Sunday, 23 October 2011

rosie needs a camera!

for my birthday last year i was lucky enough to get a voucher from my parents to put towards a printer for uni. as i'm not going to uni until next year and i can still use my printer at home it just seems silly to go and buy one now! instead i've decided to spend my voucher on a camera!

 i have a very old one at home that i just hate using because it is so godamn old and just doesn't give the clarity necessary for photographing make-up. as a result i've been using my iphone ever since i started my blog. i think it gives a good picture especially now that i know a bit more about lighting, composition etc. but i would still like to invest in something a little more.... professional i guess? thats not really the word i was going for but you get the idea!

on that note i have around £100 (give or take a little) to spend and i'm totally lost with all of the camera lingo! i want one that will give me some great beauty product shots but will also be able to come out with me and my friends and provide some nice flattering shots!

any recommendations? or even cameras that i should definitely not even consider buying?

Rosie xoxo


  1. Canon point & shoots tend to be pretty good, and I've heard good things about the Nikon coolpix too.
    I think with that money everything will be around the same, so go and try out some cameras and see what ones you like, and you can hold and have a play about with them

  2. thank you so much lovely! i'll go have a look this week and see which ones take my fancy :) xoxo


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