Tuesday, 13 December 2011

vivo ultimate base concealer kit

| vivo ultimate base concealer kit £5 - tesco |

i've moaned many a time about the shocking state of my skin so needless to say concealer is my friend. i have a vast collection now days and one of the latest additions to my collection is the vivo ultimate base concealer kit*.

vivo is a fairly new brand exclusive to tesco, from the same people who brought us mua. i'm loving this new idea of buying your make-up alongside your food shopping because, if nothing else, it is so much quicker and easier! and to make you even more excited about this range.... nothing is more than £6! bargain!

the kit comprises of a translucent powder (left) and two shades of concealer, one with a slightly more yellow undertone and one that is slightly more pink toned. there is also a small tube of highlighter (with an applicator in the tube) as well as a dual ended brush/applicator.

the two concealers are wonderfully creamy and easy to blend into the skin. they can be blended together to create the perfect colour for your skintone, or simply used as they are. i find that i tend to use the more yellow shade fro under my eyes and the pink toned one for blemishes, but obviously the way you decide to use them will be dependant on your skin and preference. although the dual ended brush seems nice enough i personally prefer applying the product with my fingers, simply because i find it easier to blend it in that way.

the powder is probably the part that i have got the least use out of if i'm totally honest. i like to do my make up in the morning and then leave it all day if totally possible, i literally only wear make up when i leave the house some often i'm only wearing it for a few hours anyway so it wouldn't require me to touch it up. but for girls looking to touch up their make-up on the go this is perfect for setting the concealer shades onto the skin. it isn't chalky at all and blends nicely making it really easy to use. (on the rare occasion that i do redo my make-up out and about i can tell this will come in handy!)

the highlighter is a nice touch. its perfect for use on the go to keep you looking fresh all day. the formula is creamy and light, blending seamlessly in to the skin, giving a very subtle glow. the colour reminds me slightly of the benefit high beam, a beautiful pearly shade with pink undertones.

overall i'm very impressed by this little kit. the concealers are perfect for people with both cool or warm toned skin and its just the right size to chuck into your handbag and carry around for quick touch ups. (there is even a little mirror inside to help you do so!) i'm also happy to see the inclusion of the setting powder in the kit, something often only seen in higher end concealer sets. after hearing such amaing things about vivo i'm happy to say that i haven't been disappointed and i can't wait to try out the other little bits and bobs i picked up from them.

have you tried any vivo products? what's your current favourite budget beauty brand?

Rosie xoxo


  1. This does look like a good little kit. I haven't checked to see if Vivo is stocked in my local Tesco yet but I would love to try this if it is.

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  2. Oh wow that is such a sweet little kit! I only have a morissons about....don't think they have a makeup range?! haha xx

  3. i bought vivo baked blusher and bronzer the other day, ive been after them for ages!

  4. This looks like a lovely kit - I've yet to find a Tesco's near me that stocks Vivo but there's a few products I'd love to try.

    I'm desperate for a new concealer but have put off buying one because I've asked for Benefit Erase Paste for my christmas - I'll make do with darkish eyes until then!


  5. the concealer looks so nice :)



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