Saturday, 31 December 2011

new years resolutions

it's that time of year again. that time when everyone makes hundreds of resolutions for this coming year which they will attempt for a week before giving up and deciding that 2013 will instead be the year they 'loose lots of weight' or 'learn to cook'.

i make resolutions every year, not because i feel i should or because i'm a list freak (although that second one is definitely true!), simply because it helps me focus my mind on the year ahead and begin the year full of optomism and hope that this year will really be a good one!

i think the main place people go wrong when it comes to resolutions is that they try to complete 100 very ambiguous goals. it's better to really concentrate on a few specific ones, then you can put your all into them and you know exactly where you are going to reach it!

so here are my goals for the coming year.....

1. go to university

2. loose 1 stone

3. donate some time to charity

4. clear out my bedroom

5. save £1000

you'll notice some of these feature on my day zero project list (ie 101 things in 1001 days) but i still felt like it was okay to use them as althought they feature on both lists i want to complete those specific tasks within the next year.

have you made any resolutions this year? what did you decide on?

happy new year everyone! may 2012 bring you endless happiness and success! (i know thats what i'm wishing for)

Rosie xoxo

Friday, 30 December 2011

my little recipe book

this lovely little cooking notebook is one i picked up in paperchase quite a while ago now. making my own little recipe book was something that was on my '101 things in 1001 days list' and when i saw this i knew it was perfect!

 i wanted something that i coulds write down all of my favourite recipes my parents do for me at home so that i could in turn replicate them at uni. there is space for recipes to be written and catergorised, a small wallet area for recipe cards, some recipe cards of your own to fill in and even planning pages for dinner parties! plus the pattern of the book is just beyond adorable! i can't wait to get to uni and do all my cooking now.

how do you store your favourite recipes?

Thursday, 29 December 2011

mua pro eyeshadow trio in innocence

| mua eyeshadow trio £2.50 - superdrug |

i'm a massive mua lover. every time i go into superdrug i seem to leave with one of their products but annoyingly non of the stores near me seem to stock the professional range. so when i won this is a giveaway last month i was super excited as it is something i had been searching for!

there are six different trios available, i received innocence containing 3 gorgeous shimmery brown shades, perfect for a more natural evening smokey eye. the idea behind the sets is great as you have a whole look in one trio, great to chuck into a travel make-up bag as it is nice and small.

i'm not big on the packaging if i'm honest... it's not necessarily how it looks, more that it feels so delicate. being the massive klutz that i am i drop my stuff all the time and every time i drop this i'm totally convinced i've broken it! luckily i haven't so far... but i still get a heart attack each and every time!

i'm a big fan of the three colours, i was really worried i wasn't going to like the darkest brown. the green flash just didn't appeal to me at all. i've never been able to pull off green especially when it come to make-up, but when it is on the eye the green becomes barely visible and compliments the other colours so well! the consistency of the shadows is super smooth making them easily blendable and they last for ages even without a primer, still looking just as vibrant after hours of wear. the pigmentation is great and all of the colours can be used sparely for a more subtle look or built up to give a stronger look.

if you're not a big shimmer fan these probably aren't going to be the product for you but i am totally in love. i think i will probably get more use out of these than my heaven and earth palette from mua just because it is so compact and fits super easily into my make-up bag! at £2.50 these are great stocking fillers and you could definitely afford to fill your stocking with the whole set at that price!

have you tried this product? whats your favourite thing in the mua range?

Rosie xoxo

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

project 10 pan *update*

- dove express treatment conditioner
- next so red body spray
- body collection foot gel
- 2x prada infusion d'iris perfume (sample)
- britney spears cosmic radiance perfume (sample)
- avon lipsick
- clarins gentle eye make up remover lotion (sample)
- mua mascara
- veet wax strips
- unlabelled lipgloss
- clearasil ultra rapid action treatment cream
-unlabelled nail varnish
- primark big lashes mascara

another month another update! i decided to do this update at the end of this month instead of the beginning simply because come dec 1st i had finished about two sample sized products and it hardly seemed worthy of a post. nearly a month on from then i've managed to finish quite a few more and have got closer to finishing loads more (hopefully i'll have lots to share next month!)
the products i used this months were neather here nor there to be honest some i hated but some i loved and have decied to repurchase:

mua mascara- for only £1 i am super impressed and massively in love with this product. its a great mascara and will be a nice one to have in my collection for the day when i deel like using it. lets face it it's hardly breaking the bank!

britney spears cosmic radiance perfume- this was only a sample size but i am so in love with the scent that i will definitely be purchasing a full size bottle. the amount of people who told me how nice i smelled when i had this on was amazing!
avon lipstick- i'm about 90% sure the lipsticks are totally different now as this one was super old and probably discontinued. i'd be curious to see how the new ones match up, so for that reason i'm sure i'll be buying some.

have you been doing project 10 pan? how is it going?

