Wednesday, 31 August 2011

project 10 pan *update*

I'm making progress! It's been difficult and I have had to try my very, very, very hardest not to buy any new products but thus far it is going well! I can't remember the last time I finished a product so this feel so good to know I have got good use out of it and I'm making some more space!

So far I have used up:

- baylis and harding body butter
- homemade moisturiser
- sanex dermo invisible deodorant
- rimmel clear complexion clarifying powder
- lush big blue bath bomb
- radox shower smoothie
- i love strawberries and milkshake exfoliating shower smoothie
- active brown eyeshadow duo
- colourworks bronzer
- barry m liquid eyeliner
- no7 protect and perfect beauty serum
- 2x lush 'the olive branch' shower gel
- m&s blemish treatment
- next just pink body spritz
- elf mineral infused face primer
- unlabelled glitter

And that means I still have left:


- mua pressed powder
-  2x colourworks blusher
- t-zone clear up concealer
- primark big lashes mascara
- mua mascara
- maybelline great lash waterproof mascara in very black
- 4x avon lipstick
- 2x natural collection lipgloss
- barry m lipgloss
- 5x unlabelled lipgloss
- maybelline special eye duo eyeshadow in get fresh
- colourworks eyeshadow and blusher palette
- unlabelled eyeshadow palette
- colourworks double ended eyeliner/lip liner


- tisserand organic tea tree, lemon and rosemary deodorant

body care

- m&s coconut milk hand and body lotion
- veet wax strips
- royal jelly exfoliating body scrub
- next so red shimmer body lotion
- yves rocher lait veloute pour le corps a la framboise
- 4x homemade bath bombs
- lush twilight bath ballistic bath bomb


- boots honey and jojoba leave-in conditioner
- boots honey and jojoba intensize hair mask
- tresemme salon finish extra hold hairspray

 hand/foot and nail care

- vaseline hand lotion
- 5x unlabelled nail varnish
- 3x body collection nail varnish
- 3x bhs nail varnish
- body collection foot gel

I'm predicting I'll have finished my hand cream, bath bombs and a selection of make-up by my next post. So here's hoping!
If you want to see my previous posts on project 10 pan you can do so here and here. I've also got a post here on the products I've been using from my list.

Are you doing project 10 pan? It's great for saving a few pennies!

Rosie xoxo

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

a quick mesage

i'm still recovering from reading so rather than writing up a beauty post tonight i thought i would just say a quick (but massive) thank you to all of you for reading my random ramblings. i am so appreciative of each and every single one of you for being so supportive of me! i read every comment and love to see all of your views and thoughts.

so yeah..... thank you lots and lots :) hope you are all well!

Monday, 29 August 2011

project 10 pan: disappointing products

the other day i shared with you all the products i had been using most from my project 10 pan list so i thought it was only fitting to share with you the products that i have been completely avoiding using as much as possible or excessively using in a desperate attempt to get rid of them so i never have to see them again!

1. tisserand organic tea tree, lemon and rosemary deodorant- it's great that this is aluminium and paraben free but i really don't like the smell. i prefer the fresh scents that you get from things like nivea and dove this smells a bit too 'out there' for me. and it really doesn't last that long.

2. boots honey and jojoba leave in conditioner- this does nothing at all to my hair! NOTHING! and not in a good way! it says it will 'moisturise and smooth, leaving hair soft and tangle free.' yes i have no tangles, but that was never a problem for me anyway! a massive disappointment for me....
3. m&s blemish treatment- this feels pretty cooling on my skin but i've noticed no change in my skin when used on blemishes. i keep using it....hoping..... but nada.

4. veet wax strips- maybe i'm not using them right but this really doesn't do alot for me? it hurts and doesn't remove all of my hairs. plus it leaves lots of gross waxy bits behind.

5. 2x natural collection lipglosses- sticky, sticky, sticky and very little colour. they also get really gross where the oily stuff in it seperates, eugh!

6. maybelline great lash waterproof mascara in very black- i prefer to get big fake looking lashes from my mascaras and this one doesn't really seem to do anything to my eyes other than make my eyelashes look a little darker.

7. next so red shimmer body lotion- i'm all for a bit of shimmer but really this takes it way too far. i look like i've rolled in glitter! it also got all over my black skirt when i wore it so i'm less than happy with this! saying that it does kind of work as highlight. kind of....

so there you have it, my disappointing products from project 10 pan.

have you got any products that have disappointed you?

