Sunday, 15 January 2012

vivo baked shimmer palette

| vivo baked shimmer palette £6 - tesco |

after seeing all of the vivo goodies at the last towib i was determined to go and track some down at tesco. sadly none of the ones near me stock it but luckily  the massive tesco where my friend lives does. so when i next went to visit her i picked up this bad boy on the recommendation of my lovely friend tanya (read here blog here).

as with the vivo concealer kit the packaging is sleek and sturdy. i am always a fan of the solid black packaging that many brands seem to adopt simply because it makes any product look ten times more expensive than it is! the packaging has a fairly small mirror hidden in the top of the case, perfect for midday touch ups. the thick plastic casing of the palette is a big plus for me as i am a massive clutz and dispite dropping this on multiple occasions i'm yet to even see a scratch and there has been no damage done to any of the products inside (thank god!)

each palette contains one blusher and four marbled eyeshadows with a double ended sponge applicator. i personally am not a massive fan of the applicator but if i never use the brushes that come with paletes etc anyway, i just prefer to use my own.
the blusher is a gorgeous darker toned shimmery rose colour. it reminds me slightly of my accessorize blusher i purchased before the summer (review here)  but this is definitely much darker, a lovely shade for the colder months. the blusher is soft and smoother making it easy to apply. it blends beatifully and has great pigmentation. i found that it can be applied lightly to give a very subtle glow but can be built up to give a much stronger colour. i think the shimmer makes this blush more suitable for night time use, but for those of you who love a bit of shimmer or glitter in your life i'm sure you could wear it in the day too.

the fact that the shadows are marbled makes it very difficult to tell what the eventual shade will be. obviously as the colours mix together they create something totally different to what you see in the pan. this is a little annoying when it comes to finding certain colours i want to wear. i may keep a swatch picture in the palette so i can see for future reference.

the shadows are all highly pigmented and are lovely and soft to use. the go on smoothly with little fallout. i like that you get a range of colours, i'm not sure if i would create a look using all four? but they are perfect for an evening out, prehaps combined with some colours from my vivo trio. saying that, the back does give you a guide on how you can use all of the colours to creat an eye look so i'm sure it is possible... prehaps i should give it a try?

this product definitely lives up to my expectations and i'm super glad i bought it. i can see myself getting a lot of use out of the blusher, i've already worn it most nights when i've been out with friends.  i'm not sure how much use i will get out of the shadows simply because i prefer them to be matte, so if vivo decide to bring out a matte version i will be first on line to buy it! however this is definitely a lovely palette for someone looking to expand their collection and one i would happily recommend to anyone with a love of all things shimmery!

have you tried this palette? what's your favourite vivo product?


  1. gorgeous colours! love a good bit of shimmer :)

  2. these colours are gorgeous. Really need to go get them.x

  3. I bought this last night and it is so beautiful :D Definately going to be buying more from Vivo!

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