Monday, 19 December 2011

vivo blush with highlighting duo in sweet peach

| vivo blush with highlighting duo in sweet peach £2.39 - tesco |

i'm the sort of girl who likes to wear different blushers every day, (to be honest is the only part of my make-up routine that i ever really shake up!) so having been using the same blusher in an attempt to finish it for project 10 pan i'd got super bored.

 i thought i'd change it up for a few days and this vivo blusher duo* has been my product of choice. you've got to love a product that does two things in one!

the product contains a beautiful matte peach colour (as the name suggests!) it can be used to give a nice subtle glow (shown best in the bottom picture below) or built up for something stronger and more dramatic (the top picture below). the highlighter has a very subtle shimmer but is primarily white, it sort of reminds me of the highlighter that comes with the sleek contour kit, but perhaps less pearly?the two products are very smooth to apply and not at all powdery. and i like that the two can be worn seperately or swirled together to give you two different shades.

i love this product not only because of how gorgeous the colour is but the price! £2.39?! bargain! vivo is quite hard for me to find as i live in the middle of nowhere but i'd love to see the other shades of blush they have. at that price you could buy them all!

what's your favourite blusher at the moment?

Rosie xoxo


  1. This looks like a lovely blush, I love peachy shades :) I still haven't checked out if my local Tesco has Vivo, I really need to get on to it!

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  2. I've been using one of their pinky blushes which is lovely. I forget the shade but its one of the baked ones. Great cheap and cheerful products x

  3. I love this blusher! I've literally been using it every single day for the last six weeks or so!

    Got the pink duo one too but it is a bit too pink! Definately prefer this one

    Jo x

  4. @FrancesCassandra♥ definitely go have a look! they have some lovely bits and bobs there is some other things i got that i'll be posting about soon too :)

    @knightseclectic oh really? i've heard great things about the baked products. i've got a baked eyeshadow palette which i can't wait to try out and review! glad to see someone else loves it as much as me!



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