Rosie xoxo

Sunday, 28 August 2011

100 things i like about myself

I make alot of lists. My friends will tell you that if anyone needs anything done I will be the first to suggest and/or make a list to aid task completion. When I find a way to keep my life together without lists I'll be sure to let you all know...

I've done lists for everything and anything before. To do lists, a bucket list, places I want to see before I die, the list goes on! (Pun totally intended!) This particular list is part of my 101 things to do in 1001 days so I thought I would share it all with you. I think something like this is a great idea for someone lacking in self confidence. Yes 100 things is alot. And yes it looks like I'm in love with myself. But if it helps me to feel good does it really matter?

So what is it that I like about me? (with a little bit of help/input from my friends):

1) my ears
2) my shoulders
3) how polite i am
4) how organised i am
5) how motivated i am
6) how busy i am (i may complain but i love it really!)
7) my wrists
8) how fun i am when i'm drunk
9) how good i am with children
10) the speed at which i can do a wordsearch
11) my hands
12) my boobs
13) the totally random/spontaneous ideas i have
14) my passion for things i love
15) the confidence i have when i am on stage
16) my cooking skills
17) how amazing i am at monopoly
18) my obsession with nail polish
19) my love of collecting things
20) how open i am with people
21) my love for pictures/scrapbooks
22) my originality for people's birthday presents
23) my 'mother hen'-type nature towards people
24) my ability to spot a bargin
25) my eyes
26) my obsession with lists
27) i make really good scrambled eggs
28) how awful i am at fifa and call of duty (i'm so bad, it's hilarious)
29) my little feet (not my actual feet, just the fact that they're really little!)
30) my excitement for really little things
31) the thought i put into people's birthday/xmas presents
32) my need to keep everything.... just in case
33) no need to take a bag when we go out, my bra can double up as a handbag
34) i give really good hugs (or so i've been told)
35) i look like a secretary in my glasses
36) i dress like it is summer all year round
37) my obsession with bows
38) my compulsion to buy shoes i will never wear just beacuse 'they look pretty'
39) my love for trashy tv
40) i'm hardworking
41) my super freaky extra long middle toe on my left foot
42) my obsession with twitter
43) i love a good jigsaw puzzle
44) i do my best
45) i try to be selfless
46) i do my best to make people around me happy
47) i try to be optimistic
48) i smile at strangers
49) i embrace my quirkiness
50) i can be sickeningly sweet
51) i'm not afraid to be a massive nerd sometimes
52) i try really hard not to judge others
53) i would do anything for my friends
54) i don't hate anybody, only dislike
55) i try my best to do my part in making the world a better place
56) i'm learning not to be so hard on myself
57) i know what i want from life
58) i'm a good listener
59) i'm open minded
60) i'm curvy
61) i love to dance
62) i'm working on being a confident person
63) my legs look really good in high heels
64) i cannot fake my feelings
65) i feel so at home when i'm on a stage
66) i'm learning to laugh at myself
67) i truly believe i'm a good person
68) i love animals
69) i'm eager to learn new things
70) making someone else smile makes me smile
71) i love to travel
72) i try to learn from every experience
73) i realise everything happens for a reason (although it can sometimes be hard to accept)
74) i'm great at multi-tasking
75) i love all forms of art and expression
78) i love eclectic, quirky things
79) i try to live without regret
80) i still believe in fairytales
81) i like to plan ahead but can also be spontaneous
82) i rarely argue with people, only if i feel super strongly about something
83) i'm finally learning to stand up for myself
84) i try to admitt when i'm wrong
85) i have the courage to do things even when they scare me
86) i try to be good with my money as much as is possible
87) i'm learning how to be independent
88) i like to think i'm intelligent (at least a little bit)
89) i'm a perfectionist
90) i feel satisfied easily when i achieve something simple
91) i often think aloud
92) i believe in karma
93) i'm loyal
94) i have a good work ethic
95) i can keep secrets
96) i'm persistent
97) i'm creative
98) i'm a good driver
99) i'm learning to take me time
100) that i can come up with 100 things ilike about myself

I didn't fully appreciate how hard I would find this. It's taken me over a month to compile this list but it has made me realise that maybe I'm not THAT awful. I have a feeling this list might come in useful when I'm feeling a bit sad and awful. I know this wasn't really beauty but I told you all I would keep you all updated with my progress.....

Are any of you doing the Day Zero Project? How are you getting on?

