 years wiping away any tears!
33. What's your favorite food?
Don't really have a fav I just love food! Give me some good food and you have found the way to my heart :)
34. What's your favorite item of clothing in your wardrobe? Obviously I don't get to wear it very often but I love the dress I wore to my year 11 prom. It's the most gorgeous colour and fits like a glove!
35. Do you have any pets? My dog Duggie and my 2 gerbils Bubble and Squeak who I love ever so much!
Now I tag all of you to go and do this too! If you do it then leave it as a link below. I hope you feel like you know me better, if only a tiny bit :)

Rosie x

Monday, 18 July 2011

my first graze box

i don't know about you but i love getting mail. i get super excited when my parents tell me that a letter has come for me and now i have the joy of knowing that i am definitely going to get something delivered by the postman, as i have offically signed up for a graze box!

i've been eyeing these up for a while but a large amount of the products, although healthy, were 'syns' in the eyes of slimming world and so i had thus far resisted. i'm not sure what it was that finally made me order one but in a moment of madness i just went for it and signed myself up!

for those of you know don't know graze is a company which send you a little box of edible goodies once a week (although it is now available once a fortnight too i believe) on a day of your choice. the boxes are personalised to your tastes, as gauged by your rating of some of the available foods, and are also nutritionally balanced. as i'm a massive foody this is perfect for me as not only do i get a great surprise in the post each week i also get a little selection of snacks to chuck in my bag and nibble at on the go.

after signing up and choosing what day of the week you want your box delivered, you can then rate the food on offer to you as 'bin' (never send this to me), 'try' (happy to try) 'like'(send occasionally) and 'love' which is send regularly. you can also choose send soon which tells them to send it to you in your next box if possible. this system means that you still have the excitement of not knowing what's going to come through your letter box but ensures you don't get anything you hate as long as you mark it as a 'bin'.

in each lovely little box you get your four snack sizes boxes and a little booklet with all of the nutritional information about them (just incase you were curious) with some cute little vouchers to give to friends entitling them to a free box!

in my first box i got apple and cinnamon flapjacks (so delicious! which is definately saying something as I'm normally not the greatest flapjack fan), banoffe pie consisting of banana coins, fudge pieces, almond slices and pecan nuts (i chose this as a send me soon because i was so eager to try it and it didn't disappoint!), west country chedder, red onion and chutney focaccia (freshly baked the day before arrival) and finally great fire dragon a mix of jumbo chilli maize, chilli broad beans and roasted maize (i'm not going to lie, i'm not a massive fan of this one, mainly because i don't really like chilli. I forgot to click 'bin' so really it's my own fault)

i highly recommend graze. it's a lovely present for someone if your struggling to find a gift and even for yourself i think its so much fun to get a little gift in the mail each week. the boxes are priced at a very reasonable £3.49 a box inc postage, bargin! and if you decide to order a graze box use my code and you can get your first for free! VNXQQH6L3

Sunday, 17 July 2011

when a size 12 is a size 8

Shopping for me used to be something that I found fun but as I have got older and my body shape has changed I've become increasing less fond of having to go and buy clothes. My large bust means that I have to buy clothes in a far larger size than I might have to, had I not been given the big boob gene. However I realised whilst shopping for my prom dress that my sizes weren't flucuating between two sizes as may be expected. Instead I found that in one shop I might be a 10 but in the next I was a 16. Now feel free to correct me but that just doesn't seem right? Surely I shouldn't be able to go up 3 sizes in 10 minutes?

I don't know about you but I am totally guilty of  buying clothes, not necessarily because I like them, but because they are in a smaller size, even if it seems too good to be true! I decided to do some research (I'm a psychology student I can't help it!) and came across a concept known as 'vanity sizing'. Vanity sizing, also know as size inflation, is defined as the act of stores/companies putting a smaller size on the label, satisfying buyers wish to appear thinner and feel better about themselves. It's a ploy used to sell more clothes and make you want to come back for more. Infact although most of us have probably never even considered it it is a widespread practice used throughout the fashion industry, so much so that most of us consider the size inconsistencies between shops to just be part of our shopping experience.

Thinking about it, when I go shopping I am so unsure of my size I often take 3 sizes of the same top to the changing room! Now surely if all shops just made their sizes the same I wouldn't be having this problem! One or two sizes difference is one thing but in my research I read a story of one woman who tried on a pair of Rock and Republic jeans sized at 26in waist only to have them measured and find out they were actually 33.5in waist! That's a difference of 7.5in! Surely that is illegal?! Or at least frowned upon as the brand is totally lying to consumers. Amazingly it would appear that there are no regulations when it comes to sizing. Designers are allowed to size their clothes as they choose and there are no guidlines to follow. Therefore there is nothing stopping someone from making a size 16 a size 8!

