Saturday, 30 April 2011

some summertime things

bikini or one piece?
 bikini, ALWAYS! i never wear one piece swimsuits mainly beacuse i just prefer the support i get from underwired bikini's and it near enough impossible to find underwired one piece suits.

pool or beach? 
pool, i like to swim when it's hot and cause i'm scared of the sea it can be a litle difficult!

denim or athletic shorts?
  athletic shorts, they are just so much more comfy and flattering.

tan or burn? 
  ermm.... tan.... why would i want to burn?

makeup or none?
  a little waterproof mascara but thats all

flip flops or sandals?  
sandals, they are so much more comfortable. flip flops tend to hurt me inbetween my toes.

cover-up or tee and shorts?
if we're on the beach than definately a cover up cause its quick and easy to put on when you want to go get lunch or something.

vacation or stay-cation? 
vacation please! i need a little tropical sun every now and again and i love to experience new cultures.

hair: up or down? 
 i prefer the look of it down but for practicality in the heat i think i mainly wear it up.

hair: wavy or straight?
 i love wavy beach hair but for when it goes all unruley i think straighteners are my only option.

swim or lay out in the sun? 
  lay in the sun but go for a dip when i get hot.

magazine or book ? 
 as long as i have something to read i'm happy.

Rosie xoxo

Friday, 29 April 2011

the £1 exfoliator

this month i'm a little short of money as i've bought my reading ticket and paid off my summer holiday with the girls. as a result i'm not really in the position to spend any money on expensive cosmetics so since i used up my body scrub i've been trying to find the perfect alternative and i've found it....


i can already hear you all going 'erm.... well DUH!' but i had always been sceptical of them actually working as well as my favourite scrubs. turns out they are just as effective and work out so much cheaper! you can get them for as little as £1 in pharmacies, supermarkets, pound shops and even primark! then all we need is a soap or shower gel to work in and get rid of those dead skin cells. cheap and cheerful!

so if your looking so save up a bit of money for the summer and still look fabulous. this is definitely a good way to start!

Rosie xoxo

Thursday, 28 April 2011

ootd: slimming world royal wedding party

last night i went to my slimming world meeting as usual but this was a special one as we had a party in celebration of the much enticipated royal wedding. it meant that we could all bring in 'slimming' food and play games but i was most excited about this as it gave me a great excuse to dress up!

as part of the event some women came in their wedding dresses, some in red, white and blue and some just dressed up for a wedding! having never been married i couldn't wear my wedding dress, so i decided to do my own take on it wearing a basic lace dress complete with tumbling curls and some barely there make-up :)

| dress- a small local boutique | shoes- mattalan |


wearing this outfit was definately a great moment for me as i haven't fitted into this dress in two years but having been at slimming world and lost some weight i am now able to wear all of the clothes that i love.

what would you have worn?

Rosie xoxo

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Super Smooth Summertime Skin

it's almost summertime and we all know what that means.... getting our legs out. now over the winter has your skin, like mine, got scaly and dry? this is never a good look and in the past i've spent lots of money on lotions and potions to try and make my legs super smooth and presentable for the summer months but none of them have really had the effect i'm looking for. so instead i found my own homemade remedy for beautiful, summertime legs.

you will need:
  • 3 large tablespoons of powdered milk (You can use liquid milk but over time it may be more expensive)
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • 1 tablespoon cornflour
this is super easy! you just add it all to your bath water.

after the first use you should already feel super smooth, soft legs... with NO scales! i like to do this once a week in the run up to summer to ensure i have beautiful, enviable legs. its also great if you've spend a long day tanning and need to regain some moisture so you can keep using it all through the summer months.

what else do do to prep yourself for summer? have you got any other tricks for super smooth skin?

Rosie xoxo

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

photoshop disasters

this week i have found a wonderful blog that has provided me with hours of enjoyment. it is called photoshop disasters ( more than providing me with a few laughs it also highlights how much images can be changed in photo shopping, something i am VERY strongly against! here are a few of my favourite pictures i found on the site:

a lovely one from victoria's secret who appear to have pasted on the outfit... or is it the legs....

and victoria's secret does it again.... nice shoulder.

a dress that really highlights her beautiful super bendy legs.

and last but not least.... a floating woman

definitely check out the website as there is some real gems on there.

what's your view on photo shopping? do you think it should be allowed?

