Wednesday, 15 February 2012

mua new product launch

it is well known fact that mua is probably my favourite brand. not only is it cheap, the quality rivals that of most more expensive brands. so when  i was invited to the launch of their new products i was so excited! i was under the impression i was just going to looking at their new collaboration with love hearts but it turns out mua have loads of new product that they’ve been keeping under wraps for a while!

1. the first new release is the love heart lip balms. these reminded me a little of the sleek pout polishes but i find these are alot more sheer. thy are a decent size, come in 5 different olours and at £2 are an absolute steal! i'd be happy to get one of these come valentines day! these are available in selected superdrugs or online now.

2. next up is another product in collaboration with love hearts. the nail polishes come in 6 differen sobert coloured shades and are perfect for spring/summer. again they are only £2 which is wonderful especially when the bottles are such a decent size! again these are available in selected superdrugs or online now.

3. i'd seen these in a few stores before i attended the launch but i had no idea there were so many colours! (7 to be exact!) at £1.50 a pop they are great and give you a variety of possibilities when it comes to deciding how to use it. these are available in selected superdrugs or online now.

4. i was least excited about these lip glosses if i'm honest. to me all lip glosses are basically the same, boy was i wrong! the bright pink immediately caught my eye, so pigmented and one i can tell i will be wearing a lot. i'm yet to try out the other shades i got but if they are as lovely as that one then i know i'll be picking up all 8 shade. these are £2 each and are available in selected superdrugs or on line now.

5. crackle polishes seem to have been done to death. i wasn't sure there was anything else that could be done but mua have taken it to a brand new level by introducing these glitter ones! that's right.... GLITTER! these are like nothing else on the market right now and i am beyond excited to try them out! they come in 6 different shades and i believe you can purchase them at the moment in selected superdrugs or on line? but my local superdrug didn't have any when i popped in so i could be wrong!

6. this next product hasn't actually been released yet but it is one that i have been told was highly requested! eyelashes can be so expensive and considering you can often only get a couple of wears out of a pair of lashes these make wearing them affordable! they are only £2 and come in a wide variety of styles (my favourite are siren, the perfect length and thickness or a night out!) i think these are going to be released around march.

7. this is the thing i am most excited about! you may have seen my post of my amazing skin79 super+ bb cream but i am still to find the uk equivalent. none have quite measured up. if this is as good as the other mua products then i am in for a treat! costing only £4 it's at least £6 cheaper than ordering my usual bb cream from asia, plus this one is available in 3 shades (light, medium and dark). again i think this is a march release but i'm sure i'll post about them again closer to the launch!

which pieces are you most excited about?


  1. I was so excited about the love hearts range. I managed to find some of it in town today so my daughter has UR FAB polish and Sweet Kiss balm and I have U ROK polish and Kiss Me balm :)
    I also splurged on the glitter crackle in silver and pink, doesn't disappoint me at all. MUA is my top range too. Gives lil miss and I chance to experiment without breaking the bank

  2. I need to get my hands on some of this stuff but the Superdrug near me doesn't stock the pro range or the Love Hearts collection :( I have to wait until I go back to Liverpool next week. I'm so excited for the eyelashes!

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  3. I can't wait to try the BB Cream! Didn't have much luck with the Garnier BB Cream. xx

  4. I'm excited to try the pastel nail polished, love that lilac colour! :)

  5. Number 4, are they eyeliners? They look awesome!
    And yay for an affordable BB cream! I've been wanting to try it for a while but most of them seem really expensive for something thats not a necessity. Will totes be getting my hands on that!!

  6. *I meant number 3, not number 4.... >.<

  7. Can't wait to try out the bb cream when it comes :)



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