Wednesday, 29 February 2012

bedroom inspriation

i may still doing the clearout challenge but as i'm almost done i've been starting to think about how i want to decorate my bedroom. i really want to add some exciting new ways to store things or just inject a little bit of me into the room. so i've been taking a little bit of inspiration from tumblr!

i know my room will probably never be like these but a girl can dream right? it'll atleast give me some ideas of how to make mine look a little more pretty!

have you got any pretty storage ideas or nice ways to add a bit of personality to your bredroom?

*all pictures found on tumblr if any belong to you please tell me and i will credit accordingly*


  1. I have the third picture pinned also! I would love for that to be my and my husband's bedroom. It looks so cozy...being able to wake up with the window right there every morning. It would certainly help me to get up in the morning!

  2. Great pictures! I love the photo with the bed curtains and dream catcher!

    And I've always wanted fairylights draped around my bed!


  3. Wow, they are lovely pictures!
    So romantic and homely - I could imagine it being lovely to fall asleep in a room like that!


  4. I really love the last one! Especially the postcard with the LOVE scrabble letters on it! :D oh and I love the one with the "If I lay here" etc. lyrics on it! :)

  5. Such a great inspiration, I love white bedrooms. x

  6. Great ideas, youve inspired me too x

  7. Ah love the snow patrol words.and the sunglasses! Here is gorgeous storage idea from my blog

  8. beautiful post, very inspirational!

  9. @melissa jane: i thought the same! i love the way they've pegged up the pictures too. i think i may have to steal that idea for my rooom :)

    @ember drake: i think that picture might be my favourite. it's just so effortlessly beautiful!

    @RainbowStarsxxo: wouldn't it be amazing! it's my dream to have a room that looks like one of these!

    @islay: i always think the lyrics or quotes on the wall look amazing! i'm just not sure my mama would be keen on my 'graffiti-ing' my wall haha

    @angelica: thank you! i think they always look so clean and fresh. not to meantion bigger!

    @Knight'sEclectic oh i'm so glad!

    @sara phillips: thank you so much! i'll be sure to take a look :) the sunglasses idea is amazing. i'm definitely going to be trying that one in my bedroom!

    @rosy what an amazing name ;) thank you so much!


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