Friday, 6 January 2012

clearout challenge: the drawers

i'm slowly moving my way through the room and the next area for the clearout challenge. i thought it was time i finally got round to going through my drawers....



♥ i started by taking everything out of the top two drawers and putting them into piles ie 1 pile for jogging bottoms, 1 pile for jeans etc so i could see how much i had of everything.

♥ then i went through a ruthlessly removed everything that i haven't worn in the past 6 months or that doesn't fit anymore.

♥ next i placed all of the trousers into the top draw, in piles according to their use. pyjamas and shorts went in the second draw down again in piles acording to use/length. i also tried to place the things that i know i wear the most closer to the top of the piles, just so they are easier to get to. 

♥ the sock draw was the hardest to do as, depite the fact i barely ever wear socks i seem to have enough for every day of the year! i started by taking them all out and making sure they were all in pairs. those without a pair i threw out.

♥ next i folded all of the tights and placed them into piles according to colour and length, on the left hand side of the drawer.

♥ i went through the socks putting the ones that i was most likely to wear back into the draw, with those i would never wear going into a small bag to give to my mama (she is running low on socks!) 

so that's one more area of the room done, today i want to try to finish doing my wardrobe as i started to try to clear that the other day. i'm also going to put some of the bits i've cleared out up on ebay.

it's not too late to join in and do the clearout challenge with me! be sure to tell me if you decide to and link your posts below.


  1. This is such a good idea - I must get this done before I go back to uni! xx

  2. I had to do this to my room before my famiy had people over for Christmas eve. It took forever but was worth it! I have so many clothes but not enough room!

    That’s So Fletch

    xo, Jay

  3. This is making me feel so guilty over the state of my wardrobe/drawers right now!

    It's silly really because although I have no motivation, I know that it will be therapeutic when I do get around to it!

    Makeup for Biochemists

  4. I need to sort mine, going to follow your lead and do my drawers before bed x


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