Saturday, 29 October 2011

cooking with rosie: roasted pumpkin seeds

this is a great recipe for the left over seeds you get after carving a pumpkin and its so easy to do. it's literally made up of 3 steps and they make an amazing tasting, heathy snack.

you will need:
pumpkin seeds

1. place all of the pumpkin seeds on a tray and sprinkle with salt. place in the oven at about 200C. they should take around 10-15 mins but keep watching to be sure.

2. when the seeds turn a golden brown they are done and can be taken out of the oven.

3. transfer into a sealable container for storage.
if salt isn't to your taste you could easily make honey pumpkin seeds for something sweeter. simply mix a little honey with hot water (amount of honey can vary according to taste, you can also add a little sugar if you would like it sweeter) using a pastry brush coat the seeds in the honey mixture and then cook as above.

are you a fan of pumpkin seeds? how do you use the 'waste' bits of pumpkin?

Rosie xoxo

Friday, 28 October 2011

spooky pumpkin nails

i must seem like i've gone nail art crazy this week! i just get so excited by halloween and there is so many different ways you can incorporate it in to beauty!

with that i bring you my final nail art of the week....

with that i leave you all for cardiff. i'm so excited to sinally get to see my friends in their new home! that means blog posts will be lacking slightly this weekend i'm afraid. i had been meaning to schedule some but just never really got round to it. i may post some nice scenic pictures for you perhaps? see how the mood takes me i guess!

hope you're all well and have a lovely weekend!

Rosie xoxo

Thursday, 27 October 2011

super sweet candy corn nails

i sometimes think i should have been born in america. i love halloween and candy corn, wish i could have been a cheerleader or been in show choir or even done beauty pagents! i love the idea of going to collect your pumpkin and going in a corn maze at the same time! these are all things that i think we should bring to the uk!

so to celebrate my love on candy corn/ halloween i decided to do some super sweet nails.

in fact these are nails i could bring back anytime of year. (i just think they are particularly great for halloween!)

Rosie xoxo

rosie and gina have a halloween day

i thought i'd share with you some fun pictures of my day with my best friend last week. i miss her so much when she's at uni. i didn't ever really get to see her that much when she was here in kent as we went to different school and are such busy people! but having here even further away from me is so heartbreaking. so anytime i get to spend with her is really special.

here are some fun pictures from last week for you all to a have a little nosy at:

come home soon please gina. i miss you already!

Rosie xoxo

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

cooking with rosie: pumpkin cake

another recipe from my afternoon with gina. this is similar to carrot cake and is a great way to use the left over bits from scooping out your pumpkin or just to convince fussier eaters to try this wonderfully autumnal vegetable.

again, like the malloween ghosts, these have two main steps: making the cake and then icing it. although slightly harder than the ghosts i would still say it's a pretty easy recipe.

stage 1: making the cake

500g peeled and grated pumpkin flesh (i also used the centre of the pumkin and ripped it up with my fingers)
1tbsp orange juice
zest of an orange
4 eggs
200g butter
1/2 tsp salt
300g self raising flour
175g sultanas
2tsp bicarbonate of soda
3tsp mixed spice
300g light muscovado sugar

1. heat the oven to 180C/fan 160C/gas 4 and butter and line a baking tray with baking paper.
2. place all the dry ingredients in a bowl and mix them all together.

3. melt the butter in a pan over a low heat.

4. transfer the butter into a bowl and beat in the eggs. and the orange zest and juice, stir again.
5. mix in both the butter/orange mix and pumpkin into the dry ingredients.

6. pour the mixture into the pan. bake for around 40 mins. (nb it may be more or less due to pumpkin's varying water content. therefore keep an eye on the cake after about 25mins as it can take less/more time) it should be golden and springy when done.
7. when it is finished take it out and allow to cool in the pan for 5mins. then tip out and place on a cooling rack.

stage 2: icing the cake

100g icing sugar
85g butter
200g cream cheese
zest of an orange
1tsp of orange juice

again i have no pictures of this part but it's really easy!

8. mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl until soft a creamy.

9. using a warm palette knife spread the mixture onto the cake.

this is a super yummy cake and due to the moisture content on pumpkin it lasts for ages!

i'd love to see if any of you have attempted a pumpkin pie? we thought it was a little ambitous for us and this cake just looked so amazing! as always if you try the recipe please sent my pictures!

Rosie xoxo

 ps if you try this recipe keep your pumpkin seeds! i have another recipe that turns them into a delicious snack!

*this recipe has be adapted slightly from the original recipe found here*

100 things i love [part six]

i love

51. little comets

52. pancakes

53. nice pants

54. performing

55. magazines

56. my best friend

57. london

58. the inbetweeners

59. cocktails

60. post

part one [here]
part two [here]
part three [here]
part four [here]
part five [here]


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

ghostly nails

what i used:
white nail polish (elegant touch from their french manicure set)
black nail art pen (stargazer)

i'm still getting the hang of using my nail art pen so these are hardly the most frigtening of ghosts but i thought they kinda cute and, as always seem to happen, they look much neater and just geneally better in real life.

this is the first of a few nails i'll be trying out this week to get myself into the spooky spirit of halloween! have any of you been doing things to get your self into the halloweeny mood?

