Monday, 23 January 2012

clearout challenge: the desk

the clearout challenge is nearing it's end and with exams having there was no better time to organise it than now! a clear desk makes for a clear mind (i like to think so anyway) so before i attempt to do any work in a space i have to make sure it is free of rubbish and everything is fully organised. it also works as an amazing procrastination exercise......



as you can see this is a MASSIVE improvement from before. my desk had become a bit of a dumping ground for my old school folders and notebooks amongst other things. so the main thing i had to do her was put bits into storage and dispose of the useless.

here is how i did it.....

♥ i started by clearing everything from on/around the desk onto the floor. that way i was starting with a blank canvas.

♥ i began placing things that i knew i would definitely want/need on the desk and organising them into how i would eventually like it to look.

♥ all of the items that needed to go into storage have been split up into groups and then stored in large hampers, which now live under my bed.

♥ i made sure to go through all of my papers/old magazines/old programmes and get rid of everything that was either useless or too old and gross to keep.

this was probably my most straight forward area to clean so far but definitely the most time consuming!

i'm almost finished now and hopefully i'll be able to finally have everything cleared out by the end of february. exams have definitely been slowing the process!

have you been taking part in the clearout challenge? how are you doing?


  1. Wow, you definitely had a good clearout haha! I have to start clearing out my bedroom tomorrow :( not looking forward to tackling the clutter.

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  2. Good job!
    I used to have that cd player, brings back memories, haha x

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Wow mines worse than the first one lol.
    NRC ♥

  5. God, this has just made me feel utterly pants about my tidying efforts today...I've vaguely cleared my beauty desk and washed my sheets but I haven't sorted my clothes, done my ironing or hoovered.

    It feels so bloody good when you've done it though, you must be feeling great! :)

    Emily x

  6. My desk looks like that...except worse...amazed at your de-cluttering skills..I am actually going to have to print this out and keep with me for tips during my (soon to be-I will do it on tues-I will!) de clutter xxx


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