Wednesday, 30 November 2011

things i recently discovered

1. sleep is your friend
2. if you wear a low top expect people to stare at your boobs
3. having no money sucks
4. friendships can come from the strangest places
5. some of the greatest friends can be people you would least expect
6. its okay to fancy one direction... alot
7. however boys will never understand this obsession
8. an iced caramel latte is acceptable all year round. even if it's freezing outside
9. age is just a number
10. there is no point in being ashamed of your past
11. but sometimes you should pick and choose what to share with people
12. you can always play the 'be a gentleman' card to get your way when it gomes to guys
13. nothing will ever come close to the feeling you get when someone gives you flowers
14. cookies and milk at midnight is the best thing in the world
15. i wear alot of black
16. boys will never understand how long it takes girls to get ready
17. x factor is one of the worst shows on television but sometimes i just can't help but watch it
18. no matter how many clothes you have you will always have nothing to wear
19.  helium balloons last for ages
20. life is a lovely thing

Rosie xoxo

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

what is beauty?

beauty: (noun)

  1. A combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, esp. the sight.
  2. A combination of qualities that pleases the intellect or moral sense
thats what the dictionary says anyway. to me that doesn't really seem too specific and that is what makes beauty so amazing, it's subjective so no one will see beauty quite the same way.

i don't consider myself to be beautiful. not in my looks anyway. i wear make-up to make myself feel beautiful and dress in clothes that show off my figuire and yes sometimes it does make me feel better about myself but sometimes i feel even more self conscious. i spend alot of my time hiding from photographs because they show me all of those little flaws that i see as so ugly.
despite all of those things that i hate about myself i have confidence in my personality and traits. i know i am a beautiful person inside. that is what i think makes me a good person and is what those around me love about me.

to me a beautiful person is kind and considerate. they stand up for themselves and their beliefs without being rude but instead constructive. they understand how to treat others and know that sometimes they have to put others before themselves.
true beauty is confidence in knowing that although you might not be perfect to you, somewhere somewhere thinks you are amazing and wouldn't change a single thing.

but obviously beauty extends far past that of people. beauty is all around us. found in the frost on the car windscreen, the woods in autumn, the beaches all along the coast. it's everywhere. and it's all of those little pieces of beauty that we often miss because we're just moving way too fast. sometimes you just need to stop and look.

what is beauty to you?

Rosie xoxo

*this post was inspired by one i saw over on the lovely kat's blog*

Monday, 28 November 2011

topshop cream blush

sorry for the big finger mark. some of my friends still don't understand my 'no touch til picture' rule!

yet another unused product found in my ever growing stash. infact this was the first cream blush i ever bought back at the beginning of the summer. when i found it in my collection i realised how perfect the shade is for winter and decided to finally get it out and give it a try.

as usual it was the price and packaing that convinced me to buy this. i mean look at that gorgeous packaging! isn't it just so cute? and it has a little mirror inside too. i do have a bit of a problem with the fact that it is white.... really topshop? was that the most sensible idea? it's just going to get dirty in about 20 seconds, especially with cream products! anyway rant over, now to the product inside.

the shade i have is crushed berry. if i'm totally honest i didn't buy it because the colour 'spoke to me' or any of that rubbish, it was on sale and i had a voucher. (i have a problem. so sue me!) luckily when i got it home i realised just how gorgeous it is.

in the pan the shade looks like a deep plumy, berry red, amazing for the winter months. however once swatched it doesn't appear anywhere near as dark and once blended out it becomes even less so. although it doesnt appear as dark i would still apply it a little at the time as you only need a little to give colour. it's better to build it slowly than look sunburnt!
the formula is soft, creamy and really easy to blend so i apply the product with my fingers to save space in my make-up bag. i was expecting a dewey finish but the products seems to dry very quickly to a sort of powder finish. (after further research i found they are a cream to powder formula, which totally explains this!) so it requires you to blend very quickly otherwisxe it can appear patchy. not quite what i was expecting but pleasent none the less. the staying power is also great. i had it on all day with a little fading but no reapplication needed. exactly what i'm looking for.
it may not be a 'true' cream blush but i think it is a great stepping stone for those looking to try a cream blush after using powders. i picked mine up for £2 in the sale but they retail for £6 usually, which will hardly break the bank! i  have a list of other shades i want to pick up which have already made their way onto my xmas list so i'm sure my collection will continue to grow!
have you tried the topshop blushes? what's your favourite blusher at the moment?

