Tuesday, 7 February 2012

aussie miracle hair insurance leave in conditioner

| aussie miracle hair insurance leave in conditioner £3.99- boots/superdrug |

aussie was a brand that i had always heard alot about but had never really got around to trying. that was until 6 months ago. since then i've been slowly building my collection and one of the first products i bought was this leave in conditioner.

if i'm honest i'm not sure why i decided to buy a leave in conditioner. i've never had a problem with knotty hair so it really made no sense. i am so glad i did though! i apply this after shampooing and conditioning my hair by spraying it all over and then combing through. it makes my hair super soft and shiny. and leaves it in amazing condition! the smell it also leaves on the hair is typical of aussie products and is so lovely but not overpowering. the thing i was most worried about is the product weighing down my hair as this seems to be a frequent occurence with products designed for dry/damaged hair, this wasn't an issue at all with this which lead to a sigh of relief from me! soft, shiny hair without my hair feeling all heavy and gross? perfect!

i think this is something that i'll be using come the summer time, especially as the combination of sun and pool water can really wreck havoc with my hair!

i've been impressed by all the aussie products i've tried so far. who knew leave in conditioner could help your hair so much! it's something i'm going to try to continue using, which hopefully shouldn't be too difficult as it is so easy to apply!

do you recommend any other aussie products? any other hair care brands you think i should try?


  1. I might have to try this, I was put off their conditioner once because I used it and my mum said I smelt of pond weed! Lovely!

    Karys x

  2. This sounds lovely, but I can't stand their 3 minute miracle that everyone raves about. It feels like it leaves a waxy residue. xx

  3. i really like that brand , i use loads of their stuff and feel like its helping me bring back the structure of my hair :)


  4. I have this for coloured hair and haven't used it in ages. I'm now off to find it and rediscover its magic!!


  5. I use this too! the smell is amazing and it's definitely lightweight but effective. Awesome product! The only annoying thing about it is that my bottle tends to leak, so I can't travel with it!


  6. I LOVE this product :)

    Laura xoxo

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