Rosie xoxo

Monday, 25 April 2011

rice water toner

i've done alot of face masks recently and i thought maybe i'd try something different. i don't know how many of you use toners but they are a great addition to any skin care regieme. the purpose of them is to gently cleanse the skin and shrink the appearance of pores. now i'm not sure how great this is at shrinking the pores but its definately great for the skin and its been used for hundreds of years by asian women to give their skin that beautiful glowing appearance.

infact for years scientists were confused by how female rice farmers in Japan had beautifully fair, supple skin that showed few sign of wrinkles or dryness despite working in the blazing sun. it was discovered that the secret was in the rice that they collected. traditionally many of the women used the water left over from washing the rice to bathe in or wash their face.

so what will we get from using this toner? rice water is great for softening and smoothing the skin, making it look more 'youthful'. it has also been said that white rice is useful in whitening the skin giving it a translucent appearance. the rice also contains many anti-oxidants which are perfect for acne prone skin.

you will need:
  • ORGANIC rice (no pesticides please!)
  • a bowl
  • a small jug of water
  • a chopstick (you could also use a spoon)
  • a small bottle
  1. fill your bowl with rice and then pour your water in so it goes around and inch or so above the rice. (any more may dilute this rice water too much)
  2. stir the rice into the water using the chopstick. stir it until it goes a nice and cloudy.
  3. now drain the water back into the jug. i used a sieve here but you can just carefully pour it directly from the bowl. be careful not to get the rice in it!
  4. pour the water from the jug in the bottle.
to use your rice water just soak a cotton pad in the rice water for a few seconds and the use it as you would any other skin toner or cleanser and reep the benefits! don't forget you can use any type of rice here. i used Jasmine rice but it depends on what you have around the house. 

maybe try a few and see which one you like the most? don't forget to tell me how this toner works out for you!

Rosie xoxo

Saturday, 23 April 2011

this & that

this my first tag so i thought i'd go for a fun one. i love tags as i think they are a great way for my followers to get to know me better. i deleted a couple of questions because i don't live in the usa but i'm sure you all won't mind! so here we go.....

blush or bronzer? blush, i have to have some colour in my cheeks :)
lip gloss or lipstick? lipstick, they are perfect for everyday wear
eyeliner or mascara? mascara, my favourite make-up product!
foundation or concealer? concealer, its like my baby.
neutral or coloured eye shadow? neutral, i wear a neutral eye everyday
pressed or loose eyeshadow? pressed, so i can't spill it anywhere I'm massively clumsy
brushes or sponges? if i had to pick then brushes, but i mainly use my fingers.

opi or china glaze? china glaze, reminds me of when i used to go watch my mum have manicures when i was little, plus they are lovely to use.
long or short? can i cheat and say mid length? i like long nails but not like talons!
acrylic or natural?  natural, i'm always too scared i would rip off an acrylic by accident :/
brights or darks? brights! bright colours make me happy :)
flower or no Flower? as in on my nails? no flower please :)

perfume or body spray? perfume, i have so many its riduiculous!
lotion or body butter? body butter, they are just so hydrating!
body wash or soap? body wash, they make me smell so good for hours after!
lush or other bath company? LUSH! loveeeeee lush. their face masks are so lovely.

jeans or trackies? i only just bought myself a pair of jeans so i would have to say trackies, but i only ever wear them at home? i'm a skirt and dress girl :)
long sleeve or short sleeve? short, i love to layer in the winter rather than wear long sleeves
dresses or skirts? dresses, i live in them.
stripes or plaid? plaid, stripes make my bust look bigger, and we don't need that!
flip flops or sandals? sandals, they are just so comfy and summery!
scarves or hats? scarves, they are perfect to wear all year round to spice up any outfit :)
studs or dangley earings? i have 6 piercings so wear alot of studs but occasionally dangley
necklaces or bracelets? necklaces, i rarely wear bracelets to be honest
heels or flats? i'm too tall to wear heels all the time so i would have to say flats.
cowboy boots or riding boots? i love my cowboy boots but riding boots are more this season
jacket or hoodie? jacket, it can really add some style to an outfit
forever21 or charlotte russe? i don't live in the US so don't know charlotte russe but i discovered forever21 in singapore and LOVEEEEE it we need to get another in the uk. preferably london please :)
abercrombie or hollister? i like some abercrombie stuff but to be honest both are massively over priced.