Rosie xoxo

Saturday, 27 August 2011

accessorize do blusher

This was a move into make-up that I wasn't too excited about if I'm totally honest. The products didn't have much hype around them and I hadn't really had anyone recommend them to me or even mention them! But after seeing them in my local Superdrug and falling in love with the packaging (I know that shouldn't be my reason for buying it! So sue me!)  just had to get one and see if the product lived up to its beautiful design.

The colour I picked up was 'Scandal', it's the most gorgeous shimmery pink! The product really reminds me of the mineralised MAC products, so if you don't want to break the bank maybe go and check these out instead? At around £5 it's a bargin!

I had picked it up because it seemed to give quite subtle colour when I swatched it but when I got home and tried it on I realised that it was really pigmented and can easily be built up to give a great pop of colour to your cheeks! The shimmer isn't too visable and gives a subtle glow, so you aren't left looking like a glitter ball!

Overall a great purchase! I'm super excited to go and get some more products once project 10 pan is over! 

The products are available in selected Accessorize and Superdrug stores. (So if you can check if your local stores stocks it before you go and have a looksie, I would!)

Have you got any of the Accessorize make-up?

Rosie xoxo

Friday, 26 August 2011

if i won the lottery...

if I won the lottery there is obviously alot of things I would do with the money. fix up my car, pay my university fees, give some to my parents etc etc. but I would also most definitely go on a massive shopping spree and buy lots and lots of lovely thing!

so when i win lottery (yes i'm remaining confident) or manage to save alot more money, all of these wonderful items will definitely have to find their way into my wardrobe.

there was so many things i loved from so many different shops! but one that stuck out was

1. this outfit screams festival at me! i just love the styling of the dress with the head band. i think this dress would also look lovely with a blazer or a cardie for dinners/bbq's etc.

2. i love the back of this! it is just gorgeous! and it comes with a cute little belt! i think i could probably wear this with heels for the evening as well so i'll get plenty of use out of it!

3. this v neck will definitely make the most of my *cough* assets without looking too..... out there. again i think the darker colour will make it wearable for the evenings.

4. i think my floral obsession is now becoming apparent..... this is very similar to the last one but i like the lighter print that this has.

5. i've been looking for the perfect fitted blazer for a while now, i think they're an amazing way to smarten up an outfit. this navy colour is a little softer than black and would look amazing with a pastel pink dress i have in my wardrobe
6. a fabulous little day bag. this would go beautifully with a pretty little dress and cardie!

7. this is the perfect bag for carting my stuff around uni/school. just big enough to carry things but not so big that i feel like a year seven!

8. this colour is so lovely and it's the perfect size bag for those days when i don't really have alot to carry around! to be honest i've always prefered smaller bags.

9. i'm so in love with this purse it's unreal! it was the colour that first drew me to it but the detailings is just a massive bonus!

10. well hello big heel! this colour isjust.... so me! the heel is a little big but think how amazing it will make my legs look!

11. these look like they will be super comfy which is exactly what i need in any shoe! i also love the design!

12. i've been searching for a pair of pretty nude heels for a while now and these totally fit the bill. the heel isn't too massive as well so i could get alot of use out of them!

13. how cute are these earings?!?! who can resist a bit of hello kitty? these would be the perfect addition to any outfit and the diamante makes them super sparkley and just so me!

i really must stop 'screen' shopping! it's making resisting buying it all so much harder! alot of the pieces are very summery but i dress for summer all year round so it doesn't really bother me!
hope you're all well and have had a great week so far!

Rosie xoxo

Thursday, 25 August 2011

cooking with rosie: 5 minute chocolate mug cake

today's post is something a little different.....

if you have been reading my tweets you'll know that i have had a less than wonderful past week and to top it all off i woke up today feeling super ill! i needed a massive pick me up, so what is the answer in times like these.....


chocolate cake to be exact.

so here is my attempt at the 5 minute chocolate mug cake

serves 1

4 tablespoons flour
2 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons cocoa
1 egg
3 tablespoons milk
3 tablespoons softened/melted butter
¼ teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tablespoon white choc chips
a handful of marshmellows

making the cake!
1. add dry ingredients to the mug, and mix well.
2. crack an egg and add it to your mug. be sure to mix it well to avoid any pockets of flour in the corners. pour in the milk and butter and mix well. add the vanilla extract.

3. pop your mug into the microwave & zap for 3 minutes on maximum power (1000watt). wait until the cake stops rising, and sets in the mug.