Sunday, 27 November 2011

november glossybox

last week was super stressful for me. i just felt like i was moving at a thousand miles an hour, so when my glossybox arrived late last week i was more than excited. it was exactly what i needed!
this was my first ever glossybox and i had never subscribed purely because my income is so inconsistent i never felt i could justify it, but after getting this months box i am seriously considering it!

i was a little anxious about getting the box as i was one of the last people to recieve it and i had heard alot of negativity surrounding it.... mainly people complaining about repeat products, perfume samples and recieving products they would never use. however when i recieved it i couldnt have been happier!

so what did i get in this months box?
| nail rock nail wraps | illamasqua freak perfume | dead sea spa magik delicate boosting mask |
 | arbonne fc5 ultra-hydrating hand creme | philip kingsley elasticizer |

this box is the christmas gift guide: part one. 5 products to try before you buy and although i'm afraid my little pink card was missing when i opened my box so i don't have the official information about each product given by glossy box.... i've done my best!

nail rock nail wraps: i'm so excited to see these in my box! not only are they full size.... i got them in leopard print which was the one i was hoping for. as my naisl are so short and gross at the moment i don't think i'll be using these for a while but it gives me a great incentive to really start taking care of them.

illamasqua freak perfume: i know alot of people were upset to get this in their box but this sample isn't available at counters so i was excited to get to try it. it's a unisex scent and reminds me of when me and friends used to wear lynx because we thought it was cool. its totally different from all of the other fragrances i have which are very florally and girly so it's nice to have something a little out of the ordinary to chuck in my handbag.

dead sea spa magik delicate boosting mask : you all know i'm a sucker for face masks and as this is specifically to nourish dry skin it is perfect for me. my skin has been really playing up recently and it's slowly getting even more dry as winter approaches. i'll be using this is my post-performance pamper next weekend.

arbonne fc5 ultra-hydrating hand creme: i love hand cream especially for the winter. this is the perfect size to chuck in my hand bag and it smells amazing! it's definitely the most hydrating hand cream i've tried!

philip kingsley elasticizer: i've heard alot of amazing things about this product so i'm very excited to give it a try. it claims to give elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine to your hair and if it lives up to the claims then i'll be more than happy!

as for all of the negativity surrounding glossybox this month, people need to remember that it is a SAMPLE service. they've been lucky enough to give full sized products in the past but that doesn't mean people should expect them. the value of the box is once again higher than what people are paying and obviously there will be some products you may not use, they can't please everyone!

overall i'm super happy about this months box, it's given me the chance to try out lots of new products that i would never have thought of trying! i think the sample sizes are a decent size and the fact i recieved a full size product was even more exciting! i think a glossybox subscription has just become top of my xmas list!

Rosie xoxo
*the above product/s was sent for reviewing purposes, i was in no way compensated for my review. just because the item/s were not purchased by me does not mean my opinion of said item/s was in any way swayed. 100% honest opinion and review as always*

Thursday, 24 November 2011

what's your skin type?

i always find it quite alarming how many people don't know their skin type. how can you possibly buy the right products for you if you aren't aware of how you skin behaves and therefore how it will react to diffent products.

it does have to be said that your skintype is forever changing. you skin is a reflection of your health, hormones, lifestyle, age, climate and most things in between. for me personally my skin changes between dry and combination dependant on the time of year.

so what skin type are you? and what sort of products should you be looking for?

skin appears flakey and blotchy. skin tends to feel tight after being exposed to hot water and pores appear small.
products: creamy cleansers are great as they don't strip the face, and rich moisturisers are best for really locking moisture into the skin. basically any products that are non-alcoholic, and even better if they state they are hydrating.

skin prone to shine and blemishes. pores appear large.
products: gel cleansers and moisturisers are great for oily skin as they remove excess dirt and oil without making the skin greasy.

skin is very easily irritated which can cause redness and blotchiness
products: all products should be non-alcoholic and fragrance free to avoid irritation.

t-zone is oily whilst the rest of the skin is dry.
products: this is possibly the hardest skin type to buy products for. exfoliation is key as often the dry skin from the cheeks can block the oily, larger pores on the t-zone.

skin tends to be even with little redness and few blemishes
products: can use most products as the skin isn't very problematic, however non-alcoholic products are beneficial as they won't strip the skin the skin of oil.

obviously this isn't set in stone, i find even when my skin is really dry the pores can still appear quite large so sometimes its simply a case of trialling all sorts of products and seeing what really works for you.

what do you find affects your skin the most? what are your favourite skincare products?

