Tuesday, 10 January 2012

my blogging resolutions

i think everyone has goals of some sort for their blog and what better time to reflect on mine for this coming year than at new years eh? (yes i do realise new years was 10 days ago now but it still sort of counts.... right?)

1. improve my photography skills

2. do more fotd's and ootd's (basically pluck up the courage to stick my ugly mug on my blog a bit more)

3. start making youtube videos

4. post more homemade beauty/diy ideas

obviously there is so many other things i want to achieve this year for my blog but i feel like these are the most important ones and giving myself only four means i can fully focus on them more!

have you got any goals for your blog this year? what would like to achieve by this time next year?


  1. I keep saying I'm going to make YT tutorials. I keep putting it off haha xx


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