Tuesday, 27 December 2011

vivo trio eyeshadow palette in graphite glamour

| vivo trio eyeshadow palette £2.50- tesco |

i won this gorgeous little palette in a competition back in october and had almost forgot about it until i found it hidden at the bottom of my 'to review' basket. it reminds me of the trio from mua i blogged about last week except the palette seems larger and more expensive looking despite costing the same price!

the packaging is sleek and sturdy, without looking bulky (similar to sleek or elf studio products) which is great for people like me who seem to drop their products on a daily basis! no chance of them breaking! it also has a little mirror inside which i doubt i will use very much simply because i never touch up my eyeshadow on the go.... but for anyone who does this will be a welcomed addition to the palette.

each palette contains 3 shadows: a light, mid and dark colour, all of which are complimentary to one another and are all you need to create the perfect smokey eye look (instructions are on the back! to make it even more simple for you!)

i was super happy to get this paticular shade set as i don't have many black/grey toned eyeshadows in my collection and they are a necessity if you want to do a really dramatic smokey eye! the shadows are buttery soft which makes application and blending super easy. the staying power is great, even at the end of a night out it was still going strong! there is little fall out and in general pigmentation is very good. the mid and dark shades have amazing payoff but the white let me down. it requires alot of building up in order to give the same level of pigmentation as the other two.

as with the mua trio, if you aren't a shimmer fan this isn't really for you. the white shadow is a disappointment but for the price i guess you can't complain and with they staying power being what it is i'm not too concerned by that anyway! i'll definitely be using this palette over the xmas party season!

what is your favourite eyeshadow palette at the moment? have you tried anything from vivo?

Rosie xoxo


  1. Wow they are super pigmented, they look lovely.
    Carissa xx

  2. I have seen vivo about but never been able to buy it because my Tesco is too small to stock it! The darker shades look amazing though x

  3. The dark colours look amazing! I'm still yet to find a white eyeshadow that is pigmented though!

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  4. Super pigmented! Oooh, looks lovely :D xx

  5. wow i love that black one. so pigmented. O.O

  6. Wow the black and dark grey look fantastic! Might check this out next time I'm at Tesco's!

  7. @carissa they are! i love the black shadow for my crease on a night out!

    @lauren-ella i'm exactly the same! i had to stock up when i went to visit a friend haha i've heard they are starting an online store soon though?

    @FrancesCassandra♥ i'm still on the search for my perfect white eyeshadow.... if you happen to find one please do share!

    @laura so gorgeous! i'm so glad i got to try this!

    @nessa it's perfect for using in the crease on a night out!

    @blush they are gorge! definitely see if you can pick one up. the baked shimmer palettes are lovely too!


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