Friday, 30 September 2011

notd: a midnight skyline

stargazer have been running a competition known as the 'shake and bling challenge' challenging bloggers to come up with some pretty nail art using only 4 stargazer products, plus my own choice of base/top coat.

i'm always up for a challenge and the second i heard that this involved glitter i was straight in there planning my design! so here is my creation:

you will need:

a dark blue nail polish (i am using stargazer 105)
a black nail art pen
silver glitter shaker
nail diamonds and nail glue
a nail top coat

1. start  by applying the dark blue base colour to all of your nails. this is going to create the sky.

2. use the nail art pen to draw your skyline onto your 4 fingers (not the thumb). i started by drawing the outline and then filled in the buildings. don't forget to put windows in your buildings!

3. now take a top coat and paint a little onto the sky above the buildings ( make sure your skyline is dry first!) gently pour some glitter onto the nail near the cuticle and blow to remove excess glitter.

4. for your thumb apply top coat all over and pour on plenty of glitter all over.

5. one dry apply one gem slightly to the left of the centre of your thumb using the adhesive glue (this is going to form a shooting star!)

6. take the nail art pen and draw in the star's trail

7. just to make sure it all lasts i put on another layer of top coat over the top but this is optional.

8. enjoy your beautiful nails!

goodness glitter is hard to photograph! i was so nervous doing this nail art because i was so sure i wouldn't have a steady enough hand but i think it looks great and i've had lots of compliments on it! in fact a few girls at school have asked if i'll do it for them!

do tell me if you have a go! you could even tweet me some pictures or link posts below. i'd love to see!

Rosie xoxo

ps. you may be wondering why only half of my pictures seem to be in this post..... that's because my computer seems to have deleted them :/ but rest assured i will be redoing the nail art asap so i can get some beautiful pictures for you all!

all products sent for pr purposes

Thursday, 29 September 2011

the room clear out challenge

i don't quite know what happened to my bedroom..... one day it was clean and tidy and the next... well, it wasn't.

now that i'm sticking around at home for another year i've decided to do some redecorating. but in it's current state thats hardly possible.

i don't think that its necessarily that i am a messy person but more that i have far too much stuff! i can never get rid of anything. my room is full of childhood toys, un-used photo frames, old magazines.... and thats just under the bed!

so i've decided to turn cleaning my room into a bit of a challenge. i'm going to do it bit by bit, ebay-ing as i go and then once everything is decluttered and clean i can start making my room look beautiful!

wish me luck!

are any of you in the redecorating/decluttering process? got any tips?

Rosie xoxo

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

100 things i love [part two]

i love

11. photobooths

12. pretty wall art

13. smiles

14. museums of all kinds

15. horse riding

16. ballet shoes

17. cuddly toys

18. musicals

19. bouncy castles

20. lists

part one [here]


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

garnier eye roll-on: which one is for you?

me being me when I first saw these i was so confused by what the difference in each one was. so naturally as you would in such a situation i decided to get both.....

so for those of you who like me think 'oh goodness which one should i get? which one is right for my needs?' then i've put together i little explanation of their differences and the specific target for each product.
L- 2 in 1 tinted eye roll on £8.20, R- caffeine eye roll on £7.99

lets start by looking at the garnier caffeine eye roll-on (thats the green one). this particular product is targeted at tired looking eyes. so people who suffer from those dreaded early mornings and just need to refresh their eyes a little. the caffeine and pro-vitamin b5 in the clear gel formula hydrates and cools the area, whilst the roll on applicater helps stimulate blood flow to the under eye instantly making you look more refreshed.

the garnier 2-in-1 tinted eye roll-on, as the name suggests, is tinted concealer perfect for disguising dark circles. it comes in the shades fair, very fair, medium and dark so it is perfect for a variety of skin tones, i find it blends into mine seemlessly to the point where it is almost undetectable! the main point that i totally missed is that this product also has practically the same benefits as the other roll on! it contains caffeine, for is stimulating action, and lemon extract, know for its clarifying properties. the roller ball is again useful in stimulating the fluid that collects under the eye to disperse it whilst encouraging blood flow to the area. but does this product have that totally sold it? a uv filter to help protect your delicate undereye area!

L- 2 in 1 tinted roll on, R- caffeine roll on (barely visible)
after a bit of trial and error i've realised that the tinted roll-on is definitely better for me. i suffer really really badly from dark circles so the coloured aspect of this was what really sold it me in the end. it effectively covers up my dark circles and feels nice upon application. i don't think i'll be repurchasing the green roll on but the tinted one has become a staple in my make-up bag and my face is rarely without it!

have you purchased the garnier eye roll on's? which one did you get?