curly or straight? straight, curls fall straight out of my hair.
bun or ponytail? a bun is my fail safe hair style if i'm not sure what to do
bobby pins or butterfly clips? bobby pins, they are much more discrete
hairspray or gel? hairspray, had some bad experiences with gel...
long or short? on me... long but styled, don't want it just hanging there :)
light or dark? again on me.... dark, i just prefer the way it makes my face look.
up or down? dependant on my mood and what i'm doing :)

now some random ones.... just for fun :)
rain or shine? Shine! I love the sunshine :)
summer or winter? summer. no school, festivals, holidays and SUNSHINE!
fall or spring? fall, mainly cause its my birthday :)
chocolate or vanilla? i love chocolate bars but vanilla ice cream is just YUM!

now i tag all of you who want to do this :) lets all get to know each other a little better. be sure to link your version in the comments below.

Rosie xoxo

Friday, 22 April 2011

superdrug loyalty card?!


 finally superdrug have to decided to launch their own loyalty card, similar to that of the boots advantage card, called the 'beauty card'. to be honest i'm surprised its taken them this long, boots have had one for years now. my friends and i all love our boots advantage cards and they have definitely served us well over the years, saving us all quite a bit of money (mainly when we've forgotten our purses and really fancy a meal deal!)

for those of you who don't know what a boots advantage card is, you gain points through buying products from boots online and in store and then these points can be redeemed for products. so in boots for every £1 you spend you get 4 points and once you have earnt 100 points thats £1 to spend in store. the superdrug card will work on the same idea but you will only get 1 point for every £1 spent but 100 points will still be worth £1 when spending.

now the card will launch on 11th may and there is already a countdown going on the website. i've heard the card some great perks if you get one early. for every £5 you spend in store before 7th June you can earn 50 bonus points. online customers will get 10 points for every pound spent up until this date as well. so get in quick, i'm already planning my purchases to gain optimum points. there has even been talk of a link with the perfume shop, so customers could use their cards in either store but this hasn't been confirmed.

i am massively excited about this as i often spend alot of money in superdrug but it would seem that it may take a long time to work up enough points to buy anything decent. (even buying something for £2 will mean that I will have had to have spent £200!) and the design is hardly something to get excited about, it just looks pretty plain and boring, not what I usually expect from superdrug. but it can't hurt to have one and i'm sure it'll be useful for purchasing the occasional chocolate bar when i forget my cash....

Thursday, 21 April 2011

yummy yogurt!

i'm on a roll with these single ingredient face masks! this particular one needs only yogurt but i've thrown in a few extra things you can add if you want to.

this mask is perfect for those whose skin is appearing dull, flaky or dehydrated, or even just in need of a good boost.  yogurt is an amazing product as it contains lactic acid and lots of beneficial enzymes. this locks moisture into our skin giving it that beautifully soft and bright quality to our complexion. it is also beneficial in the treatment of acne as it cleanses the skin and helps clear up will make you skin smoother, brighter and like you have had masses and masses of water.

with so many benefits, why not give it a go?

first a face mask....

  1. ensure you have washed your hands thoroughly with anti-bacterial hand wash before starting with the mask as you will be applying it with your fingers.
  2. take the yogurt pot and apply the yogurt all over the face as you would any other face mask. you can do this using either a brush or your fingers but be sure to avoid your eye area as this is very delicate. don't be afraid to apply too much, you want a good coverage.
  3. leave this on for around 15-20 minutes and then wash it off with warm warm. be sure to remove all traces of the yogurt. pat your face dry to remove the excess water.
  4. AND YOU'RE DONE. easy right!
  5. this recipe can be easily modified for some extra benefits. if you have very dry skin you can add honey to add even more moisture.
    on the other hand if you have combination skin resulting in dry/oily patches you can apply the yogurt to your face first in the dry areas, and then add some lemon juice to the yogurt and apply in the oily areas. the lemon helps to dry up the oil. 
    another thing that you might want to try which is used by many asian woman is mixing turmeric with the yogurt. the turmeric is great for reducing redness and is full of antioxidants to help even out your complexion.
and now a hair mask

just as it has benefits for the skin it also does for the hair. the enzymes are really beneficial in strengthening the hair and effectively conditioning it, as well as repairing it and helping add moisture, so it is great for those of us with dry or damaged hair. it will make the hair so much stronger whilst still being amazingly soft. again you only need yogurt but you can add other products if so desired.