4. if necessary, run a knife around the sides of the mug, and tip the still warm cake out of the mug and onto a saucer.

not the most beautiful of cakes but hey, tastes good!
the cake can be a little dry so ice cream or cream is a must!

so go on give it a try!

Rosie xoxo
* This recipe has been adapted by myself. Recipe taken from  Original recipe here*

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

currently loving..... dove body lotion!

i picked up the dove indulgent nourishment body lotion at the towib event a few months ago and have just fallen in love!

dove is a brand that never seems to fail me. the products work and smell oh so good at the same time! i suffer from super dry skin so i'm always looking for a product that will make me feel all soft and beautiful.
rrp £5.10
like other dove body lotion i've tried it sinks into your skin almost instantly and the smell of the shea butter is just wonderful! i think it makes its smell more expensive. (that would be the indulgent bit i guess?!)

the 24hr moisture technology has left my skin looking amazing and it definitely feels much softer for using this!

a simple product that does the job! exactly what i like!

have you tried this body lotion? are you a dove fan?

Rosie xoxo

*pr sample*

Monday, 22 August 2011

my top tips for reading festival

With Reading coming up at the end of the week I thought I would share some of my top tips for the festival to make it a weekend to remember and something to talk about for years to come.

1. Get there early- This doesn't apply to anyone with an early bird ticket, so if you don't have one you need to get there early in the morning to get a good camping spot. This is especially important if there is alot of you as space can be limited. If you can't all get there early get a few people to take all the tents and put them up before the rest of you get there. Another massive plus to this is that there is  no queue early in the morning. Double win!

2. Do your research- Knowing a bit about each camp before you get there will make it easier to help decide where to camp. For a bit of reference:

Green camp- Flooded very badly last year (mud was above my wellies!)
Yellow Camp- Probably the most rowdy and loud camp
White Camp- great for families or people looking for something quiet but it is a boat ride away
Purple Camp- Miles away from anything!

That isn't all of the camps but just give you a bit of an idea! I personally will be in red camp again this year for anyone who wants to join me :)

3. Go food shopping on the first day- The local Tesco's gets entirely cleared out after day one so the earlier you can get there the better! It's so much cheaper than the food on site but remember that you have to carry back everything you buy so be sensible! (It's a pretty long walk!) Also use this little outing as an oppurtunity to an ACTUAL toilet!

4. Remember wellies!- Not only do they become your best friend when the mud is half way up your calves, they are also great for when you are in the crowds as they make sure your feet are protected from everyone dancing around and trampling on people's feet.

5. Buy a programme thing- The best thing you will buy all weekend! They're not too expensive and they help make sure that you don't miss anyone you want to see.

6. Don't camp near the toilets!- On day one you may wonder why there is so much free space near the loos.... by the monday you will understand.

7. Bring toilet roll- After day one you will be lucky to find any at the campsite toilets.

8. HAVE FUN!- See picture below (neon paint and stickers optional)
Gemma, Me and Becca at the Bollocks to Poverty Tent
So there you go! Hope this has helped any first time festival goers. Now all you festival old timers what tips would you have?

If any of you are going to the festival I would love to meet you! Tweet me and I'd be happy to meet up and have chat or a drink :) Have fun!

P.S. Let us all be thankful that this isn't the line-up......

Not that I would object if Pendulum and Hadouken were there! Plus Two Door Cinema Club are guaranteed to be even more awesome this year than the last :)

Sunday, 21 August 2011

mua pro primer

you should all know by now that i totally love mua. it is fast becoming my go to make-up brand for it's amazing price and quality with everything (yes EVERYTHING) under £4 and most of it at only £1.

today i wanted to share with you my thoughts on the mua primer which i picked up at towib event a few months ago now.

let's start with the claims..... mua say 'a velvety smooth formula that feels light on your skin and creates a flawless even complexion. wear alone or under foundation for a long lasting finish.'

mua primer rrp £4
i have to agree with the claims about the formula! it feels so light i almost forgot i was wearing it once it was on my skin, the constistancy is fairly runny/watery and definitely not similar to that of others i had tried previously (mac and elf). when i first used it that did make me a little worried... 'would it work as well? surely a thicker consistancy would make it stay on better?' i did however find that i do really like the lighter feel as it left me feeling like i was wearing less make-up which is always nice!

it does say it can be worn alone or under foundation but for me foundation or at least a tinted moisturiser is a must, so i can't really say much on this point but i did leave it a little before putting on my make-up just to have a little look and i would compare the look it gives your skin to that of a good moisturiser.

