Sunday, 5 February 2012


last monday i was a very lucky blogger because i got to attend the #zomgbloggersbash! an exent organised by the wonderful ree ree rockette of rockalily lipstics and zoe of the london lipgloss to celebrate the launch of the new lipstick 'zomg' which they are collaborating on.

i turned up to the event alone and being the awfully awkward shy person i am i spent the first 5minutes stood in the middle of the room looking like a lemon. that was until i plucked up the courage to approach some lovely ladies who i then had my picture taken with in the pop up photo studio provided by 'tigi rice studios'. there was also the oppurtunity to try on wigs from wonderland wigs and hats from little miss b too! which provided us with great amusement.

as more and more people arrived i plucked up the courage to go and introduce myself to loads of new people, some of who i ahve been following for a long time so i was naturally a little star-struck! i even managed to find the lovely kirsti and lisa who i met at the last towib. we then set off together to complete our bloggers bingo card!


as well as the photostudio there was also the chance to make some gorgeous cards and decorate yummy cakes from temptations creations (i got a little overexcited and covered mine in fudge pieces, it was delicious!)

also got a chance to check out all of the rockalily lipsticks in person and had a good swatch of them all which has definitely helped me get an idea of which one to purchase when my bank account looks a little healthier. zomg is probably my fav, i'm a sucker for pink lipsticks and it is the most gorgeous pink toned red, so soft and pigmented! i can tell it is one that i would wear alot!

the night ended with two amazing burlesque performances but ruby jones and banbury cross. the two styles were so different and has totally ignighted a love of burlesque in me! infact  i've convinced my friends to come with me to a burleque show in the next few weeks in the local area.
how gorgeous is this! it would be so pretty to have hanging in my bedroom!

with so many people there i didn't get to meet everyone that i would have liked to but everyone i did meet was lovely! where any of you lovely people at the #zomgbloggersbash?


  1. Looks like such a fun night! Really want to try the lipsticks out, great post x

  2. Well done for approaching people!! Glad you had a nice time x

  3. You have re-dyed your hair! It looks amazing and I think I may need to get some new lipstick now.

  4. ahh I think I saw you :) It was such a great bash! x

  5. Great blog. Looks like you had a fab night. Thanks for the mention. I'm glad you enjoyed trying on our wigs and hairpieces - great pic :)
    Sam xx


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