Monday, 9 January 2012

organising your time for blogging

more recently a lot of people that i know in 'real life' seem to be reading my blog. i'm super proud of my blog now so i don't mind but i still find it a little weird sometimes as some people just don't seem to 'get it' no matter how hard i try to explain. but anyway that's a little off topic.... what i was going to say is that one question everyone seems to ask me is 'how do you blog so much? how do you find the time?'. well that's easy.... i'm organised! i find it easy to balance my school work and social life as well blogging. so here are a few of my top tips to help keep you super organised!

scheduling is your friend! if you know you're going to be busy try to write up some posts/get some guest bloggers and schedule them for the period you're away. that way your readers have still got something to read whilst you're away.

ready to review
i put all of my products that i am trialing for reviews in one place so when i need something to write about i can go through and find something that i've tried out sufficiently. this also means that i don't send time faffing about trying to work out which things i do/don't want to review.

as well as my ready to review basket i also have a notebook full of post ideas and almost 100 half finished draft posts. that way i never have nothing to write about and i don't spend hours trying to think of a topic.

i make sure i photograph everything before i start using it anyway but i try to take lots of product photos in one go when i have a bit of free time. i also try my best to get any editing done when i have a free moment, that way i always have the photographs ready for any reviews i want to write.

utilise your free time
if you've got some spare time.... use it! take/edit your pictures, write some posts, look for some new ideas. you don't even need to schedule them if you don't want, just having them saved in your drafts is handy as you can post one on a day when you simply don't have any time to write.

how do you keep on top of everything? do you have any top tips?


  1. This is a great post! I will definitely be using all your tips! Thanks xx

  2. Great tips!! I really need to get more organized:)

  3. You've obviously got a lot of self discipline too because even if I try to write a schedule I never actually stick to it!

  4. that is usefull girl! I am just sitting with stuff round and my 2012 calendar to make college , private stuff work with fun of bloggin :D

    take care x

  5. Very good tips, thanks for sharing. xx

  6. Great tips! I write a bunch of posts whenever I have time (mostly the weekend) so I can just publish the drafts anytime. Also helps that I love blogging so I make time to write and it's not a chore x

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