Tuesday, 8 November 2011

notd: la colours in radiation

shade- radiation

yesterday i had a double study period at school which means..... nail painting time!! i won this in a giveaway almost a month ago now and i've been waiting to use it for ages!

the colour is just totally gorgeous, the picture just doesn't do it justice! its a beautiful bright, almost slightly green, blue with a goldy undertone. although beutiful now, i can tell it will look amazing in the summer months! infact the colour reminds me a little of the sea when i went to singapore a few years ago. that amazing clear sort of sea that you see in the movies.

it needed 2/3 coats to give a decent wash of colour which was a little annoying but it did seem to dry pretty quick which is obviously a big bonus. being the busy bee that i am i didn't have a chance to put on a top coat and thus far..... no chippage! very much impressed!

i have another colour i also won so i have high hopes for that one too! i'm sure it'll be featured in a notd soon so keep your eye's peeled.

Rosie xoxo


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