Saturday, 31 December 2011

new years resolutions

it's that time of year again. that time when everyone makes hundreds of resolutions for this coming year which they will attempt for a week before giving up and deciding that 2013 will instead be the year they 'loose lots of weight' or 'learn to cook'.

i make resolutions every year, not because i feel i should or because i'm a list freak (although that second one is definitely true!), simply because it helps me focus my mind on the year ahead and begin the year full of optomism and hope that this year will really be a good one!

i think the main place people go wrong when it comes to resolutions is that they try to complete 100 very ambiguous goals. it's better to really concentrate on a few specific ones, then you can put your all into them and you know exactly where you are going to reach it!

so here are my goals for the coming year.....

1. go to university

2. loose 1 stone

3. donate some time to charity

4. clear out my bedroom

5. save £1000

you'll notice some of these feature on my day zero project list (ie 101 things in 1001 days) but i still felt like it was okay to use them as althought they feature on both lists i want to complete those specific tasks within the next year.

have you made any resolutions this year? what did you decide on?

happy new year everyone! may 2012 bring you endless happiness and success! (i know thats what i'm wishing for)

Rosie xoxo


  1. Good luck! I definitely want to help out a charity and clear out my bedroom too! I hope you manage to achieve your goals... Happy New Year!

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  2. aww thts so lovley although im sure u dont need to lose 1 stone :)
    good luck and happy new year! :)

  3. cute resolutions!! i have made some too hope to follow them through!!:) Happy new year hun!xx

  4. happy new year to you all too! i just hope i can really focus on my resolutions this year. i'm already making headway with a few but i'm definitely not on track to save £1000! maybe that was a little optimistic haha


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