Rosie xoxo

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

vivo trio eyeshadow palette in graphite glamour

| vivo trio eyeshadow palette £2.50- tesco |

i won this gorgeous little palette in a competition back in october and had almost forgot about it until i found it hidden at the bottom of my 'to review' basket. it reminds me of the trio from mua i blogged about last week except the palette seems larger and more expensive looking despite costing the same price!

the packaging is sleek and sturdy, without looking bulky (similar to sleek or elf studio products) which is great for people like me who seem to drop their products on a daily basis! no chance of them breaking! it also has a little mirror inside which i doubt i will use very much simply because i never touch up my eyeshadow on the go.... but for anyone who does this will be a welcomed addition to the palette.

each palette contains 3 shadows: a light, mid and dark colour, all of which are complimentary to one another and are all you need to create the perfect smokey eye look (instructions are on the back! to make it even more simple for you!)

i was super happy to get this paticular shade set as i don't have many black/grey toned eyeshadows in my collection and they are a necessity if you want to do a really dramatic smokey eye! the shadows are buttery soft which makes application and blending super easy. the staying power is great, even at the end of a night out it was still going strong! there is little fall out and in general pigmentation is very good. the mid and dark shades have amazing payoff but the white let me down. it requires alot of building up in order to give the same level of pigmentation as the other two.

as with the mua trio, if you aren't a shimmer fan this isn't really for you. the white shadow is a disappointment but for the price i guess you can't complain and with they staying power being what it is i'm not too concerned by that anyway! i'll definitely be using this palette over the xmas party season!

what is your favourite eyeshadow palette at the moment? have you tried anything from vivo?

Rosie xoxo

Monday, 26 December 2011

post xmas sales wish list

i don't know about all of you but i've been looking forward to sales almost as much as xmas itself and there are a few things that i've been looking to pick up over the last few months but thought i'd wait to see if i got them for xmas and if not then see if they got any cheaper in the sales.

i often find it is far less stressful and easier to brave the sales when you have a list of things you are looking for. so here is mine that will accompany me out into the freezing post xmas sales.....
have you got your eyes on anything in the sales this year?

bag yourself a clarisonic!

just a quick message to tell you all that buy-a-powa have the clarisonic mia for sale at the moment and it's looking like it'll go for super low price of £90! so if you're looking for a nice little post xmas present to yourself why not get one? i've already signed up for mine...

click here if you're interested!

Sunday, 25 December 2011

my week in instagrams 002

| slutty brownies for a xmas dinner party with friends | nandos with my best friend, her sister and my brother | dinner party cranium (obviously cat and i won!) | dougie looking festive | turkey ready for cooking | late xmas dinner after work | quality streets. an essential part of any xmas | lush xmas shopping | plenty of blog scheduling for january so i can concentrate on my exams | tom and dougie relaxing on xmas day | baking xmas cookies with titus as gifts for friends | tree on xmas morning |

hope you've all had a great day

merry christmas!

i hope you all have an amzing day!

Rosie xoxo

Saturday, 24 December 2011

yummy looking food jewellery from charm-eleon


| roast dinner ring- £9.00 |

when it comes to jewellery i am a real sucker for anything handmade and as i find it tends to be far more original and unique than say something you might buy from primark. so when i was sent this amazing ring by the lovely people over at charm-eleon i was super excited!

charm-eleon specialise in making unique handmade food jewellery, so browsing the site when you're hungry is not a good idea! they make a selection of earings, necklaces and bracelets as well as rings all equally delicious looking!

the product came in the cutest little box with a little note, which i always think is the cutest touch! packaging is one of those things that i think can really make or break a product and when someone has made an extra effort like that it really does make all the difference!

the roast dinner ring* is one i'd seen on katie perry which instantly me like it that little bit more (i mean who doesn't love a bit of katy perry!) the ring band is adjustable for those of you, who like me, have awkwardly sized fingers that never fit any rings! or simply like to switch around which finger you wear it on.

the jewellery is all affordable and make amazing presents for any friends and family looking for something a little different.

be sure to check out the other bits and pieces on the site! i've got my eye on the macaroon earings, maybe a little post-xmas present to myself?

merry xmas everyone! hope you have a good one!

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