Thursday, 2 February 2012

purity: conditioning cleansing lotion

| purity conditioning cleansing lotion make-up remover* £4.99- superdrug/ |

i'll be honest and say i've never really tried out many natural/organic skincare brands. until recently it had just seemed too expensive and to be honest not really worth it, but now it seems that brands focusing more on natural products are popping up all over the highstreet at really affordable prices!

skincare is something i am very picky about. i can't afford to spend masses on it very frequently so i tend to look for brands that manage to provide good quality products whilst keeping the cost down, something which the people at purity skincare have got down to a fine art.

the packaging is clean and fresh, with a really ingenius way to actually get the cleanser out! i couldn't get a proper photograph of it... but you press down on one side of the lid to make the other pop up! although this is amazingly cool i did find that it was difficult to get the amount of product i wanted out. you have to squeeze the bottle which can lead to alot more than you actually need coming out....

the product itself is lovely. with ingredients including aloe vera, sweet almond oil, oats and rosewater, it is specially formulated for sensitive skin. the bottle claims that it is frangrance free buut although it does have very little scent i could still faintly smell the rose water, this a downfall of the product at all! i found the smell to be soothing and not overpowering, what i look for in any skincare.

strangely the consistancy of the lotion looks thick but feels watery... (yes i was confused to) but when i used it it felt gentle on the skin and effectively removed my make-up (although strong eyemake-up does require a few goes or prehaps something a little stronger) leaving no oily residue on the skin. instead it feels soft and hydrated, important if your skin is super dry like mine!

overall i'm a big fan of this product. to be honest it's one of those essential items that i don't get excited about purchasing but it does the job, and it does it well. it's one that i use almost everyday and will do for the forseeable future.

have you tried purity skincare? what's your favourite natural brand?

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  1. I'm not a fan of this range, there are better 100% natural products on the market. I am glad you liked it to, since my blog is entirely based around natural skincare if you want any recommendations then hop across and take a look :)


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