  1.  take the yogurt and as you would a shampoo work the yogurt into your hair. be sure to focus more on the tips and we want to nourish these the most as it is the most dry area.
  2. wait about 20/25 minutes and wash off with warm water. again, be sure to remove ALL of the yogurt.
  3. DONE. even easier!
  4. to provide even more moisture to your hair and help remove build-up from products add olive oil to the yogurt. it acts as a conditioner whilst softening the hair too.
see how easy it is! and one pot of yogurt lasts for about 6-10 applications depending on how much you use and whether you do the hair or face mask, or both! with something so good for us so cheap we should all be doing it! 

give it a try and don't forget to tell me how it works out!

Rosie xoxo

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

fancy an egg?

with easter weekend approaching what better way to celebrate than with eggs! and i don't mean the chocolate kind.... the chicken kind. i did a post on an eggy face mask about a week ago now but with easter less than a week away i thought i would share with you all of the other uses i have found for eggs.

eggs are so beneficial for both you skin and hair and there are so many ways of incorporating them into you beauty regime and of which are easy and take next to no time.
  1. face mask- i did a whole post on this before using the egg white as a whitening, firming face mask and the yolk as a moisturiser
  2. bath oil- simply crack a couple of eggs into running bath water and within a few days you'll notice naturally smooth skin.
  3. exfoliator- eggs can be used in so many different ways as exfoliaters just by adding a few more ingredients:
    - mix it together with sugar to create a simple exfoliant and just apply to the skin.
    - you can also make one by simply applying a tablespoon of oats and a little honey to an egg to create a nice thick paste. then apply this to the face. this exfoliator is more gentle to the skin than one containing sugar and is better for more sensitive skin.
  4. hair conditioner- raw eggs is rich in proteins which can be used to strengthen hair follicles and aid in adding volume to the hair. the use of it also leaves you hair less prone to tangle and split ends. its also so easy to use simply mix together the yolk and the white of the egg and use it as you would your normal conditioner.
  5. toner- eggs can also be used in toners.  simply mix egg whites and lemon juice with a few small pieces of papaya into a paste and apply this to your face. this is especially good for people with oily skin as the lemon juice will dry the excess oils but i wouldn't recommend it to anyone with dry skin as it will just dry your skin further.
with all of these simple ideas for using your eggs you'll never have any problems when you run out of your favourite products and with the long bank holiday weekend you've got plenty of time to try them all.

do you have any more uses for eggs in your beauty regime? what do you think of these ideas?

Rosie xoxo

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

my workout inspiration

 i'm feeling really unmotivated for my diet recently and its becoming a massive problem as i just don't feel confident in my summery clothes. i should be getting more motivated as the sun has come out and so everyone is wearing crop tops and shorts but i'm just...not. so i decided that i needed to do something about it and set out to find some inspirational pictures.

 i really want to have a more toned appearance to my body and i find athletes have the perfect body type that reflects this. one athlete in particular that i just love is alison stokke. she has the most amazing body and she is just beautiful as well!

i realise that unless i suddenly decide to become an olympic athlete (and with my boobs, NO CHANCE) i will never be able to achieve her body so instead i thought i would look for something more achievable. welcome kim kardashian :)

so now everytime i go to get a biscuit i think about these pictures and that makes me want to put it back straight away and go do some squats.

i strongly recommend this to anyone who isn't feeling too motivated right now. it's definitely worked for me!

who are your inspirations when your working out? how do you keep yourself motivated?

Rosie xoxo

Sunday, 17 April 2011

i gave blood!

a few days ago now i went a did something i have been meaning to do for such a long time and the only reason i didn't do it was pure fear. 

i am not the worlds biggest fan of blood or needles. the sight of either usually leads to feeling very sick or crying. so obviously i wasn't the best candidate. but i felt it was really important that i finally sucked it up and did it. i went and gave blood.

my mum has been a donor for years and years now and since the day i turned 17 she has been trying to convince me to go to. now up until yesterday i had been very skillful in my avoiding doing so i would often come up with excuses as to why i was busy but when she told me the reason why she had been so persistant i really felt obligued to go along and try to help someone. both myself and my mama have the blood type RH negative. this blood type can be used by any other blood group, not just our own and so my blood is very useful in transfusions as it can be used by anyone and everyone. it is because of this that people with my blood type are widely encouraged to donate.

