Monday, 16 January 2012

brands i want to try in 2012

i like to think i have a fairly varied make-up collection when it comes to which brands i tend to buy from. obviously i have my favourites but i do have a little bit of most things. this is how a few brands that i have just never got around to purchasing from (some are more on the pricey side so that may be why!) so my aim this year is to pick at least one product from each to try.

♥ look beauty
♥ nars
♥ mememe
♥ mavala
♥ une
♥ chanel
♥ estee lauder
♥ yves saint laurent
♥ bobbi brown
♥ sigma
♥ illamasqua

what brands have you never got around to trying?

p.s i may have sorta nicked this idea from the lovely lisa over at mybutterfly63 but i asked her permission honest :)


  1. i definitely want to try mememe, nars, sigma, illamasqua and look beauty this year!

  2. Benefit and Bobbi Brown are two brands I would love to try!

    Em :-)

  3. I tried Mavala polish for the first time this year and love them. They do a gorgeous blue which reminds me of Tiffany blue.

  4. thankyou for tweeting me your link the other day! I love your blog- I just watched that cancer video you posted the other day aswell- it's so sad it made me cry, but I will be deffiniately be taking better care of my skin this summer! :) xxx

  5. Hiya, just letting you know I've given you an award on my blog :) xoxox

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  7. laura mercier secret concealer and bobbi brown eye products!

  8. the mememe blusher is amazing you should try it =]

    Tanesha x


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