Monday, 12 December 2011

witch anti-blemish skin clearing primer

| witch anti-blemish skin clearing primer £6.99 - boots |

back at the end of the summer i nominated my amazing friend abbie (who also has a fab blog you should all check out!) for the witch '#flawlessfollower' competition on twitter and we were lucky enough to win! that meant that we both got sent one of their products to try out. i got sent the anti-blemish skin clearing primer which made me super happy because i have the disgusting skin you would expect of the sterotypical teenager.

 i've been perscribed many things for my skin and tried hundreds of products (a post on this to come) but i'm still searching for my wonder product, so for me anything that has the words 'anti-blemish' in the title is worth a try! and having previously tried the witch concealer i was expecting great things!

the witch hazel found in all witch products is what gives it its anti-blemish properties. it is a natural anti bacterial which means that it soothes the skin whilst helping to fight the spot causing bacteria. the product is also oil and fragrance free so no need to worry about adding excess oil or overwhelming scents to your skin!

the product seems thick initally but thins and melts into skin easily as you blend it. left for a few minutes to dry it creates a perfect base for your make-up. i found that my foundation was so much easier to apply as the primer had left my skin so smooth, i also found i needed to use less powder as it gave a slightly matte finish, a massive bonus!

what i'm really looking for in a primer is an extension in how long my make up stays on and in general i found this did that! overall my face kept my foundation on for longer, aside from my chin that is which needed a slight reapplication of powder come late afternoon.

i have found this becoming my go to primer not only because it hold my make-up so well but its anti blemish properties make me feel much less guilty for putting so much make up on my terrible skin! i can't see if its made a signifigant difference to my skin but its not making it any worse! i'll be repurchasing this as soon as i'm finished as well as picking up some more witch products to add to my collection.

have you tried this primer? whats your favourite spot clearing product at the moment?

Rosie xoxo


  1. I love this primer, should probably review it now I'm on my 3rd bottle lol! xx

  2. I need to find a good primer and I might give this one a go... it's always good when makeup helps fight spots aswell!

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  3. I've been using this for a while, you're right it does make me feel less guilty for using foundation. My skins quite oily so I still need a matte powder too. I'm nearly 30 with teenage skin lol x

  4. I think I'll give this a try.I've had terrible skin since I was 13 and I'm now 26!

  5. That is what they sent me too, it really is amazing. My skin feels so soft when I use it, I will be buying it again. Thank you Rosie once again <3 xx

  6. I have this primer and featured it in my monthly favourites, I really love it and will repurchase.


  7. it seems like evryone who tries this primer loves it!

    @FrancesCassandra♥ i definitely recommend this one. also check out the mua pro primer too. i reviewed it back in august i think :)

    @nevertobrokeforbeauty i can't comment on if its helped my skin but it definitely makes me feel better about it! :)

    @abbieblunt thats okay my lovely i'm so happy they chose you :)



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