As annoying as vanity sizing is, it seems to be working. I know that for me personally if I am a smaller size I am more likely to buy the clothes and I also leave the shop in a much better mood. But how do we deal with this epidemic? Really there is nothing we can do to change the sizing system, so I personally am just trying to ignore the number on the label and focus on how the clothes fit my body. As long as I like them why should the size matter anyway?

Have you noticed these sizing inconsistencies? What do you think about vanity sizing? xoxo

Saturday, 16 July 2011

notd: holiday nails of choice

althought the english weather might not be reflecting it right now it is summertime and so i think that means its time for some super bright summertime nails!

i am a MASSIVE bary m nail varnish fan. everytime I go shopping I seem to come back with another 3 or 4 colours. it's becoming a bit of a disease. but out of all of my coulours this is definitely my favourite for summer. the pictures is making my nails look kind of red ( I don't know why?) but really it's the most amazing orangey coral colour which just screams sun and holiday at me!

this was my nail polish of choice for my whole holiday and suprisingly it didn't chip very much at all. I had to touch up the edges a couple of times but never anything too major which was perfect for me as the last thing you want to worry on your holiday is your nails! 

what is your holiday nail of choice? do you like Barry M nail varnish?

Rosie xoxo

Friday, 15 July 2011

end of 4 week no heat challenge

it occured to me this morning that i never did a final summary of the 'four week no heat' challenge! (bad rosie!) as the end of the challenge for me was just as exams were starting i decided to continue doing it for a little longer, an extra 2 weeks to be exact. and so it became the 'six week no heat' challenge....

i think really the only way to start would be te tell you all the amazing difference i have felt in my hair since doing the challenge. before the challenge when i used to leave my hair to dry naturally it would get the most un-flattering looking waves and still feel as dry as before i had washed it. my hair fall out was also at an all time high, this was probably increased by stress, but even running my fingers through my hair resulted in large chunks disappearing.

now that i've completed the challenge the difference in my hair is incredible. yes i still have fall out but its nowhere near as massive as before. i don't feel like i'm balding anymore which has got to be a bonus, right?! as well as that my hair seems to be far less damaged. its softer and the ends look less dead and disgusting. infact my ends seem to take far longer to split too, they are also softer so i don't feel the need to wash them all the time to combat the dryness. another great thing that has come of this challenge has got to be that my hair has grown! it's hard to gauge how much it has grown but it definately feels longer to me. now that may be down to the sunshine from my holiday and things like that as the sun makes your hair grow faster anyway but i personally feel like it has kick started my hair growth again after months of it seemingly not going anywhere.

i definitely recommend to you all to do the challenge! yes, it was hard at times and yes, sometimes i did have to get people to hide my straighteners from me. but it really has made a massive difference to the condition of my hair and infact it has also made me more confident in myself and made me realise that i don't need to spend hours styling my hair for it to look nice. i can just leave the house and be happy with it :)

if you want to see my previous posts on the challenge, you can find them here and here.

did any of you do the challenge? how have you found it?

Rosie xoxo

Thursday, 14 July 2011

i've done it in the back of a cab....

i know what you're thinking. you dirty minded people! 

but this is the latest campaigning tool for batiste. they've beautified some boring london black cabs and given them a batiste edge. to celebrate this they are also giving all of you the chance to win three cans of your choice if you spot one and tweet them a picture.

this competition opened yesterday so i was wary about blogging about it incase people saw theem straight away, but it would appear there is still some prizes to be won! so if you're out and about in london keep your eyes peeled to win yourself some goodies!

