Thursday, 8 December 2011

video time

any of you who follow me on twitter will know i'm in a bit of funk at the moment. i'm normally super cheerful and smiley but recently i just can't seem to even fake a smile. its getting me down and i'm having trouble getting myself to do anything if i'm totally honest.

i'm trying to keep up with my blogging but i think blogging is something you can't force. you really have to be in a mood to blog and so i'm not sure how often i'll be posting, but trust me i'll be trying!

as i didn't have a post for you today i thought i'd share with you a friend of mine called titus who has a amazing youtube channel which you should all go and check out! he is such a lovely guy and his videos are a great mix of funny, thought provoking and just plain awesome. his latest video is definitely my favourite:  a stop motion containing over 2000 photos to one of my favourite songs.

if you like this be sure to check out his channel, like, favourite, subscribe and all those crazy other youtube things!

hope you're all well



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