the product takes a few minutes to set properly onto your skin but once set i found it gave a nice even finish to my skin, it didn't fully get rid of all the redness but there was an improvement.

now how long does it last.... i wore this from around 11am until midnight and I have to say I was super impressed! my make-up stayed put all night and a friend even asked me how it was that my make had stayed on and hers come off! i was of course nice enough to let her in on my little secret ;)

i prefer the feel of this primer on my skin to that of the elf primer and as they are a similar price i think this may have to replace it! as to how it compares to mac i personally think it gives my make-up a similar staying power for only a fraction of the price! i think i may have found my new favourite primer?!

i still have a gosh primer a bought a while back that i need to try so i will try to review that asap! then i can fully compare all of the primers :)
have any of you tried this primer? what did you think?

Rosie xoxo

*MUA primer given as a PR sample for consideration. I am a lover of MUA but I am in no way affiliated with the brand, all opinions are entirely my own*

Saturday, 20 August 2011

project 10 pan: products i've been using

i've been doing project 10 pan for a while now and i'll put up a update post soon so you can all see what i've used up/have left etc. but for now i thought i'd share with you the products i've been using the most from my list.....

1. royal jelly exfoliating body scrub - this is one of my favourite exfoliators ever! when you use it you actually feel like its doing something. not too keen on the actual smell but one tube lasts FOREVER!

2. vaseline hand cream - makes my hands super soft and smells pretty good too, nice and clean scent. i've been carrying it around everywhere. this one is a definite repurchase.

3.  no7 protect and perfect beauty serum - i think this is meant for older people as it says 'reveal younger looking, beautifully refined skin'. since i like to think i already have young looking skin i wasn't too sure what this would do for me but it's made my skin super, super soft! i'm not sure if thats reason enough to repurchase it but it's definitely making my skin feel nice.

4. bhs pink nail polish - i love this colour such a ridiculous amount! the staying power isn't too bad but it does need a few coats to build up a colour. bhs have definitely impressed me with this one!

5. next just pink fragranced body spritz - a nice light scent and the perfect size to chuck in my hand bag!

6. elf mineral infused face primer - it has a bit of a weird consistancy that i don't really like and it smells a bit odd but it does work and really thats all it needs to do!

7. colourworks eyeshadow and blusher palette - i was going to get some swatches for you all but there is just far too many shadows in the palette! i haven't really used the palette for eyeshadows if i'm totally honest, only the brown and blue-ish shadows. instead i've been using the dark browns for my eyebrows and light pink/cream shades as a highlight. they blend well and although i won't be buying it again, i can't really complain.

8. unlabelled glitter - i wore this everyday at the festival! great staying power and adds a little sparkle to your make-up!

(L-R) 9 & 10 unlabelled avon lipsticks, 11 colourworks blush 
9. unlabelled avon lipstick - nice and moisturising fairly nude pink. this has been a daytime stable for me. it doesn't seem to last for very long which is disappointing but i've kind of got used to having to reapply it now so it's not too much of a hassle anymore.

10. unlabelled avon lipstick - i like this shade as i think it's a far more muted version of sleeks 'amped' which i love so much! as its not quite so bright i can wear it out in the day for a slightly more toned down lip.

11. colourworks blush - there is a very similar shade to this is the palette but i prefer this one because i can chuck it into my handbag for touch ups. it's not the most summery blush but in the evenings i don't think that really matters. i know this colour will be amazing for the winter months!

so there you go, just a few thoughts on some of my products i need to use up. have you tried any of these products? what are your thoughts?

Rosie xoxo

Friday, 19 August 2011

beauty rules i break

It's very easy for me to say 'oh yes i'm a beauty saint. I always take my make-up off and wash my brushes every single week!' but guess what? I don't! All of us have those few beauty rules that we aren't so great at sticking to! So I thought I would share mine with you.....

beauty rule number 1
always remove your make-up before bed

we've all done it! if i come in from a night out and i'm still a little bit..... happy and starting to get tired, taking my make-up is the last thing on my mind! sometimes if i'm lucky i'll take off my face make-up but eyes always seem too much effort....

beauty rule number 2
throw away expired make up

i'm a hoarder! i can't help it! if it is something that i look at and see is definitely super scummy then i kind of HAVE to get rid of it. if i know it is a year past it's expiry, or something silly, then i get rid of it too! but if it looks/smells okay then usually i don't bother...

