Sunday, 23 October 2011

products i regret buying

i often find these posts more helpful than when people go on about the things that they love! most of the brands included in this are ones that i love very much and usually am a massive fan of but these products just fell flat with me!

 obviously i haven't included anything i have been sent or recieved for free. these are all things that i bought with my own money and, to be perfectly honest, regret spending my hard earned cash on.

1. umberto giannini backcomb in a bottle- this product had so much hype around it and i had so many people recommend it to me but when i used it it just didn't work on my hair. it gave my hair lift for a few seconds but fell out quickly. it most definitely didn't give me the backcombed effect as i had hoped and i've been avoiding using this, even as an everyday hairspray, because it just doesn't hold in my hair for anywhere near long enough. dissapointing because so many people rave about it.

2. elf make-up mist and set- normally i'm a massive elf fan. i buy so much stuff from them thats it's become pretty obscene but this product let me down big time! it's meant to help set your make up in place but mine stayed on better when i wasn't using this! it was useful to refresh the skin when it was really hot at the end of last month but i could do that with water so this is just a bit of a pointless product for me.

3. simply pure moisturising lotion- this product just isn't moisturising enough for me. it smells nice, feels okay on the skin, applies well.... but with skin as dry as mine this just isn't enough to keep my skin from turning into scales. i had to wear moisturiser on top to keep the moisture on my skin. not quite the desired affect. for someone else, with oily skin prehaps, this might be perfect but for those girls with dry skin like me i highly doubt this will provide you with the level of moisture you need. 

4. olay touch of foundation- i bought this a few summers ago when i was in desperate need of a new tinted moisturiser. the shade looked right for my skin but when i got it home i just found it was really, really orange. i looked like an oompa lompa! it also went really funny and peely on my skin after a couple of hours which i didn't like at all! however, it was very moisturising and i do love the smell of it!

5. elf waterproof eyeliner pen- again i'm sad to say i don't like this. i love elf but in comparision to the other products i have bought from them in the past, this just isn't up to par. firstly the liner isn't black enough, by that i mean it starts out really black and fades into a sort of greyish colour. that may be down to the applicator brush but in my oppinion it is a combination of both the brush and the formulation. the biggest let down for me with this product is the fact that it is most definitely not waterproof! this is the least i would expect from this product as it is advertised as a 'WATERPROOF eyeliner pen'. i will definitely be looking elsewear for my perfect eyeliner for emotional days.

6. clearasil ultra rapid action treatment cream-  this claims to 'visibly reduce spot size and redness in just 4 hours'..... does it hell! to be honest i'm lucky if my spot has reduced the next morning! let alone after 4 hours! i'm really sad this didn't work because clearasil does hove some amazing products that I really love, but this is not one of them.

7. mua glitter eyeliner- i constantly rave about the quality of mua products and how much i love all of the things in their range but this has to be the one exception. when i was in secondary school i used to love glitter eyeliners so when i saw these for only £1 i thought ' why not! they'll be great for fancy dress/dance shows etc' but the formulation of them is just awful. there isn't nearly enough glitter when you apply it (which sounds strange because in the tube it looks like loads!), the colour isn't as strong as it really should be and the brush makes it so difficult to apply. i'm not quite sure how i will use these as i can't apply them neatly to my eyes but i'm sure i'll find a way to use them eventually

so there you have it. my products that i wish i hadn't bought. but please remember just because i hate them doesn't mean you will too! everyone is different so if you feel really strongly that a product that didn't work for me may work for you, by all means try it out! i'd love to hear how you get along.

Rosie xoxo


  1. Elf mist stuff is horrible, I found it really greasy and oily on my skin... I much prefer body shop vitamin E mist, smells lovely and feels so much nicer! xx

  2. Totally agree about the ELF mist and set, I hate it. There's just no point to it! xx

  3. This is a refreshing post to read, and helpful too. More often than not I will buy a product and then regret it. I am such a beauty product noob. If i did a post like this, I will go on all day! x

  4. I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one who hates the elf mist and set! i just don't understand it as a product?

    thank you so much all of you for your lovely comments!


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