after over a year of umm-ing and ahhhh-ing i finally decided that i needed to get over it as i could really help someone. so with my friend gemma by my side i went in and set about trying to get through the afternoon without crying or being sick.

we both arrived with no appointments are were told about what would happen to us in our time there and given a questionaire to fill in and use for registration. after filling this in and having it imput to the computer we were each taken to see a nurse who went through the questionnaire with us, asking us a few questions and then took a blood sample. the sample was a pin prick to test if we were eligable to donate blood. i was unlucky and had to have two as i had been to Malaysia recently and they had to ensure i was free of malaria.

next came the bit i was most scared about but my nurse was so lovely she sat with me the whole time and chatted with me to make sure i was okay. the needle hurt a little but only for a few seconds and nowhere near as much as i was expecting. the taking of the blood took about 10 minutes and was totally pain free and at the end i got to have loads of biscuits and fruit juice. a good deed and free food... excellent!

the whole experience was amazing and it would have been made even easier if i had booked my appointment in advance. you can do this by going to the website to register and book an appointment  ( but if not just turn up on the day, it just takes a little more time.

right now only 4% of those eligable actually donate. think how many more people we could help if we all just took an hour out of our day 3 times a year. i'm definitely a convert and have already booked my next appointment. so what if i feel a bit faint and sick or even cry. thats nothing when you consider that my blood i donated today can be used to help 3 people in need.

so PLEASE go and give it a go. just one time. if you hate it then don't go back but at least try as you may end up realising, like me, that really its not that awful.  

have you given blood before? what is it that stops you from doing it?

Rosie xoxo

Saturday, 16 April 2011

natural eye make-up remover

for a while now i have been using baby lotion as my eye make-up remover as its cheap and cheerful and does the job for me. but it does tend to leave just small bits here and there, so i often wake up with mascara half way down my cheek the next morning. the other day a friend told me something that initially i was very sceptical about but now it is my fail safe way of removing my eye make-up.

olive oil has many uses in addition to it being used in food. it is great for use in homemade skin products as it doesn't clog your pores. (i didn't believe it either, but its true!)  instead it conditions your eyelashes and moisturises the eye area. WHILST removing ALL of your eye make-up.

all you have to do is take a small amount of olive oil (extra- virgin is better if you have it) and place it on a cotton wool pad. then use it as you would any other eye make-up remover.

have you got any tips and tricks for removing heavy make-up?

Rosie xoxo

Friday, 15 April 2011

revlon colourstay foundation

now as you all know when i buy something the first thing that really appeals to me is the price. i
i know it shouldn't but i really can't justify spending loads of money on foundation. but shortly after that i am really excited by the way the actual product works for me. does it cover enough? do i look like i am wearing a mask?

 i've tried a ridiculous amount of foundations trying to find the right one for my skin and right now i feel like i have finally found the perfect foundation for me.

so my favourite foundation of the moment has definitely got to be....


i got this after it was recommended to me by a friend. it give an amazing finish that has enough coverage to cover my awful skin and even make it look fairly clear but doesn't look like i've caked on my foundation with a shoval.

the foundation comes in two different types 'normal/dry Skin' or 'oily Skin'. so it is great for all skin types but be aware that which one you pick may affect the particular finish it gives on your skin.

it's easy to apply with either a brush or my fingers and gives an even looking finish with both. the finish isn't too shiny and is nice and dewey but can be easily mattified but simply touching it up with powder. the foundation usually lasts all day, it gives slightly less coverage as the day goes on but with a touch of powder it can easily be fixed. AND to top it all off.... its an amazing price, only £12.49. which although more expensive than many drugstore brands is definately worth it for the way it works on my skin .

have you tried the revlon foundation? what's you favourite foundation right now?

Rosie xoxo

Thursday, 14 April 2011

eggy face mask

i realise how gross this sounds and i definitely wasn't too keen on the idea when i first heard about it! but it totally works.  and to prove this I have some sciencey stuffs, so brace yourself.....

eggs contain proteins and amino acids which are present in the body anyway but adding them to skin is what gives us that lovely plump, fresh look and in the case of raw eggs we get a natural temporary face lift when used. they are also great for controling excess oils and constricting the pores. the whites of the egg give our skin a whitening effect due to the pigments conatined in them. so with all these benefits i think we can face how gross it is... just this once.

