Monday, 6 February 2012

purity facial wash

| purity facial wash* £4.99- superdrug/ |

another purity product for you. this time it's their face wash. i'll be honest when i think of all the products i buy face wash is hardly the most exciting. is always seems like more of a necessity than something i want to buy however this is a product that i literally cannot stop telling everyone about!

the packaging has the same look as the cleansing lotion with the same mechanism to it, which still is not getting any easier to use! especially when you need so little of this product each time you use it!

as for the actual product, it is a liquidy gel formula which lathers up really easily. it feels really refreshing on the skin and as with all products in the range it is made for sensitive skin and is fragrance free. ive been using this with my facial buffer and clarisonic in the evenings and the difference it has made to my skin is ridiculous!

i feel like the combination of products and tools i am using at the moment has lead to my skin being in the best condition it has ever been. i've never had the best skin in the world. in fact my skin is so awful that often i just want to cry about it. but recently people keep telling me how amazing my skin looks and i'm pretty sure this product has contributed to that. one of my friends tried this too and she is also hooked! the price makes me love this product even more as i can totally justify repurchasing it over and over again!

i was planning on buying the liz earle cleanse and polish soon but as long as this continues to work as well as it has been i truly cannot see myself trying out anything else!

have you tried purity? what are your go to skin products at the moment?


  1. glad this has worked for you! ive got a clarisonic too and always wonder whether you can use like, gel like face washes with it or just cleansers as face washes may be too harsh on the skin? you've answered my question now ha! :)

  2. I might check this out actually after I finsih up th ecleansers I've currently got :)


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