Rosie xoxo

Monday, 26 September 2011

guess who got a blog award?!

i got this a while ago now and totally forgot about doing the post to pass it on! (bad rosie!) better late than never eh? :)

this award was given to my by the very lovely nav from navilicious beauty. i am an avid reader of her blog and am so happy that she has chosen to pass this award onto me. thank you nav!
the rules:

1) answer the following questions

2) mention and link who passed you the award

3) share 7 facts about yourself

4) award 15 blogs

the questions:

what is your favourite colour?

pink, pink, pink, pink, pink :)

what is your favourite song?

oh goodness me...... erm..... this is a toughie. i like so much music and my favourite song is constantly changing but right now i think it would have to be the acoustic version of 'ribena' by pegasus bridge. such a tune!

what is your favourite dessert?

it has to be the absolutely amazing crunchie cheescake my cousin makes. words cannot describe my love for that dessert!

what's pissing you off?

right now? or in general? in general i cannot stand rude people. i just can't deal with them. at. all.

 right now i'm still annoyed that i have to be at school especially when i don't actually seem to be doing anything other than studying by myself..... grrrrrrrrr.

when you're upset you...

have a good cry and ring up one of my friends. they always know how to cheer me up.

black or white?

hmmmm.... i wear both equally i think? but i guess white sounds less dark? so i'll go for white :)

biggest fear?

i'm a massive scaredy cat i am scared of everything! but my biggest fears are probably needles and falling. my fear of falling is what makes me scared of heights and steep hills and stuff to, so i would say that is probably bigger than my fear of needles? but my fear of needles makes me cry more....

your best feature?

well that as to be my boobies! no competition haha

everyday attitude...
i tend to try to do it all. i like to take every oppurtunity given to me because i think it's so important to utilise every second of your life. i want to do/see everything and i don't want to look back and regret not taking a chance or an oppurtunity because i was 'too scared' or 'too busy'. the way i look at it, if i want to do it then i will find time to :)
i also like to think that in general i'm a very positive person. i try to keep my chin up as much as possible because 60 secondes spent crying is a minute of happiness i'll never get back :)

what is perfection?
perfection is non-existant. in the general sense i mean. it is through striving for perfection that we continually try to better ourselves but i once read somewhere 'don't fear perfection, you'll never reach it anyway' which is something i try to live by. i know i will never reach that nonexistant perfection that i have created in my mind but yet i still work towards it anyway. that for me is a great motivator.
guilty pleasure...

shopping for make-up..... oh and cookies and milk :)

7 random facts about me

- i still haven't read the lord of the rings
- i used to sing in the kent county chiors
- my gerbils used to belong to my school. i looked after them one holiday but got too attached to take them back!
- when i was little i used to collect stamps. i was even part of the post office stamp collecting club!
- i have to set myself goals/to do lists else i am worried i just wouldn't do or achieve anything ever
- i've never owned a mac lipstick *shock horror* bad beauty blogger!
- i love reading fairy tales

passing the award onto...

i chose blogs from a wide variety of blog genre's not just beauty so you got a real look at all of the things i read!

a thrifty mrs- a woman after my own heart! full of money saving tips and ideas i would never think of!
secrets from behind the mask- tanya's blog is just a big mix of everything and i love it! i've been lucky enough to meet her in person and she is just so wonderful!
the london lipgloss- zoe was the reason i decided to start blogging. she is an all round lovely person with an awesome blog to match!
kat's beauty reviews- i am a massive supporter of kat's positive beauty pledge. i think its a wonderful idea and you should all pop on over and get involved!
bangs and a bun- a truly inspirational lady. her posts are just the right mix of seriousness and hilarity.
big fashionista- just hi-larious! kellie's posts never fail to make me laugh and there is always plenty of hot men ;)
lily loves lola- this blog brings out my nosy side. i love reading about victoria's life! it always seems so much more fun than mine haha she also has some amazing pieces in her shop!
super gorgeous- alice's photos are just wonderful. i especially like when she did her lauren's way review with before and after pics. i was lucky enough to meet her and can confirm she is just as charming in real life!
a little obsessed- sabrina's posts are always super informative and she always seems to have every nail polish i want!
fashion is my h2o- sarah has the most lovely clothes and i am always craving a shopping spree after reading her blog especially her looks for less! this girl is bad for my bank balance ;)
jnf thinks- a 'real life' friend who talks about life and politics. a truly insightful read. i always come away from heading his posts very thoughtful.
kirsti @ the notebook- i love kirsti's ootd's they always help inspire me to spice up my wardrobe and try something different!
ramz and the flock- i cannot believe beth is only 14?! her layout is so beautiful and i'm a massive fan of her 'being fourteen' feature that i have got involved with.
primp and preenthis is a blog i always find myself going back to over and over again. whenever i'm blog surfing i always seem to spend hours here just browsing through old posts!
sjmwell- full of lovely diy's that i am constantly trying out!

so thank you so much nav for giving me this award! go and check out her blog she is fabulous!

hope you're all well!

