Saturday, 14 January 2012

clearout challenge: the wardrobe

the clearout challenge continues! today i've been blitzing my room so hopefully i'll be done with this challenge by the end of the month.... maybe?

today i'm bringing you my wardrobe clearout. i always culling my clothes throughout the year to make room for new things but this time i was ruthless. i also finally got around to clearing out my shoes, accessories, dvd's etc which was so therapeutic! it also means i now have a massive selection of goodies to put on ebay.



♥ i tackled one wardrobe at a time, else this task can appear rather daunting.

♥ for the first clothes wardrobe i started by taking everything out of the wardrobe and placing them in two piles 'keep' and 'sell'. for this to work you really have to be ruthless. ask yourself 'when did i last wear this? do i feel nice when i wear it?' if in doubt try it on. if i'm not sure i try it on and ask my brother. (that boy tells it like it is so if i look fat he will be sure to tell me!)

♥  i then put everything back in neatly. bags were arranged by use/type and clothes arranged by type then colour.

♥  i used a similar approach for my second wardrobe but have keep all of my school/work clothes to one side.

♥  for shoes i went through and instantly got rid of any shoes that were looking a little worse for wear. then i took out any shoes that i seriously thought i wouldn't get round to wearing again.

♥  i think i must be one of the only people in the world who still has a video player! a lot of the videos are things that i just wouldn't ever get round to watching again so i went through every dvd and video and got rid of everything that either didn't work, was missing the disk or i simply wasn't interesting in watching.

♥  all of the miscellaneous items in the second and third wardrobe were the hardest bit. i am a massive hoarder when it comes to keeping 'memories' so again i had to be ruthless. 'will i really remember that event in 10 years time? did it actually affect my life that significantly?' if not then it went straight into the bin or the ebay/charity shop pile.

i'm so glad i've finally got round to doing my wardrobe! it's cut out so much time when i get ready in the morning because now i know where everything is!

are any of you doing the clearout challenge? it's not too late to join in!


  1. Keep it up! Youre doing so well xx

  2. Wow! It's looks wonderful!

    Great job! :)

    xo -S

  3. Again you have inspired me, going to tidy up my wardrobes today, right after surfing the net. Priorities.

  4. Wow well done, being a hoarder too I do admire your ruthlessness!

  5. wow you did great. I started a clearout today although is going to take a few more days as I have loads of things since moving home from uni :( xx

  6. I 100% need to follow your tips and give my wardrobe a tidy up.. Actually, I could do with giving my whole room a clean out!! Good work on the organising!! You sent me your blog link last week on twitter and I only spotted it now, oops!!

    Phoebe x

    inbeautyland blog

  7. You've inspired me to tackle my pit of a room! I blitzed my wardrobe using your tips and now everything is organized and in its place. Thanks for the helpful tips, I look forward to the rest of the series!

    Emily xx

  8. nice and neat
    i actually spend whole weekend doing the samme to my wardrobe and puttin some of the stuff I wont wear this seasons in suitcases but never thought about doing a post about it ,
    good one doll:)


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