For this face mask you will need:

one egg (preferably organic)
2 bowls
a fork

  1. start by cracking open your egg and seperaing the yolk and egg white. you do that by carefully sliding the yolk between the two pieces of shell , draining the egg whites into one of the bowls .
  2. once all the egg white is seperated out put the egg yolk into the other bowl. you should now have one bowl containing egg whites and the other the egg yolk.
  3. now take your fork and beat the egg whites hard until they become all frothy and you can see bubbles on the surface.
  4. the face mask is ready! ensure your face is clean of all make up and take two fingers and dip them into the egg white. apply evenly all over the face avoiding the eye area.
  5. now leave this for a few minutes. you'll know its done because you won't be able to move your face! i like to do the smile test with my face masks to be sure. so try to smile and if you can't then its ready to remove using warm water.
now what should we do with the yolks? egg yolk is a great natural moisturiser and all you have to do is take a fork and prick it open, then take a small amount and apply evenly over you face. use the smile test to check when its done, then remove it using warm water.

and there you have it two face treatments with only one ingredient :) and you have the bonus of being able to use any left over face mask to make yourself a yummy breakfast!

have you got any other homemade remedies?

Rosie xoxo

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

who needs the gym?!

i am one of those people who love the idea of the gym and for a certain amount of time i will go religiously but after a couple of months my good intentions falter and my gym card collects dust whilst the gym drains my bank account. you know what i have realised is so much better.... FREE EXERCISE.

this was something i always knew but never really got into. i thought i needed the motivation of the gym but just thinking about what i want to look like is enough at the moment and i really can't justify the cost anyway. so here are some of my top exercise tips with zero cost involved:
  1. go for a walk or a jog outside. i realise this is easier in the summer so take advantage of the amazing weather! if you need motivation take a friend or make it part of a day out. if you have a friend over and are just sat around on the computer or something, go for a walk instead! i like to take my dog as he has far more energy than me and keeps me going when i get tired of running.
  2. stair step ups. use your stairs to do some simple step ups. you only need one or two steps, so just walk up one step and then step back down again. do this for a prolonged period of time and increase your speed to make it harder for yourself. i always do this whilst i read a magazine or have my laptop playing a movie or something so i don't think about how tired i am getting.
  3. youtube. this is probably my favourite as i can do it in the comfort of my own bedroom but there are plenty of amazing people on youtube who have made easy to follow exercise plans that you can do easily and fit around your own lifestyle and do at your own intensity. my favourite is sarah dussault, she is easy to follow and also gives out some awesome tips to help tone particular body parts. Here are her channels:
now these next ones are obviously far less difficult and do ALOT less for you but anything helps right? :) :
  1. bum squeeze. this one is good cause you can do it WHEREVER. basically imagine you have a ten pence piece in between your bum cheeks and sqeeze them really tight so as not to let it fall. do that for 20 secs and then release. then go again. do them in sets of 10 or as many as you can do.
  2. tummy squeeze. this one you can also do wherever and to be honest i do it everywhere! its great to do when you are stood bored in a queue or even sat having coffee with friends. all you have to do is hold in your stomach as hard as you can for 20 secs. release for 10. Then go again. it's like sit ups without all the discomfort and effort of getting down on the floor.
  3. leg raises. this one is a great tv watching exercise. lie on your back and lift up your leg. slowly lower it down but don't touch the floor. keep doing this for as long as is possible (basically until your stomach is on fire) and then switch legs and do the same again. this is amazing for your abs and i find i can always do more when i am distracted by something like the TV.
obviously none of these are the same as going on the bike machine at the gym but why not just go for a bike ride or something instead? think how much money you can save!

 And my top tip?...... JUST STAND UP STRAIGHT! i am definitely a culprit when it comes to letting my shoulders fall forwards and i can safely say my posture isn't as good as it should be but as soon as I lift my shoulders back i instantly look skinnier.

 so put those shoulders back ladies and gents! and budget your way slim.

