Saturday, 17 December 2011

bloggers secret santa

like many other bloggers this year i decided to sign up to a bloggers secret santa, just because i thought it would something really fun to do and get me in the mood for xmas time. i had been so worried about finding the perfect gift for my own blogger that i totally forgot i would get sent one too! so when i got my package a few weeks ago now i was so unbelieveably happy! a massive thank you to the lovely lisa from knight's eclectric she has obviously put alot of thought into it and i am so excited to use all of my little goodies!

 so now to share with all of you my amazing package.....

when i opened it and saw this i was so excited. the packaging is just so beautiful and so me! i'd be happy to have this displayed on my make up desk. the palette contains 12 shimmery eyeshadows and 4 lip colours all of which are the most wonderful colours! i can't wait to have a play around with them, expect a review at some stage!

how cute is this this necklace?! when i thanked lisa for my package she told me that she makes jewellery and this is one of her own pieces. it's a fairly short chain necklace, the length i primarily wear, and the locket is exactly the right size to hold a decent sized picture. i've already had lots of compliments when i've worn this out and i think it will be a winter staple!

the colour of this molekine notebook is amazing. i'm waiting for something super special to use it for, don't want to be wasting it on everyday to do lists now!

did you partake in the bloggers secret santa? what did you get?

Rosie xoxo


  1. Aww this is such a lovely present, the makeup palette looks so pretty :) The necklace she made is really lovely as well :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  2. I did a blogger secret santa too this year! I've not opened it yet because I always wait till chritmas day (only restrain I show all year!) But i'll post about it, and I know who sent them so I said thanks! These are such amazing presents!

  3. What a beautiful gift! The necklace is especially gorgeous - I love owls - Knights Eclectic is very talented!

    Em :-) x

  4. Aww you got such beautiful gifts, i didnt take part but i wish i did! x

  5. Glad you liked it hun, I'm the same I totally didnt think about the gift I'd receive until it arrived. Mine was lovely too, in fact your post reminded me to post about mine. So many lovely bloggers got involved and it's a fab idea x

  6. This is such a lovely pressie! :D Love the necklace.

  7. @FrancesCassandra♥ can't wait to try it out! i'll be posting on it soon :)

    @belledubrighton you have far more restraint than me! i couldn't not open it haha can't wait to see what you get!

    @emberdrake isn't she just! i'm a very lucky girl :)

    @ninadollmakeup you efinitely should do next year it was such fun!

    @knightseclectic thank you so much! can't wait to see what you got!



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