Wednesday, 2 November 2011


today is national stress awareness day and i, like many others, am most definitely aware of stress! my friends will tell anyone who will listen 'rosie is always stressed out', 'she does too many things', 'she never seems to sit down and relax' and yes to be honest that is probably all true but i have found ways of dealing with my stress now so i can still keep myself busy but not have a break down half way through!

i thought i'd share the things i like to do to help me feel as calm as possible....
1. get plenty of sleep- if i don't get enough sleep then not only am i super grumpy but i'm also about 5 times more likely to get stressed out. with a good nights sleep i find i think far more logically and it's easier to get things done. my brain can think of the quicker and simplest way to complete tasks, therefore less stress!

2. make time for me- every now and again we have to be selfish! if we aren't then we soon become so wrapped up in pleasing and helping others that it's all we think about! even if you just sit for 10 minutes and do something for you, something you want to do. don't be afraid to sit alone and just think. some of the times i've spent lying on my bed reflecting on a day have been my most insiteful.

3. prioritise- do the things that are most important first! there is nothing worse than sitting and watching  tv (or whatever you do for fun!) and then realising you have nowhere near enough time to do all of those essential tasks! i make to do lists and number tasks so i am making sure i do those vital things before anything else!

4. see/speak to friends- although alone time is good nothing make me happier than being surrounded by the people i love.

5. if you don't like it don't do it- obviously i mean this within reason, but why waste you time doing things you hate? it just means you have less time to do the essential things and even less time to do all of the things you love! who wants that?!
what do you do when you're feeling stressed?

Rosie xoxo


  1. Great post! Agree that all these things help you to feel less stressed, but especially taking some "me" time. You've inspired me to go and lock myself in the bathroom with some nice candles and a bubble bath

    Meg xx

  2. do it! i must do the same tonight actually! a good old bath with some candles and good magazine!



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