Monday, 7 November 2011

a few html changes....

any of you who follow me on twitter will have seen me begging asking for help a few weeks ago while i attempt to give tbbb a makeover. i may have taken ict gcse but i am a disaster when it come to anything involving html! luckily the internet is full of lots of easy to follow tutorials!

so it thought i'd share with you the changes i made, how i did them and some top tips. to save you having to search around like i did!

tip no.1
make a test blog!

if your worried about mucking up your blog whilst you try to make changes to it make a test blog that you can use instead so if it goes wrong.... no problem! to create a new blog go onto your blogger dashboard and simply click create a blog. i named mine test to make it easy. this is mine if you want to take a look. 

tip no.2
back up your blog template!

for the love of god pleaqse do this step! that way if it does go wrong you have your original safe on the computer. i think of it like saving my homework, do it everytime you make a signifigant change! this is super easy to do. click design>edit html and then you should see a link that reads download full template. save it somewhere easy to find and date it so you can easily see which is your most recent template.

what changes did i actually make?

change no.1
i added the 'you might also like...' widget

i always avoided doing this because i thought it was all technical and difficult. it's not. all you have to do is go onto the linkwithin website here. fill in your blog details and it will tell you what to do.

change no.2
i got a favicon

that being the little teacup picture next to my blog name. it has no real purpose.... just looks pretty :)  i followed this tutorial to install it.

change no.3
i got a new header!

i'd been thinking about getting a new one for ages and when the lovely lisa said she fancied making some i was straight in there to see if she could give mine a bit of a make over.... and doesn't it look gorgeous! i'm very, very pleased! thank you lisa!

i'm going to keep making changes slowly, sort of as and when i have the time, and i've its something i think you might be interested in knowing how to do i'll pop up another post! i'm hardly an expert (in fact i'm not at all!) but sometimes it helps to have someone just as confused as you push you in the right direction.

hope you're well!

Rosie xoxo


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