Rosie xoxo

Monday, 11 July 2011

make-up expiration dates!

i was talking to a friend yesterday at a garden party and like many of my other friends she was unaware of my make up obsession. we had a nice long chat about products, how to apply thing and just some general beauty chit chat. i knew that she didn't necessarily love make up as much as i do but was shocked to hear she still had one mascara that she had been given when she was 9 years old. that would make this particular tube 7 years old! i thought it might just be my friend who did this but after asking a few people i found that it was far more common than i thought! in fact in my research i found that 1 in 4 women don't take any notice of the use by dates on make up.

what lots of people don't realise is that make up is like food. eventually it reaches its expiry date and keeping it past that can be really dangerous. most products have lots of preservatives in them to try to try to prevent bacteria from breeding but over time all of the chemicals and preservatives in the products break down and go off allowing bacteria to breed in and on the make up. this break down can be sped up by exposure to air, light and moisture, so basically remember to keep the lid on! and don't keep your products in direct sunlight!

it's super important to throw things away when they reach their expiration date, otherwise you may find yourself with a nasty infection. this is especially true if you use a product whilst you have an infection of your own (ie if you have an eye infection don't use eye products as bacteria can be transfered to the product). infact i once read a story about a woman who used an old mascara and ended up blind for a month. true or not thats enough to make me throw away my old bits and bobs and it should be for you too!

HOW LONG THEY LAST (from when they are first opened)
mascara  3-6 months
blusher  12-18 months
lipstick  18 months
tinted moisturiser  12 months
foundation  6 months
eyeshadow  12 months
liquid eyeliner  3-6 months
eye Ppncil  24 months
shampoo  24 months
shower gel  24 months

problem is sometimes make up doesn't even last this long so its important to know the signs of 'gone off' make up. if your products have un unsual odour or have a change in colour or texture for their norm they should be discarded immediately as they may have been contaminated with bacteria. so don't be silly. if your make up is super old or seems 'wrong' then just chuck it! is it really worth risking your health for the sake of having to buy a new foundation?

Rosie xoxo

Saturday, 9 July 2011

i've pledged.....

as i was away i didn't really get a chance to tell all of you but..... i am now the proud owner of a positive beauty pledge badge! for those of you who don't know what this means, the lovely kat over at Kat's Beauty Reviews has been for a while getting girls like myself to pledge to try to be more open minded about the way we view other people as well as how we view ourselves (basically stop putting ourselves down all the time!) in doing so i really did find out how i feel about unconventional beauty and i can safely say, having to assess myself in that way has done wonders for my confidence and i am definitely on the road to making me truely love myself for who i am. if you want to read my post you can do so here.

kat is always looking for new people to do the pledge and i think that it really is so important for us to stick together and really try to spread some love around. so if you want to get invovled contact her via her blog or twitter. and even if you don't want to take part in the pledge go and check her out anyway as she is a lovely, lovely girl and runs one of my favourite blogs out there!

If you do decide to do the pledge do tell me and link below!

Rosie xoxo

Friday, 8 July 2011

batiste xxl volume & some changes!

i've been wanting to tell you all about the new releases from batiste since before my exams but i had to discipline myself and not go on blogger! then i went on holiday and attempted to tan in preperation for prom.... so now i'm finally back and i can finally tell you about all of the things i'm super excited about.

batiste have really gone the full mile this summer with new packaging, new products and even a larger sized can! now i've always been a massive batiste fan, in my opinion every girls needs a good dry shampoo and this is definitely mine. its the perfect way to make my hair last that little bit longer between washes and its a total godsend if i'm late for school/work and don't have time to wash my hair! (yes i know this sounds gross, but better than just leaving it right?!)

now for batistes new addition to it's collection... i have been excited about the new xxl volume batiste ever since i heard about it back may and i was lucky enough to be sent some by the lovely people who run the batiste twitter (thank you so much!) i was definitely going to be buying it anyway so this is a massive bonus for me! after using it for the past month i think its safe to that this is definitely my new favourite dry shampoo.
dry shampoo's give your hair a bit of a boost anyway, just adding a little more oomph, but this one is a bit like a cross between dry shampoo and hairspray? (as odd as that sounds...) it adds lift and texture to your hair just like hairspray but its not sticky. it's also got great holding power! i find that i still need a little oomph by the end of the day, although having flattened slightly, my hair had far more volume than i expected. it's the perfect thing for summertime what with all of the festivals, no one will ever know that you were up all night and just rolled out of bed.

as well as  great new product, batiste have obviously been listening to prayers as they have finally introduced a larger sized can! this means that you can now buy your dry shampoo in 3 sizes. the first is 50ml (£1.55), perfect to chuck in to your suitcase for your holiday or just to carry around in your handbag for a quick spritz. the medium size is 200ml and costs £2.99, this is the size i keep in my bathroom for that last minute spritz as i leave the house. the final size is a godsend to me as i go through products like water! the largest can is 400ml- twice the size but less than twice the price at £4.99 (that's what we like to hear!)

what do you think about these changes?  have you tried the new xxl volume?  what are you favourite batiste products?

Rosie xoxo

*pr sample*
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