Sunday, 6 November 2011

recent thrifty finds/gifts

i'm on a massive spending cut at the moment. i'm seriously broke so i can't justify spending money on.... well anything. that means i'll take anything i'm given/find cheaply and it has lead to me pick up some beautiful things over the past few weeks....

| silk man's shirt- vintage dunlop |

my camera didn't want to play at all this morning! i  blame the awful lighting at the moment! winter makes it so difficult to take blog pictures! anyway..... this is a silk dunlop shirt donated to me by my grandad. he has had it for years and i've been eyeing it up for a while. i have a big thing for oversized shirts... my wardrobe is full of them! but this one is slightly more dressy so i reckon i could wear this out in the evening if i dress it up a bit.

| leather bag- vintage etienne aigner |

another present from my amazing gradad. this bag used to be my grandma's and he was unsure as to whether i would want it as it had a rip in the lining. that was easily fixable and i'm so pleased he gave this to me! its just big enough to fit my essentials in and the colour means i can wear it with every outfit!

| belts- charity shop 50p each |
i own far too many belts but these are two that i really felt i couldn't be without. i mean they were only 50p?! they are perfect for adding that little extra bit of waist and the blue one adds a nice subtle bit of colour to outfits.

| candle lantern- charity shop £3.99 |

 i found this little gem in the charity shop too and although a little more than i usually spend on this sort of thing i felt it would fit perfectly into my bedroom.

| halloween headband- a gift |

this is hardly a thrifty find as i have a feeling it was quite expensive but it is so cute that i just had to share it with you! when i came back from cardiff my grandad greeted me at the door with the cutest little parcel and when i opened it to reveal this i was so wonderful! i can garantee that this is something i will be keeping this to hand down to my children. it's just so adorable!

have you picked up anything nice recently?

Rosie xoxo


  1. I love the candle holder! :)
    Lucy x

  2. isn't it gorgeous! i've just got to find somewhere to put it now....



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