Rosie xoxo

zombie boy shows us dermablend

this advert has been doing the rounds on twitter but for those of you who may not have seen it i just had to post it on her!

the advert features rick genest aka zombie boy (you'll soon see why!) and really shows the full potential of the product!

how amazing is that?! i need this product in my life now! not for everyday wear obviously but for concealing scars etc on special occasions.

what do we think then everyone? will you be getting yourself some dermablend after seeing this?

Rosie xoxo

Monday, 24 October 2011

cooking with rosie: malloween ghosts

well officially this is cooking with rosie and gina. this weekend just gone my best friend gina came back from uni and in our usual style my visit to her house involved food and gossip. we decided to make a load of halloween goodies for a bonfire party her family were hosting the following night.

this is the first post of many this week involving edible goodies, nails and little bits to make this halloween extra special.

don't they look yummy!

these are so easy to make and is made up of two main stages: making the rice cripsy shapes and then decorating them.

for the rice crispy shapes
300g marshmallows
200g rice crispies
100g unsalted butter

for the coating
300g white chocolate
some milk/plain chocolate (you could mix in some red food colouring if you like)

1. begin by lining a tin with cling film. we were going to then line it with butter as you can see above, but to be honest this was a little pointless.

2. melt your butter in a large saucepan

3. slowly add the marshmallows over a low heat, stirring as you add more to make sure they don't stick. it should take about 10 minutes to go entirely smooth depending on how high the heat is.
4.  now slowly add your rice crispies makeing sure all of them are fully coated in marshmallow mixture.

5. spoon the mixture into the lined tin pushing it down as much as possible (be warned its hard to push at this point because it is so sticky) gina and i found it worked best to put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes and then push it down a little more. we then place it in the freezer for a further 30-60 mins.

6. once set simply pull out the clingfilm. leave for a few minutes to allow it to soften slightly and make it easier to cut.

7. now its time to create the ghost shapes. cut the rice crispy cake into rectangles, then round off the tops and cut the zig zag shape into the bottom. then place them back in the freezer.
i have to make a big apology as i have no pictures of the next few stages but they are super, super easy!
8. melt the white chocolate and spoon it onto the rice crispy ghosts. using a pastry brush make sure you have an even finish on the front and sides. leave it to set in the freezer.
9.  melt the milk/plain chocolate (add colouring if desired) then use it to ice on your ghost faces.
and there you have it. some super delicious, super easy malloween ghosts. perfect for a party or just to nibble on yourself!
if you make them please send me your pictures! i'd love to see how yours turn out!
Rosie xoxo

*this recipe has been adapted slightly from the original recipe found here*

i finally ebayed!

it may have taken me months but i've finally put my first item up on ebay! i was always really worried i would do it wrong so i was very wary, but now i've done one and it seems to be going pretty well so i'm sure i'll be putting up more items soon!

for anyone who wants to take a look my first item can be found here. if you know anyone else who may be interested in the item feel free to share!

hope you're all well

Rosie xoxo

Sunday, 23 October 2011

products i regret buying

i often find these posts more helpful than when people go on about the things that they love! most of the brands included in this are ones that i love very much and usually am a massive fan of but these products just fell flat with me!

 obviously i haven't included anything i have been sent or recieved for free. these are all things that i bought with my own money and, to be perfectly honest, regret spending my hard earned cash on.

1. umberto giannini backcomb in a bottle- this product had so much hype around it and i had so many people recommend it to me but when i used it it just didn't work on my hair. it gave my hair lift for a few seconds but fell out quickly. it most definitely didn't give me the backcombed effect as i had hoped and i've been avoiding using this, even as an everyday hairspray, because it just doesn't hold in my hair for anywhere near long enough. dissapointing because so many people rave about it.

2. elf make-up mist and set- normally i'm a massive elf fan. i buy so much stuff from them thats it's become pretty obscene but this product let me down big time! it's meant to help set your make up in place but mine stayed on better when i wasn't using this! it was useful to refresh the skin when it was really hot at the end of last month but i could do that with water so this is just a bit of a pointless product for me.

3. simply pure moisturising lotion- this product just isn't moisturising enough for me. it smells nice, feels okay on the skin, applies well.... but with skin as dry as mine this just isn't enough to keep my skin from turning into scales. i had to wear moisturiser on top to keep the moisture on my skin. not quite the desired affect. for someone else, with oily skin prehaps, this might be perfect but for those girls with dry skin like me i highly doubt this will provide you with the level of moisture you need. 

4. olay touch of foundation- i bought this a few summers ago when i was in desperate need of a new tinted moisturiser. the shade looked right for my skin but when i got it home i just found it was really, really orange. i looked like an oompa lompa! it also went really funny and peely on my skin after a couple of hours which i didn't like at all! however, it was very moisturising and i do love the smell of it!