Rosie xoxo

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

100 things i love [part ten]

i love

91. baggy jumpers

92. the 50's

93. matching pyjamas

94. the aquarium

95. face paint

96. floral print

97. having a tan

98. vouchers

99. hot water bottles

100. this question

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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

notd: some free polish from glamour

last week when i stopped to get petrol i suddenly realised i still hadn't picked up my monthly copy of glamour! and this month i was even more excited than usual to pick it up as each copy comes with a free nails inc polish!

i picked up the last magazine on the racks so i didn't get to choose my polish colour but luckily this was the one i wanted! piccadilly circus is the most gorgeous colour, i always think that berry shades look amazing in winter and the easiest was to incorporate it into an outfit is on your nails.

excuse my disgusting cuticles! i'm trialling some new products to hopefully improve them!

did you pick up some nails inc free with glamour? what shade did you get?

Rosie xoxo

Monday, 21 November 2011

my favourite products

by the time i got home last night from my dance shows it was to late to take any pictures and i'm too sick to take any today, so i thought i'd do a quick post on my favourite/everyday make-up items instead whilst i try to get my life under control and feel a bit better.

what primer keeps your makeup on all day, everyday?
i swear by my mua pro primer! (review here) it's just the right consistency, not sticky and holds my make-up all day.

what is your everyday fondation?
i use rimmel's lasting finish 25hr foundation at the moment, although it is starting to get a little dark for my skin as my tan has faded. in the winter i think i will probably go back to my revlon colourstay (review here), that or i will purchase a new one. any recommendations?

in the summer, what tinted moisturiser do you depend on?
i don't really wear tinted moisturiser. my skin is terrible and it just doesn't give me enough coverage.

your favourite bronzer?
i love my bourjois chocolate bronzer. it looks so natural and gives me a nice bit of colour in the winter months.

what is your most used blush?
i don't really use the same blush. i like to change it up everyday depending on what i'm wearing/how i'm feeling.

what eyeshadow do you find yourself reaching for most often?
i now everyone says it.... but it has to be my naked palette! (review here) it has the perfect shades for an everyday and evening look, plus at the price it cost i want to get the most use out of it possible!

photo courtesy of Ms Red's Beauty Blog

what is your most repurchased mascara?
i tend to get bored with mascara and try out a new one almost everytime i run out. i'm pretty sure the only mascara i've ever repurchased is my collection 2000 big fake false lash effect mascara (short review here)

what's your fail safe eyeliner pick?
i only really use one eyeliner and that is my mac fluidline. i can't remember the exact shade and it has rubbed off the bottom of the pot.... but it is a shade of black. it lasts for hours and gives a beautiful strong black line.
what highlighter gives you your year round glow?
my topshop highlighting stick is the most gorgous colour it's perfect for highlighting all over my face not just my cheeks, as the packaging suggests. (review here)

what balm keeps your lips moisturised the longest?
that has got to be my homemade lipbalm that i just love! it keeps my lips moisturised for hours and hours (i'm hoping to do a post on it soon) but if i want to use a branded lip balm then i reach for my lanolips. it smells amazing!!! (review here)

your most often used lipgloss?
i've gone off lipgloss a bit at the moment. i have loads in my room, i think i just need to start getting a bit more use out of them.

what is your go to lipstick?
i don't really have a go to lipstick. i have so many that i like to change it up and wear a different one everyday but on a night out i always lean towards my sleek lipstick in amped (review here)(that's the one on the left) it's a beautiful nikki minaj style, barbie pink. i always feel so confident when i wear it out.

i'm so busy for the next two weeks, so i'll be blogging as and when i can but i'm not sure how much i'll be able to get done.... but fingers crossed it'll be fine!

hope you're all well!

Rosie xoxo

ps i'm still on the lookout for the perfect present for my bloggers secret santa.... anyone got any ideas?

Saturday, 19 November 2011

elf studio cream eyeshadow

elf studio cream eyeshadow

(L-R) candlelight, bronzed

 i picked these up in one of elf's 50% off sales ages ago and hadn't really used them at all so when i found them last week i thought i'd give them a try.

i have two shades, candlelight and bronzed, and strangely enough i have found one far more esy to work with even though both are very workable colours!

as always with the elf studio line the packaging is study and very professional looking. you'd have no idea they were only £3.50!