Rosie xoxo

Sunday, 25 September 2011

fab pore facial peel from soap and glory

its no secret to my friends and family that i'm a face mask fiend. if i could use one every night i would! so when i saw this bad boy in boots i just had to pick it up.

the fab pore facial peel rrp £8 (available from boots)

the product claims to deep cleanse and refine pores, and what is it in it that helps it do that?

- fomes officinalis extract- a mushroom extract that helps tighten pores
- salicylic acid- which loosens up the dead cells that contribute to pore clogging
- kaolin- a type of clay that sops up excess oil on the skin and smoothes the skin surface
- vitamins e&c- antioxidants

i've mentioned before how much i love soap and glory packaging. i just think it is the cutest thing and it is something that i am happy to have sitting around on my make-up table!

now enough of the packaging lets get down to the nitty gritty stuff! the product is a very thick consistancy and has a lovely, refreshing minty smell.  it is super light pink (almost white) in colour with lots of little green balls in it. the back of the pot says to rub the mask into your skin until all of the green beads have dissolved. i have to be honest here and say i have no idea what these beads contain/do as they don't seem harsh enough to provide any real exfoliating ability? (if anyone knows their purpose please do tell me!)

once all of the beads are rubbed in you can leave this on for 5 minutes for 'a quick refresher' or 15 minutes for 'a real deep cleaning do-it-yourself kind of facial'. so this perfect for both a quick cleanse and when your skin is in dire need of some help. i personally leave it on for the extended time of 15 minutes and oddly enough i find it doesn't dry fully in that time like most clay masks i had tried previously? this prevents the horrible tight feeling that you get at the end of a face mask (a massive pro for me!)

after washing it off my skin felt clean by not overly dry. it felt smoothe and my blemishes definitely heal faster after using this which is always good! as for shrinking my pores, i'm not so sure? i suffer from very large pores and i personally didn't see a massive improvement, thats not to say there wasn't a slight one..... but i don't want you thinking that this is a miracle worker because for me it wasn't.

saying that i will be buying this again. it is one of my favourite face masks and at a purse friendly price of £8 i think it will be a cabinet staple for a while.

Rosie xoxo

Saturday, 24 September 2011

topshope cheeks

i've always liked the look of the topshop make-up. it is one brand that i always felt could quite easily make a move into make-up without me being fearful that the products would be awful.

so when i popped out shopping with friends a few months ago i saw this in my local topshop and was instantly draw to it.

topshop cheeks stick in 'prism' rrp £10

the sticks are a muti-purpose cream product which can be used all over the face and body (but not the eyes) to give a subtle glow and a bit of colour. i've heard lots of people comparing them to the nars multiples but these are far thicker and so much cheaper!

they are wonderfully creamy and easy to blend into the skin.  not to mention you also get a massive amount of product so i am sure this one will last me for ages!

the colour i chose was 'prism' which is a gorgeous silvery, gold shade, perfect for highlighting your cheek bones or cupids bow.

swatched onto bare skin

blended out

the twisty tubes are perfect for application but the white packaging does get super dirty really easily which isn't exactly the nicest thing. i've also found that they tend not to last on my skin all day which is a little annoying but perhaps with less make-up underneath it may be better? (i tend to have alot on my skin....) i'll test further and get back to you!

luckily these are pat of the core collection so they'll be sticking around!which is great because this product is a definite repurchase for me (when it finally runs out that is!) and i'll be popping in to grab some of the other colours as soon as project 10 is over!

have you tried topshop make-up? are you a fan?

Friday, 23 September 2011

project 10 pan *update*

i have a confession to make..... i failed. sorry everyone! it was the last 50% off sale on elf and i knew i would be saving in the long run. so big apologies everyone! but now i'm back to it and i won't be buying any thing else! promise :)

so now lets get to the update.....

so since my last post i've managed to finish a few things and to be honest they were most of the things i predicted.

 -maybelline great lash waterproof mascara in very black- i absolutely hate this product. it did nothing for my lashes at all, except prehaps make them a little darker

- lush twilight bath ballistic bath bomb- i have so much love for lush bath bombs. this one smelt so good and i'll definitely be popping in to pick up another one at some point.