Rosie xoxo

Saturday, 9 April 2011

summer preperation checklist

now unless you live under a rock you will have realised that summer seems to be arriving early this year. i always judge the arrival of summer by the amount of girls i see braving the day without tights on and the number of boys deciding that T'shirts were never really needed anyway . and by this measure IT IS SUMMERTIME!!!!

we all know what summertime means.... shorts, less make up, attempting to get a tan, having to shave all the time.. the list goes on. and yet despite all this effort, it is most definitely my favourite season by a clear mile!

summertime just makes me feel happy but the amount of preperation to look nice for it can appear really daunting. so I have devised my reminder list of things i need to do before summer gets into full swing:
  • get a tan- preferably real but fake will do
  • shave/wax- get into the swing of having to do this regularly
  • dye and cut hair into a summery style
  • work out harder and more frequently (how else will I get my summer body?)
  • really get down and focus on my diet
  • clear my skin
  • find the perfect summery make up look
  • create my summer playlist
  • do my summer shop
  • most importantly!: focus on my exams- i can make up for all the time spent revising after they are over cause right now university is the most important thing for me.
 this last lead up really is the best time to get motivated and complete your list as you have the most amazing time of year to look forward too, full of festivals and holidays and long summer days with friends.

eeeeeeeeeeek i'm excited already!

Rosie xoxo

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

help stop sex trafficking with the body shop

i love it when influencial companies and people to to get involved in charities and raising awareness of things. i just think its so important for them to use the influence they have over people in a productive and helpful way.

so in my post yesterday i talked about a wonderful goodie bag i go picked up at an event at my school and amongst all the cosmetics and brocheres i recieved, i found a piece of paper from the body shop....

the sheet of paper only requires your signature, name and for you to draw round your hand but it will form part of a petition to the prime minister to help ensure the safety of trafficked children and young people her in the uk by providing them with a guardian who can help them rebuild their lives and protect them from it happening again.

the sheets can be picked up from body shop stores all over the country, filled in then and there and put into a box or given to a member of staff. 

i have always believed strongly that something needs to be down about the exploitation of children in sex trafficking and it is things such as this that we can do so easily to help.

so please do your good deed for the day and take just a few minutes from your time to fill in this form and help children lead a safer life.

Rosie xoxo

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

haul: pamper evening

i am a sucker for anything free, i just get so excited by the idea of it. so when i helped at our school's 'pamper evening' on friday i was a little upset to find it meant I couldn't have any treatments or anything done. BUT i did get a goodie bad for all of my help!

so i thought i would do a quick haul to show you what i got given to try out.....

so in this good bag as well as various vouchers and broucheres, I got:
  • body shop strawberry shower gel (sample size)
  • body shop satsuma body butter (sample size)
  • body shop 'dreams unlimited' perfume (sample size)
  • body shop seaweed mattifying day cream (sample size)
  • lush 'the olive branch' shower gel
  • lush big blue bath bomb
  • clinique clarifying lotion 4 (sample size)
  • clarins gentle eye make-up remover lotion (sample size)
  • prada 'infusion d'iris' perfume (sample size)
  • max factor xperience weightless foundation (sample size)
  • no7 protect and perfect intense day cream (sample size)
all of the items were sample sizes except for those from lush, so i'll have just enough to be able to test it out and see if it is worth spending the money on which is great, as i'm such a bad person for buying things without really knowing much about them, which can mean often i end up just wasting my money!

i was also really naughty as i'm meant to be saving, but i bought myself some serum specially formulated for dry ends. mine have been really bad recently and i am getting very self concious about it so i decided to buy this and try out. i'm pleased so far but haven't really tried it for long enough to be sure. at only £3 a bottle it's a steal so i will put out a review up at some point to give you all a clear idea of the product.

hope you're all well! if you've done any haul posts recently be sure to link them below! i'd love to have a look.

Rosie xoxo

Monday, 4 April 2011

make your own eyeshadow primer

eyeshadow primers are great as they can really make the colour you are using so much stronger. i totally didn't believe that when anyone said to me but this picture basically says it better than any words ever could....

see! i'm not lying! (if you didn't realise the left is with primer the right is without) only problem is they can be very expensive to buy. especially if you want a good one....

so here is a way to make your own one at home and save your self a bit of cash aswell:

you will need:
- a body butter (not too scented) with something to spoon it out with
- a liquid foundation
 - a liquid concealer
- a pot to mix and then keep it in
- something to mix it together with (i suggest a cotton bud or toothpick)

1. first take the body butter and spoon a bit into the pot. you are going to need equal parts of body butter foundation and concealer.

2. take the tooth pick and begin to mix all of the parts together. make sure to mix them thoroughly.
it should look like this.....

a nice easy two step primer recipe. it is a great cheaper alternative to buying a primer that provides the same results.

do tell me if you give this a try!

Rosie xoxo
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