Monday, 24 October 2011

cooking with rosie: malloween ghosts

well officially this is cooking with rosie and gina. this weekend just gone my best friend gina came back from uni and in our usual style my visit to her house involved food and gossip. we decided to make a load of halloween goodies for a bonfire party her family were hosting the following night.

this is the first post of many this week involving edible goodies, nails and little bits to make this halloween extra special.

don't they look yummy!

these are so easy to make and is made up of two main stages: making the rice cripsy shapes and then decorating them.

for the rice crispy shapes
300g marshmallows
200g rice crispies
100g unsalted butter

for the coating
300g white chocolate
some milk/plain chocolate (you could mix in some red food colouring if you like)

1. begin by lining a tin with cling film. we were going to then line it with butter as you can see above, but to be honest this was a little pointless.

2. melt your butter in a large saucepan

3. slowly add the marshmallows over a low heat, stirring as you add more to make sure they don't stick. it should take about 10 minutes to go entirely smooth depending on how high the heat is.
4.  now slowly add your rice crispies makeing sure all of them are fully coated in marshmallow mixture.

5. spoon the mixture into the lined tin pushing it down as much as possible (be warned its hard to push at this point because it is so sticky) gina and i found it worked best to put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes and then push it down a little more. we then place it in the freezer for a further 30-60 mins.

6. once set simply pull out the clingfilm. leave for a few minutes to allow it to soften slightly and make it easier to cut.

7. now its time to create the ghost shapes. cut the rice crispy cake into rectangles, then round off the tops and cut the zig zag shape into the bottom. then place them back in the freezer.
i have to make a big apology as i have no pictures of the next few stages but they are super, super easy!
8. melt the white chocolate and spoon it onto the rice crispy ghosts. using a pastry brush make sure you have an even finish on the front and sides. leave it to set in the freezer.
9.  melt the milk/plain chocolate (add colouring if desired) then use it to ice on your ghost faces.
and there you have it. some super delicious, super easy malloween ghosts. perfect for a party or just to nibble on yourself!
if you make them please send me your pictures! i'd love to see how yours turn out!
Rosie xoxo

*this recipe has been adapted slightly from the original recipe found here*


  1. hahah, these are awesome rosie! what a clever idea, 'malloween' is genius too! they look lovely.

    beth xo
    ramz and the flock

  2. thank you lovely! they taste even better than they look too! xoxo

  3. These are great! :)
    Lucy x

  4. thanks! be sure to give them a try! you could even make them into stars or something for xmas :) xoxo


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