Friday, 17 February 2012

natural collection blushed cheeks

| natural collection blushed cheeks in rosey glow £1.99 - boots |

these are something i had seen on many blogs but hadn't really paid much attention too. natural collection is one of those brands that i associate with young teenagers starting out in make-up but for only £1.99 (and i had accumulated a few points on my boots card) i thought i would give this a try.

the packaging is simple but clean looking, with a white plastic base and a clear plastic lid with the natural vollection logo on it. it's obviously not going to be the most expensive looking packaging in the world but i think they have done a great job making it look like it is worth more than the price.

the powder is soft to touch,  but can be a little chalky if you use too much. it gives a lovely subtle colour to the cheeks and can easily be built up for a more intense pop. the staying power is nothing special but this is to be expected, saying that it isn't the worst i've experienced either. the main issue i have is the fall out in the pan after swishing your brush through it, it just gets a bit messy especially if you are carrying the pot in your travel make-up bag.

i'm glad i bought this as it is unlike any other shade in my collection and for the price it is something that everyone can easily pick up! i am sure i'll check out some of the other shades next time i'm in boots.


  1. This is a really pretty shade. I always ponder over buying some Natural Collection products when I am in Boots and I think I might just go for it now, it's hardly breaking the bank, is it? :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  2. I have one of these, the peach melba one and i really like it but i dont think it lasts that long on your skin! :(
    Evelyn xx

  3. Ahhhh in this Rosie can have proper rosey cheeks!!!

    Forgive me I'm sorry I just couldn't resist!!

    I'm always pleasantly surprised by natural collection stuff

    Jo x

  4. @FrancesCassandra♥ i really like this blush so i think i'll be getting some more! i've also heard good things about the lip balms. i'd definitely have a look next time you're in boots :)

    @Evelyn i definitely agree on the staying power. it's nothing special, which sad really when they are such lovely shades!

    @Jo hahahah this actually made me laugh out loud!i'm thinking i must go and look at some other bits in boots.


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