5. elf waterproof eyeliner pen- again i'm sad to say i don't like this. i love elf but in comparision to the other products i have bought from them in the past, this just isn't up to par. firstly the liner isn't black enough, by that i mean it starts out really black and fades into a sort of greyish colour. that may be down to the applicator brush but in my oppinion it is a combination of both the brush and the formulation. the biggest let down for me with this product is the fact that it is most definitely not waterproof! this is the least i would expect from this product as it is advertised as a 'WATERPROOF eyeliner pen'. i will definitely be looking elsewear for my perfect eyeliner for emotional days.

6. clearasil ultra rapid action treatment cream-  this claims to 'visibly reduce spot size and redness in just 4 hours'..... does it hell! to be honest i'm lucky if my spot has reduced the next morning! let alone after 4 hours! i'm really sad this didn't work because clearasil does hove some amazing products that I really love, but this is not one of them.

7. mua glitter eyeliner- i constantly rave about the quality of mua products and how much i love all of the things in their range but this has to be the one exception. when i was in secondary school i used to love glitter eyeliners so when i saw these for only £1 i thought ' why not! they'll be great for fancy dress/dance shows etc' but the formulation of them is just awful. there isn't nearly enough glitter when you apply it (which sounds strange because in the tube it looks like loads!), the colour isn't as strong as it really should be and the brush makes it so difficult to apply. i'm not quite sure how i will use these as i can't apply them neatly to my eyes but i'm sure i'll find a way to use them eventually

so there you have it. my products that i wish i hadn't bought. but please remember just because i hate them doesn't mean you will too! everyone is different so if you feel really strongly that a product that didn't work for me may work for you, by all means try it out! i'd love to hear how you get along.

Rosie xoxo

the versatile blogger award

goodness gracious me! i always get a little surprised everytime i get an award. its so exciting and lovely. so thank you to the wonderful diva doll and navilicious beauty.

i've been lucky enough to recieve this award before and as i seem to be doing lots of 'facts about me' lists at the moment i thought i'd just link you back to that post so you can take a looksie. in fact it was the first award i was ever given! so if you want to you can take a look at it here.

thank you so much for this award! i'm still smiling from ear to ear!

Rosie xoxo

rosie needs a camera!

for my birthday last year i was lucky enough to get a voucher from my parents to put towards a printer for uni. as i'm not going to uni until next year and i can still use my printer at home it just seems silly to go and buy one now! instead i've decided to spend my voucher on a camera!

 i have a very old one at home that i just hate using because it is so godamn old and just doesn't give the clarity necessary for photographing make-up. as a result i've been using my iphone ever since i started my blog. i think it gives a good picture especially now that i know a bit more about lighting, composition etc. but i would still like to invest in something a little more.... professional i guess? thats not really the word i was going for but you get the idea!

on that note i have around £100 (give or take a little) to spend and i'm totally lost with all of the camera lingo! i want one that will give me some great beauty product shots but will also be able to come out with me and my friends and provide some nice flattering shots!

any recommendations? or even cameras that i should definitely not even consider buying?

Rosie xoxo

Saturday, 22 October 2011

elf studio pencil concealer

this is another product i picked up in one of my many elf splurges. i remember once reading in a beauty book that a pencil concealer was a beauty essential. at the time i had no idea you could even get concealer in pencil form! and to be perfectly honest i hardly think a pencil concealer is essential but it is a nice addition to my collection.

the concealer is a wonderful thick, creamy consistantcy and gives a very full coverage, perfect for those sudden breakouts! usually i'm wary of thick concealers as they obviously tend to make the spot worse despite covering it well. no need to worry about that with this concealer! it contains salicylic acid which is the active ingredient in most acne treatments so its helping clear those spots whilst preventing new ones from forming.

as for the packaging, as usual i'm not a fan of the card board box i just think they're pointless (think of the trees!) so mine has gone straight into the recycling box, but the pencil itself is so well thought out! it's very clean and sleek looking. it definitely looks more expensive than it was!

 the lid for the pencil is a sharpener and a good one at that! i'm very pleased with it and i think it's a wonderful idea, especially for on the go.

at the other end of the pencil there is a brush to help blend the product into the skin. usually i'm not a fan of the brushes that come with products, they tend to feel cheap, not at all soft and not really work. this brush is so dense and blends the product seemlessly intot he skin. a massive surprise!

the only issue i have is that air can still get to the pencil through the sharpener and this in turn can make the pencil dry out faster. to combat this problem i just switched the two lids round, so although a little annoying it isn't difficult to solve and doesn't make me love it any less.

this is definitely a blemish concealer rather than one for under the eyes, it's just too thick for that. i will be repurchasing this as soon as i finish it but with the amount of product there i don't think i'll need to for a long time!

have you tried this product? what do you think?

Rosie xoxo
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