Wednesday, 8 February 2012

purity facial exfoliator

| purity facial exfoliator* £5.99- superdrug/ |

 if you can't tell i've gone skincare mad at the moment.... so here i have another item that i've been adding to my skincare regime. i mentioned in my post on the facial buffer than once a week i like to give my skin an extra boost in the form of an exfoliating product and more recently i have been reaching for this one from purity.

with a simple flip top packaging it's easy to use and looks very similar to all other items from the brand making it easily recognisable. i can get exactly the right amount out of the tube so perhaps it would be a good idea to have similar packaging for the face wash and cleansing lotion.

although all items in the range claim to be fragrance free this one actually is! i like that simply because i find if all of my products have different scents it can get a bit weird smelling on my face!

the product is a creamy formula with the exfoliating granules suspended in it. the granules in the product are pieces of ground up coconut shell which are coarse enough to really work into the skin but i feel like larger pieces would be better simply because i like an exfoliator that feels a little more harsh. i do think however that this would be great for someone with more sensitive skin whose skin my be aggravated by some exfoliators. the oils in the products, including sweet almond oil and coconut oil help to moisturise and condition the skin.

this is a great exfoliator for people with sensitive skin and it is perfect for the days when i don't want to use anything too harsh on my skin. 

are natural products really important to you? what is your favourite exfoliator at the moment?


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