- royal jelly exfoliating body scrub- i think this may just be my favourite scrub i've tried. i could actually feel it doing something which is what i want from a exfoliator! i'll have to go a repurchase this the second project 10 is over!

- vaseline hand lotion- love this hand cream! i actually qalready have a second full one ready to go in my collection!

- colourworks double ended eyeliner/lip liner- eugh. so glad to see the back end of this. serious lack of pigmentation and staying power. it's also super hard to apply. i will never be buying this again i'm afraid.
- 2x homemade bath bombs- loved these so much! i'll definitely be making myself some more, i think they'll be perfect for xmas presents.

as i finished some products i was clearing some space on my make-up desk and found a few more items to add to my list:

- m&s body powder
-boots cranberry hand cream
- 7x bath thingy's (yes that is the technical name haha)

with my new bits added to my list i think i will have finished my mua powder and maybe one of my lipsticks by my next update. here's hoping!

if you want to see my previous posts on project 10 pan you can do so here, here and here. I've also got a post here on the products i've been using from my list and one here on the ones that disappointed me.

hope you're well!

Rosie xoxo

Thursday, 22 September 2011

saving for xmas

i've been resisting talking about xmas but i don't think i can hold it in any longer!

i know xmas shouldn't be about presents,(and don't get me wrong i love all the other aspects of it!) but nothing quite matches up to the amazing feeling i get when someone opens a present from me that i have put so much thought and effort into and gets a massive smile on their face!

the only problem is that xmas can be super super expensive! so this year i'm starting early and preparing gifts that are equally as wonderful and thoughtful as normal but on a slightly smaller budget, as usually i spend a fortune!

now before i can start doing anything i need some money..... so to make this whole saving business a little more purse friendly i took a bit of inspiration from the amazing a thrifty mrs and decided to bring back my old childhood money box.

usually i just say right i have X amount of money in my bank account i will spent Y amount on presents but I never do.... it always ends up so much more so i'm hoping this will work out cheaper for me in the long run?

everytime i find a £1 or £2 coin in my purse/room i am going to put it in this money box. then when i need to buy anything for xmas i can take the money from here rather than  breaking into my bank account. this way everyone gets something nice but i don't feel all guilty for taking out of my savings. 

have you started preparing for xmas?

Rosie xoxo

ps  only 90 days to go!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

100 things i love [part one]

i saw this on my lovely friend tanya's blog so i thought i'd jump on the band wagon and do it too!

 like her i've decided to do it in 10 seperate posts. one a week for the next 10 weeks, each one with 10 things i love.

i love

1. unexpectedly beautiful photographs

2. pink

3. bows
4. hello kitty
5. pretty nails
6. disneyland
7. teacups
8. ed sheeran
9. festivals
10. french bread


a little homemade beauty

yesterday i did i guest post for the lovely kirsti who is on holiday (lucky thing!) it was all about how to make yourself a diy face mask out of something a little unusual......

cat litter

if you're interested pop on over here and take a looksie!

Rosie xoxo

Monday, 19 September 2011

temporary secretary: eyes like shutters, mind like a lens

i thought today i'd share with you my new favourite piece of jewellery that i've been wearing anywhere and everywhere.

a few weeks ago now i was lucky enough to win the most gorgeous piece of jewellery from the lovely 'temporary secretary'.

camera ring £9

i'd had my eye on this piece for a while so i was totally thrilled when i found out i was going to get one sent to me!

the website is so wonderful full of the kind of jewellery that i just love. everything has a very vintage, kitsch feel to it, perfect for gifts for my friends!

now for starters the site itself is just gorgeous without even looking at the jewellery! i'm always attracted to pretty web design and this one really pulls out all the stops. nice and girly but it isn't so complicated that i can't work out how to buy anything!

onto the actual product.... the ring is just so adorable! i was sent the black/silver one but it also comes in gold/white and pink/silver, both of which are equally cute. the ring band is adjustable which is perfect for people like me who have those awkward sized fingers that never seem to fit anything, or if you simply want to change which finger you wear it on every now and again!

excuse my super chipped nail varnish!
i'm super impressed with the product and i was so luck to win as i was planning on buying it anyway! now i can just wait until i have a few pennies to buy myself a lucky dip bag (12 items for £20?yes please!)

what are your favourite jewellery shops? have you ever bought anything from temporary secretary?