beauty rule number 3
clean your brushes once a week

i give my brushes a quick wash everytime i use them with a wet wipe but i don't do a clean religiously each week as i should do. i only ever really get round to it when i see lots of product building up.... i know it's bad but it just take so much time as i have so many brushes! at least the get a little clean?

beauty rule number 4
get your hair cut every 6-8 weeks

i just can't afford it! it costs too much so for me i would just rather wait a little longer and go and have my cousin do it for me as she won't make me pay! if i got to see her more often i would probably stick with this time frame but in reality i just get it done whenever i can!

beauty rule number 5
don't pop zits

look at me sounding all american! it's disgusting to admit.. i know. but i can't help it! it's only whiteheads, but they just look so gross if you leave them so i have to get rid of it!! at least then they're not so like.....bumpy? thats really gross. sorry guys.

beauty rule number 6
don't tweeze above your eyebrows

it makes them look better. FACT.

I know what you're thinking. Bad Rosie! I preach to you all to do them but I don't.... Sorry! I am trying to be better! but everyone has their beauty rules they break!

What are yours?

Rosie xoxo

Thursday, 18 August 2011

sleek lipstick

Sleek is a brand that is never far from any beauty bloggers make-up bag! Their products are affordable, with great quality to match!

I'll admit, I may have one too many lipsticks but I NEEDED these in my collection. The packaging is very classy and the oval shaped tube makes them much easier to find in my lipstick box! I'm not a massive fan of the carboard packaging.... It doesn't really seem to have a purpose (think of the trees!) To be perfectly honest I could quite happily just have the tube alone.

(L-R) Amped (matt), Barely There (sheen)

(L-R) same as above
On my first trip down to buy some I played it safe and bought 'Barely There'. It's a beautiful peachy nude colour thats really moisturising! It hardly looks like I'm wearing anything on my lips!

After falling in love I just had to go back and get another but this time I decided to get myself a matt shade. As part of the Day Zero Project I had to 'wear a bright lipstick for a day' something I had never been able to achieve, but after completing my challenge I caught the bug and decided to purchase this amazing, super bright, barbie pink!

Amped is the most gorgeous colour and is probably my favourite lipstick! Everytime I wear it I feel a little bit like Nikki Minaj! It can be a little drying, as with many other matte lipsticks, so I find I need to put on quite a bit of lip balm before I wear it. But once it is on it is super pigmented and lasts for AGES! Perfect for a night out on the town,

The lipsticks are only £3.99 each so I'll definitely have to get some more!
Have you tried the Sleek lipsticks? What do you think?

Rosie xoxo

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

diy: new use for an old t-shirt

My bank balance is less than healthy at the moment, what with all of the festivals and other fun summery things that are happening. So I decided to finally get round to sorting myself out some new items for my wardrobe. I bought this top back before exams started as a PJ top but totally forgot I had it.... So I decided why not crete something out of this top that I can actually wear out with friends or out shopping. I thought you might all be interested so here is how I found a new use for my old t'shirt.....

All you need is a large-ish t'shirt and a pair of fabric scissors

1. Fold the top in half (shoulder to shoulder) making sure to line up all of the edges as closely as possible

2. Using the fabric scissors cut all around the sem of the sleeves to make a sleeveless shirt.

If you choose you could finish your top now or prehaps cut a lower neckline into it then stop. But I'm going to make a crop top out of mine :)

3.Try top on a mark using scissors or a white eyeliner where you want your crop top to end. Fold the top in half as you did in step 1 and cut a little below this mark at first. Then go along and cut alongside the mark.

4.For some reason I can't find the picture I took. (Bad Rosie!) But for the next step simply fold the top again as you did in step 1 and cut around the neckline. Remember only cut a little at a time! You can always cut more but you can't stick fabric back! Cut the neckline to your desired shape/size.


And you're done! I like to pair my crop top with high waited shorts or skirts and sandles (or boots if its cold).

Do you make-over old items of clothes? How do you wear yours?

