Tuesday, 29 March 2011

don't change. accept.

so todays post is inspired by my current weight loss journey. i have begun to realise that loosing weight isn't really going to make me feel any better because inside i will still feel bigger than all of my friends. in fact my journey needs to be about me accepting myself not trying to change myself.

it's easy for anyone to say 'well I'm ugly because no one compliments me' or 'i'm ugly because i never get any guys'. i'm totally guilty of this. lets be honest we all are.

 i compare myself to my friends all the time. when people asked me why i wanted to loose weight i never said i wanted to be healthier or i wanted to fit into my jeans (although these were a bonus), i would say 'i want to be like my friends' in my head i was fifty thousand sizes bigger when infact i was only 2 or 3. yes i was bigger and yes in pictures i could see it. but how many other people really looked at that same picture and thought 'oh this is nice but look at that girl shes so much fatter than anyone else'. answer: NO-ONE. because as hard as it was for me to accept, they probably aren't even thinking about me at all let alone thinking something horrible.

people seem to have this feeling that people must be thinking horrid things about them but its just not true. they probably have a million things on their mind just like you and your clothes size or hair cut just don't fall into the equation. i'm saying we're all self centred but we are all guilty of this and when you really think about it you realise just how true it is.

so we all ( myself included) need to stop being so hard on ourselves. society today dictates so much about ourselves and why should we conform to the way everyone else looks or is. we need to be happy in ourselves and if after that we still want to loose weight then great! and if not then put on an outfit that makes you feel great and just feel happy inside.

Rosie xoxo

Sunday, 27 March 2011

cool toned or warm toned skin?

knowing if you're warm or cool skin toned can help you massively when choose both make up and clothes. we all know what colours don't really suit us and which look great but have you really tried all off the colours for your skin type?

firstly to find out if you are cool toned or warm toned look at the veins in you wrist. if the are blue you are cool toned, if they look greenish you're warm toned.

cool toned

if you have cool toned skin you should have a foundation which is pink based and blushes should be a more rosy colour. you will also probably look amazing in jewel tones like blues, violets, and emerald green.

warm toned

If you are warm toned you should have a yellow based foundation and peachy blush. Earth tones like Olives, brown, and rusts look amazing with a warm complexion.

of course it is important to remember that just because your parents may be one or the other doesn't mean you are too. we are all different so check and look for make up thats lends itself to your particular skin tone. i'm not saying don't experiment, but this should help you if you are stuck or looking for something fail safe.

Rosie xoxo

beauty uses for a toothbrush

a tooth brush can have so many uses, as well as brushing your teeth of course, so here are some useful ones for you:

1) firstly is the brow flyaway trick i previously posted. so spray some hairspray onto a toothbrush and run over the brow into the desired position. stays in place all day.

2) the brows trick also works for baby hair or flyways on the scalp. again spray hairspray onto a toothbrush and then run it over these hairs to put them in their place.

3) a toothbrush makes an amazing exfoliator for our lips. start by putting some vaseline on your lips to soften them slightly and make them fully moisturised. after a few minutes use the tooth brush to brush the dead skin off of your lips. this creates a great base for any lipstick.

but remember to use a different toothbrush for your lips and hair! no one wants hairspray in their mouth!

have you got any top tips for using an old toothbrush?

Rosie xoxo

quick tip: beautiful brows

Quick tip:

to stop flyaways/make your eyebrows look slick and gorgeous take an old or cheap toothbrush and spray it with hairspray. then run the toothbrush across the eyebrow into the position you want them. they stay there for AGES.

another slightly more expensive trick that does the same thing, is to run a clear mascara over the brows into the desired position. works a treat :)

Rosie xoxo

buying damaged make up

in the superdrug near where i live there is a section at the back where they sell and products that are damged in some way. so that could be damaged packaging or as with many eyeshadows, they might be shattered. but 90% of the time the damage doesn't effect the product and it is still just as effective. the other day i was lucky enough too find this hairspray:

it's only defect was that it was missing the lid. so i got a full hairspray reduced from £4.29 to £1.00. BARGIN! and its turned out to be a very good hairspray too with a great hold.

so the point is don't be a snob. even shattered eyeshadows can be used and they are a fraction of a price.

now I know these are only available in some places but ask your local boots/superdrug/drugstore of any kind if they offer this service as it can save masses of money in the long run! so go out there and search for some make up bargins!

budgeting beautiful

i love beauty and fashion as much as the next girl and if I could afford it I would buy out pretty much the whole of mac, benefit and clinique in a heartbeat. but lets face it no one has that kind of money. so instead i'm trying to find the cheapest ways of making myself look and feel fantastic.

whether that might be giving a new lease of life to some charity shop clothes, making a face mask out of house hold items, or even spending a couple of pounds on a product that works super well but cost less than your bus fare. beauty isn't just having amazing skin or hair, its feeling good about how you act and the things you do.

and so thats what i want to share with everyone else. my journey to make myself feel beautiful inside and out on a budget.

so enjoy my lovelys. go out and be beautiful :)

Rosie xoxo
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