Sunday, 1 January 2012

saving old nail varnishes

those of you who have followed my blog for a while will know that i don't throw things away. i ebay, give to friends/charity shops or simply find a way to make it work/use it up.

one thing that always confuses me is when people throw away things that they love because 'they don't work any more' when to be honest 90% of the time they can be fixed! i give you exhibit a.....


old nail varnishes can go a bit gross and gloppy or just dry up completely, which often leads many people to throw them away. i have no idea why though?! it is so easy to make those nail varnishes easy to use again in just a few simply steps....

my nail varnish has dried out?
there is two different methods you can try to fix nail varnishes that have suffered this fate and it really is the luck of the draw when it come to which will work best for which brand/size bottle/formula.

1) place the nail varnish bottle in a bowl of very hot water (the hotter the better. but not boiling) and leave for around 15-20 mins. this should melt the varnish and make it glide on effortlessly.

2) alternatively put a few drops of nail varnish remover into the bottle and shake it up. this should thin the formula slightly.

my nail varnish has become seperated and gloppy?
give it a good shake and pop it into the fridge for about 30 mins before you use them. this thins the consistancy out again but be sure to put them in their each and everytime you want to paint your nails or even better still, keep them in their permanently!

have you got any other tips and trick for saving your nail varnish? what about other types of old make-up?


  1. Great tip, my polishes live in the fridge, adds a bit of glam to the kitchen hehe x

  2. I would recommend using nail lacquer thinner drops instead of polish remover! I use the one by OPI and I love it :)

  3. these are such good tips, thank you!x

    sophie @

  4. Great post, and such a gorgeous blog. thank you for sending your link over :D xxx

  5. This is a great tip. I have a few old loves that need saving so ill give this a try!

    Thank you for sending your link :)

    Following, can't wait for more tips!


    Makeup for Biochemists

  6. thanks for this, i have a few that have separeted that i didnt want to chuck, thanks


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