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

rings and things: some beautiful jewellery

i'm back! the festival was lovely and i got to meet so many amazing people, it was so sad having to come back to 'real life'. i've got a couple more festival related posts that i'll hopefully get up over the next week or so in the lead up to my trip down to reading festival!

in the mean time however i wanted to share with you one of the lovely packages i have recieved recently! i ordered some jewellery from the lovely charli over at Secret's Behind the Closet Door. she has the loveliest online jewellery shop called SBTCD Rings and Things and when i saw that she had a discount code available for her birthday it would have been rude not to buy some goodies!

the jewellery come in the sweetest little bags with silver butterfly all over them, they are perfect for storing them in my room or just using to keep little things like earrings safe. they also came with a little business card and charli had written me a nice little message on the back for me.
key pendant necklace £2.50
this was the first piece that really took my fancy! i've been looking for a cute little key nicklace for ages now and this one is perfect as it isn't too big. the ling chain is the perfect length for me and i think the little 'made with love' heart is such a lovely little touch!

love heart sweetie message necklace £2.00
this is so sweet! it was so hard having to choose which colour to get! (i may have to go back and get the other colours now!) i love love hearts, they remind me so much of being little. my mum used to take me to the newsagents after ballet and i'd pick up a packet and sit and read all of the sweets, then gobble them all down! i think this is such a great way to keep a little bit of my childhood with me! it even has a matching bracelet you can buy!
aren't they all just so gorgeous!

charli was so lovely and has given me a code for all of you to use in her shop! use the discount code ROSIE10 to give you 10% off your order until sept 7th! with a discount you have no excuse not to pop on over and stock up on some beautiful jewellery!

Rosie xoxo

Monday, 15 August 2011

uses for old broken eyeshadow and bronzers

You must all think I'm going bronzer crazy at the moment the amount I've blogged about them! But this time it's something a little different.

We've all had that horrible moment when our favourite bronzer or eyeshadow breaks into lots of little pieces. Now you all know me, I can't throw away ANYTHING! So when this happens to me I've found the perfect way to make use of it. It also means I can use up some more things from project 10 pan!

you will need:
- an old bronzer/eyeshadow
- moisturiser or body lotion
- an empty pot
-something to mix with e.g. cotton buds

1) empty all of the bronzer/eyeshadow into the empty container. crush it up as much as possible.

2) pump a little moisturiser into the pot. add a little at first, don't forget you can always add more but you can't take it away.

3) mix it all together as much as you can

4) now you have a great 'fake tan'! i like to use it on my arms and chest just to give myself a bit of colour. you can even use it as a cream bronzer if you've made it dark enough.

Obviously this isn't for everyone but I just thought I'd share it with you all in case some of you had been totally lost with how to use those old broken eyeshadows and bronzers. (Unlikely... but ah well!)

Have you ever tried this? Do you have any other uses for broken products?

Rosie xoxo

Sunday, 14 August 2011

notd: something for a festival

I thought I would show you all my festival nails of choice for this weekend. I decided to go all out and go for something super bright and out there because lets face it, if you can't do it at a festival when can you?!

In an attempt to aid my progress with project 10 pan I thought I would wear this absolutely gorgeous bright barbie pink from BHS (I had totally forgotten how much I am in love with this colour!) and then to give it a bit more of an edgy feel put some of MUA's new Nail Quake's on top, in the shade 'Quiver'.

 So here are my festival nails I created:
Final Nails (Both Polishes)

BHS pink polish before MUA nail quake applied

I have to say these MUA crackle polishes may be my favourite of all of the different brand variations I have tried! It was so smooth to apply and didn't go on too thick.(Always a problem for me!) They also come in six amazing colours, from a gorgeous bright pink to an icy metallic silver! I know what I'll be buying when project 10 pan is over.....

The polishes are available in selected Superdrug Stores as part of the new MUA Pro range and cost £2.50 each.

What do you think? Will you be buying any of MUA's Nail Quakes?

Rosie xoxo

*MUA Nail Quake given as a PR sample for consideration. I am in no way affiliated with the brand and all opinions are entirely my own*

Saturday, 13 August 2011

i love mua lipstick

When these popped through my letter box the other day I was beyond excited! I'm a lipstick fiend and my collection is ma-hoo-sive! So to get another little selection is bad for space but amazing for me!

MUA is fast becoming my favourite brand. If their prices weren't reason enough, it's all great quality too! Before the release of the pro range I had dabbled and bought a few items but my inital thoughts were that at £1 the quality would be a bit naff. But after trying a few items from the origanal range and being SUPER impressed I decided I would satisfy my lipstick obsession and get some!

(from left to right) Shade 3, 4, 8, 10, 12, 13

(from left to right) Same as above
I was very impressed with the pigmentation of the product, most were very strongly pigmented, that's with the exception of shade 4 which was slightly more sheer, but I personally like that as it gives a more nude-looking lip.

