Monday, 2 January 2012

why i love make-up

for some reason people seem to be able to understand when people buy alot of clothes or shoes but it still seems to be difficult to comprehend why someone might want to buy lots of make-up. i often find i have to spend hours explaining to my friends/random strangers why i want to buy another lipgloss even though i have 30 others at home. or why i spend 90% of my time taking pictures of concealers and writing about nail varnish.

it's all very simple really.... i love make up. i can't imaging my life without it. i'd much rather spend all my money on make-up than go to the cinema. i am obsessed.

so here are the things i love about make-up.....

1. it makes me feel confident
when i have my make-up on i feel like i can go out a face the world and no one can stop me. even just a little concealer and mascara makes me hold my head so much higher. and that confidence translates into all aspects of my life. if i feel happy and confident i do better at my school tasks, i'm more sociable. i just feel like i can do anything.

2. i can be creative
i was never very good at art. painting and sculpting are not my forte but it is still something i love. i love arts and crafts and all things creative so when i discovered make-up i found a way to outlet all this creative energy and in fact i'm not half bad at it. i love how one eyeshadow palette can give you 100 different looks. how one lipstick can be worn in so many differnt combinations.

i can pick up any piece of make-up from my collection and tell you exactly where i got it and a story related to it. some of it remind me of blog events where i met amazing people, some reminds me my childhood, my mum or even my grandma. gifts often remind me of birthdays sometimes it remonds me of places i wore it. but i know that i can put on a lipstick with a smile remembering all of the amazing things it has seen me through.

4. it has given me so much
without my love of make-up i would never have discovered youtube or blogging. i wouldn't have started my own blog and i wouldn't have met any of the amazing people that i have, many of which i now call friends. i seriously don't know what i would do without my blog. i would have a lot more money! but i would be so bored. it has become the one thing in my life that i feel is stable and drives me forward. the community that i am lucky to call myself part of is truly amazing and i can't stress enough how lost i would be without it all and how thankful i am to have discovered it.

why do you love make-up?


  1. I feel exactly the same! I loved art at school, but decided to go down the science path at Uni. I love it, but it leaves very little as far as creativety goes. My blog is my outlet for all of that :)


    Makeup for Biochemists

  2. I feel the same way :), I love make up and nail varnish and people don't always understand why I buy loads :)

    Love tge post :)

  3. It's very true. I often feel like I have a connection with my favourite lipsticks, they give me confidence and also reflect different parts of my life. When i went through my breakup I wore my MUA bright red lipstick and when I lost weight i treated myself to a Chanel nude lipstick to help myself realise my natural beauty.

    Lovely post!


  4. i feel the same way! why do i have to explain to people why i want to buy another product!? haha great post :)

  5. Really great post, it's all so true!

  6. That first paragraph summed up my thoughts. I can't always explain why I love makeup and beauty products but I just do. Just like the right outfit making you feel great -- the right makeup look and bronzer can do wonders xo

  7. Wow, this just totally sums up how I feel about makeup. I hate that others don't understand or try to understand why I like it so much, then proceed to tell me I like it because I feel like I'm ugly. I hate when people assume that. Great blog post.

    Hey could you vote for me to be the next Rimmel 10? I'm Megan M. All the infos on my blog!


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