Saturday, 22 October 2011

elf studio pencil concealer

this is another product i picked up in one of my many elf splurges. i remember once reading in a beauty book that a pencil concealer was a beauty essential. at the time i had no idea you could even get concealer in pencil form! and to be perfectly honest i hardly think a pencil concealer is essential but it is a nice addition to my collection.

the concealer is a wonderful thick, creamy consistantcy and gives a very full coverage, perfect for those sudden breakouts! usually i'm wary of thick concealers as they obviously tend to make the spot worse despite covering it well. no need to worry about that with this concealer! it contains salicylic acid which is the active ingredient in most acne treatments so its helping clear those spots whilst preventing new ones from forming.

as for the packaging, as usual i'm not a fan of the card board box i just think they're pointless (think of the trees!) so mine has gone straight into the recycling box, but the pencil itself is so well thought out! it's very clean and sleek looking. it definitely looks more expensive than it was!

 the lid for the pencil is a sharpener and a good one at that! i'm very pleased with it and i think it's a wonderful idea, especially for on the go.

at the other end of the pencil there is a brush to help blend the product into the skin. usually i'm not a fan of the brushes that come with products, they tend to feel cheap, not at all soft and not really work. this brush is so dense and blends the product seemlessly intot he skin. a massive surprise!

the only issue i have is that air can still get to the pencil through the sharpener and this in turn can make the pencil dry out faster. to combat this problem i just switched the two lids round, so although a little annoying it isn't difficult to solve and doesn't make me love it any less.

this is definitely a blemish concealer rather than one for under the eyes, it's just too thick for that. i will be repurchasing this as soon as i finish it but with the amount of product there i don't think i'll need to for a long time!

have you tried this product? what do you think?

Rosie xoxo


  1. this looks pretty good, especially for so cheap! xx

  2. Oh, lovely! How does it stand up through the day? Most concealers slip off of me in a few hours, even after being set with powder. What about this one?

  3. for the price i think it is definitely worth it!

    @Britt it did fade a little through the day but for me i think it maintained a sufficent level of coverage for at least most of my day? mind you i do have very dry skin so skin products don't tend to come off my skin too badly?



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