As for the formula, the lipsticks are soft, creamy and moisturising, exactly what I look for in a lipstick. None of the lipsticks I bought are matt, which is why they are so moisturising! In fact I'm not sure if there are any in the collection that are matt? Prehaps a new matt collection will be released?

Personally I'm not a fan of the way the lipsticks are named, I would prefer for them to have cute names like the MAC lipsticks, mainly because it makes them easier to identify but I also think that will make them seem more expensive to potential buyers. I would also prefer the names of the lipsticks to be on the base or just anywhere other than the lid! When you're having a play around you have to be super careful to put the lids back on as you go otherwise it is almost impossible to work out which goes where!

The lipsticks are cheap and cheerful and I am definitely a massive fan! With only 13 lipsticks in the collection costing £1 each, you can get the entire collection for the price of one high end lipstick! So even if I loose one (as I am bound to do!) I can pop straight out and get another one with no second thought!

 I know I'll definitely be going out and getting the rest of them to complete my collection!

Have you tried the MUA lipsticks? What do you think of MUA?

Rosie xoxo

*MUA Lipsticks given as a PR sample for consideration. I am in no way affiliated with the brand and all opinions are entirely my own*

Friday, 12 August 2011

nyc colour wheel bronzer

A few weeks ago now on a shopping trip with my best friend, I made my weekly trip to superdrug and decided to satisfy my current bronzer addiction by purchasing another!

 I used to be a big blusher girl but with all my friends looking super tanned I need a bit more colour to keep up so I've been using bronzer to give myself that desired summertime glow.

I picked it up from the NYC (New York Colour) stand, a brand which I have never really bought much from if I'm totally honest, but the purse-friendly prices swayed me. Plus I had heard some great things from othe bloggers about the mosaic bronzer.

The bronzer is a bargin at only £2.49! It gives a great mix of lots of different shades, none of which are particularly dark, which gives a beautiful, subtle glow to your cheeks. The powder is lovely and light, so if you want heavily bronzed cheeks this may not be the bronzing powder for you.

The bronzer is so subtle it barely shows up in this swatch
Have you tried the Mosaic Bronzer? What do you think of NYC?

Rosie xoxo

p.s the pot is super hard to open so be careful! (or maybe I'm just weak....)

Thursday, 11 August 2011

festival make-up essentials

As you read this I am driving along the motorway, off to spend a weekend of fun up at Standon Calling festival where I'll be working at the bar. I'm super excited as the festivals are probably my favourite part of summertime!

I thought in case any of you are off somewhere too I would share my essential cosmetics for your bag. I did a post on festival essentials before, which can be found here, but this one has more of a focus on what make-up and toiletries I'll be taking with me :)

- dry shampoo- batiste xxl volume (i won't be needing any hairspray!)
- neon face paint- stargazer tubes
- lipstick (bright as can be)
- bb cream- super + triple function (the pink one)
- concealer- collection 2000 lasting perfection
-garnier eye roll on
- insect repellant
- lip balm- carmex
- waterproof mascara
- mua orange eyeliner (to be used for blush and lipstick)
- moisturiser- simple rich moisturiser
- face wipes (perfect for a wet wipe shower)
- hand sanitiser
- sun cream
- liquid eyeliner- rimmel
-toothbrush & travel toothpaste


I'm sure I've forgotten something so feel free to add anything I've missed!
Are you off to a festival? What make-up will you be taking with you?

Rosie xoxo

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

how i use my mua bright orange eye liner pencil

Sadly I can't take credit for coming up with any of these ideas they were all taught to us bloggers at TOWIB by the lovely MUA make-up artist Katie Hughes.

Before that event I would have never ever in a million years have been brave enough to pick up an eyeliner in a colour this bold! I've never been very adventurous with my make-up (not when I'm going to leave the house anyway!) so for me a bright orange eyeliner was a big no no! But Katie showed us some amazing ways to use this super cheap product!

1) Obviously you can use it as an eyeliner. If your bold enough!

2) The pencil makes a great lip product either on its own (again if your feeling bold!) or you can mix it with a little foundation to create a softer shade like that below.

3) That same softer shade can be used as a cream blush to give a lovely soft glow to the cheeks. Perfect for a 'no make-up' mke-up look. The great thing about this is that you can make different shades by changing the pencil to foundation ratio.  

At £1 and with so many uses it was really something that was too good to pass up! It's become a staple in my make-up bag and will be accompanying me to all of the festivals over the coming weeks!

Do you have any multi use products? What do you think of the MUA range?

Rosie xoxo
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