Saturday, 22 October 2011

recent acquisitions

i am so very excited about these two items that i have managed to acquire this week and i felt that it required a post just to share their awesomeness (is that a word?!)

the first item is this gorgeous jacket that i picked up from topman in oxford street. they had this jacket in so many differnt colours and originally it my brother who was actually looking at buying it in grey, but as we walked past the sale rail i happened to notice that this little beauty was hiding away at the end of the rail and had been reduced to half price! obviously being cautious i checked it over for signs of damage thinking that this must be the reason it was there? but no! i think i must just be that the colour isn't as popular? so now my brother and i have matching coats..... different colours i hasten to add! but still pretty matching and yet mine was half the price of his!

it's the perfect fit and i'm sure i'll be featuring it in many ootd's to come so keep your eyes peeled!

| purple quilted jacket - topman £25 reduced from £50 |

i've been a very lucky girl this week and on thursday night my grandad gifted me with something so amazing that i just wanted to cry. he often gives me his old shirts and jumpers etc as my grandad is a bit of a designer freak and has a strange aversion to the highstreet... (why i will never know!) but this does mean that i often end up with some amazing clothes that i could never EVER normally afford! saying that is item is definitely the best he has ever given me.

yes. he gave me a vintage mulberry bag.

i squel a little everytime i think about it! the bag used to be my grandma's and is a gorgeous suede with leather handles and a lether bottom. i have no idea how old it is our how much it cost originally but from what i can gather it is pretty old! and in excellent condition. eeeeeeeeeeek!

| mulberry bag- vintage |

i've got a load of halloweeny type posts coming up next week so keep your eyes peeled everyone!

anyway hope you are all well! those of you off school have an amazing half term! (i know i will!)

Rosie xoxo


  1. omg. the bag. rosie. you MUST bring this into school so i can touch it. its so beaautiful :)

  2. Gorgeous bag!! Lucky girl. And i'm excited to see I'm not the only girl who shops in Topman :)

    Meg (new follower) xx

  3. @cassi hudson i'll bring it to biology and nando's day ;)

    @cocktails and lip gloss thank you so much! i can't believe he gave it to me! and thank goodness you do to! i was starting to think it was just me haha


  4. Great jacket, i love Topman clothes too :) That bag is to die for too, so lucky! x x


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