Rosie xoxo

Sunday, 18 September 2011

things change and life isn't stopping for anybody

with yet another one of my friends having left for uni this weekend i've had a long think about change. how i feel about it and how i react to changes in my life. i may not be moving away like many other people my age but i feel like i've reached a different chapter in my life. i have to make new friends, reconsider universities, have my final chance at my exams and contend with everyone elses massive changes in their lives that then affect me in turn.

their are many different ways people choose to react to changes. some embrace it with open arms while others crumble and break down. i tend to fall into the latter category. change has never been my friend. just when i start to feel settled and comfortable with a situation or a group of people something changes and i find myself starting all over again.

i like to believe that there is a greater plan for me. someone somewhere has planned out my life and everything that happens to me is happening as part of that plan, therefore it has to be okay in the end. some people may call me crazy but it is that particular outlook that has made me who i am. it's the only thing that keeps me from shutting down in those times of immense change that are becoming more and more frequent with age.

change has been around me from a young age. moving from nursery to big school and then on again to the really big school, starting or leaving a club..... but somehow those changes didn't seem to rock me. looking back i hardly remember them affecting me at all. yet now it is changes similar to this that have sent me off in tears.

 i have so many amazing changes waiting for me in my life: moving out for the first time, getting married, going to uni, finding a job. and yes i'm super excited to experience all of those things, but i'm also terrified. change is a move away from familiarity into something totally different. that's what scares me. the unknown.

i know change is inevitable. change happens everyday and it is something we all have to deal with. if we try and avoid it then it just finds a different way to affect us. i regularly have to remind myself we can't make everything stay the same forever. it's just not possible. i can't cling onto all of the things i know because if i do that how much of the world will i really experience? trying to hold onto the old really stops us from embracing all of the amazing things that life has to offer us. it may be hard at time but i want to be able to say i saw everything in my lifetime. i want to tell people that i saw everything i could and took every single oppurtunity no matter how difficult it was. with every change i am one step closer to the person i am meant to be, who am i to stand in the way of that?

Rosie xoxo

Sunday, 11 September 2011

a plea for some information!

hello wonderful people!

as you all know i'm reapplying to university this year. that means i have to complete my dreaded ucas form again! turns out it's not quite as bad second time round..... took me almost a quarter of the time this time round!

 i'm almost totally finished with it, just a few tweaks here and there, but one thing i am still completely undecided on is my universities. i have chosen 3 but am still a little undecided on my final 2 choices.

as the self-proclaimed list queen i have compiled a list of 8 universities that i like and now i just need to knock a few off as obviously i can't go visit them all! (i have nowhere near enough time!) they are all at similar positions in the legue tables etc so i thought i would ask all of you lovely people and see if you had any pearls of wisdom to share!

the universities are......


you don't have to have gone there yourself to have an opinion! a friend may have gone, you may have gone to an open day or have just visited the area. i want to know! if you think you can help me then please leave a comment or drop me an email.

thank you in advance!

Rosie xoxo

ps. anyone who knows anything about brunel university in uxbridge, london would be helpful too!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

soap and glory the greatest scrub of all

i've never had the best skin in the world. in fact i used to have some of the worst skin of anyone i know. over the years i have tried many many things to fix that but one product that i never seem to find is a decent facial exfoliant (not in my price range anyway!)

enter 'the greatest scrub of all' from soap and glory.

available from boots rrp £8.17

a couple of months ago now when out shopping with a friend i happened to see that boots were running a 3 for 2 offer on soap and glory products. i'm ashamed to say that before then i had never used any of their products depite hearing excellent things! i decided that this would be the best oppurtunity to do so and when i saw this facial exfoliant on the shelf i thought 'why not?' and chucked it into my basket to take home and try.

the packaging of soap and glory products is definitely a massive selling point for me. i love the sort of 'pop art' feel that all of them have and although it shouldn't sway me, it did make me want to purchase them more!

now then first impressions of thiis scrub... it has a very lovely fresh scent which i am a big fan of. not too overpowering, just enough to be pleasant. 

the products itself is a creamy, kind of shimmery white 'lotion'? (for want of a better word) with very tiny orange spheres in it which pop open when you press them! I'm not sure what these spheres exactly contain/do but they feel pretty cool when you're using it! the actual scrubing comes from very small particles, almost like sand grains, which you feel working as you move the product around your face.

the small, exfoliating beads exfoliate my skin with out scratching it. and as i said i can feel them working as i rub them in which is exactly what i want! it's not harsh so it doesn't give that horrible drying effect that most exfoliants seem to on my skin, in fact my skin felt really moisturised after use.

the product left my skin feeling smooth, clean and refeshed, didn't strip my skin and to add another plus point it's marketed for all skin types so everyone can give it a go!

overall an excellent budget beauty buy, something i will definitely be repurchasing!

what's your favourite facial exfoliant? have you tried any products from soap and glory?

Rosie xoxo
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