(L-R) candlelight, bronzed
 elf say 'line, shade and contour your eyes with this ultra pigmented and creaseless cream shadow. easy to blend for layering and building color. the silky smooth and smudge-proof formula provides long lasting colour.'

the first thing i noticed when swatching the eyeshadows is how pigmented they are! the picture below is just a quick swipe:

'bronze' is definitely my favourite of the two. it's a gorgeous warm bronze colour with golden shimmer (the picture just doesn't do it justice!) the very smooth and creamy texture makes it really easy to apply and it blends beautifully making it great alone or as a base for other shadows.
'candlelight' is sadly a whole different kettle of fish! the colour is a beautiful pearly cream with golden undertones but after that it all goes a bit pear shaped quite frankly. it's slightly less pigmented than 'bronze' and the texture of this is far drier than 'bronze' which makes it much harder to blend, you can see in the picture that it comes out sort of lumpy.... it's annoying because i really did have high hopes for this but its just so hard to make it look even on the eye.
as for the lasting power of  the shadows....... i have found that they last for the majority of the day both with and without primer. however, despite what elf say, they do crease! they still crease less that most other cream eyeshadows than i have tried but they certainly weren't creaseless!

next time i place an order i'm sure i'll be picking up some more of these as they come in some gorgeous colours. saying that, i'll be wary picking up lighter colours just in case they have the same formualtion as candlelight. (needless to say i won't be purchasing that shade again!) 

have you tried these cream eyeshadows? whats you favourite elf product?
Rosie xoxo

Friday, 18 November 2011

something wild from batiste

when i came home from school today to find this in my post box i was more than a little excited! after seeing people raving about this left, right and centre, i've be looking forward to trying it.

this new addition to their collection has all the benefits of all the others they produce (basically making my gross second day hair look fresh and new!) but with a brand new scent. the scent is a mix of cocoa, floral notes, vanilla, musk and wood base notes. to me it smells as nice as a any perfume and in fact when i used some earlier my mum was quick to ask which perfume i was wearing. i think this may be my favourite batiste yet, equal to the xxl volume of course!

wild is available exclusively from boots and is  £2.99 for a 200ml can.

have you tried wild from batiste? whats your favourite batiste scent?

Rosie xoxo

*pr sample*

Thursday, 17 November 2011

rimmel volume flash max bold curves mascara

winter is rolling in fast! i can't believe how chilly it's suddenly got! it's also making blogging super hard because i can't get decent light to take any of my pictures, i think i'm going to make a light box next week (if i can find any time!) but if you have any tips for taking pictures in the winter i'd love to know!

anywho.... lets get down todays post shall we!

i've said before how much i love my big fake lash mascara from collection 2000 but when i recently got one that seemed to have dried out already (i was not best pleased!) i found this one in my draw which i had brought ageeeeeeeees ago and just never really used. it claims to add 14x more volume and up to 70% more lift so i had high hopes when trying it!

for starters the packaging is lovely! i've heard some people say they think it is slightly 'teen' looking but i'm personally a fan of the bright colour (it makes it easy to find in my black hole of a make up bag!).

as far an i know this is only available in one colour but for me thats not really a problem as i only really wear black mascara anyway and to be honest the shade of black doesn't bother me at all. (is there really a difference beween 'true black' and 'black'?)

the brush is curved, a bit like a spoon, to fully coat the lashes and give lift to curve them upwards. it is a nice big brush with lots of bristles which allows it to coat all of my lashes, even the very little ones.

above is a picture of my lashes before i applied the mascara. basically i look like i have no eyelashes! they are black but not a strong black and have little/no natural curl to the lash.

this picture is after application without the use of a eyelash curler and only one coat has been applied. the lashes look longer and far more curved! in this particular picture the eyelashes don't really look much more volumous but having tried the mascara for a while now i think i've mastered the art of creating both lift and volume for my lashes, it just needs a couple of coats. although that increases the volume i still don't think it is on par with the claims made by rimmel which is a shame. however the formula held up nicely through the day with no smudging on flakiness.

it may not give quite as much drama as my collection 2000 big fake lash mascara but this is great for everyday wear and i would definitely consider repurchasing.

have you tried this mascara? what is your favourite mascara at the moment?

Rosie xoxo

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

100 things i love [part nine]

i love

81. fancy dress

82. charity shops

83. michael mcintyre

84. the number 11

85. gossip girl

86. romance

87. challenges

88. nando's

89. buttons

90. the big bang theory

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