Tuesday, 27 March 2012

elf lip primer and plumper

| elf lip primer and plumper £3.50- elf website |

this is a product i picked up quite a while ago in one of my massive elf orders. i don't order from them very often but when i do i'm sure to really stock up! the products really can be a bit hit or miss. luckily for the most part the ones i've tried seem to be hits!

the packaging is very similar to the rest of the elf studio line; plain, sleek and black. to be perfectly honest there isn't much else to say about it. the lids fit closely on both ends, it would be difficult for them to fall off so your products are safe no matter how much rough and tumble they endure. very impressive for such a low price.

so lets start with the plumper. this smells very strongly on cinnamon which is obviously the key ingredient in creating those fish pout lips. the product is very much like a lip balm in the way it applies. very smooth and easy to use but not moisturising in any way (not that it is meant to be!) the cinnamon results in the lips feeling very tingley after application, infact i found due to the broken skin on my lips it was a little painful initally but that calmed after around 10 seconds. although only a temporary plumping effect this product definitely works! the difference was noticable and if you need a quick pick me up in the day you can easily pop some more on over/under a product, or just on its own. i wish this a product on its own!

the other side of this is the primer which is basically a flesh coloured lipstick. the product is pretty sheer and really creamy, making it easy to build on the lips to give the perfect base for any lip product. if i'm honest this is a little like putting foundation onto your lips only i found it left mine feeling less dry than usual. does this improve the longevity of your lipstick? i'm not sure to be honest. not noticably so but it may have caused a slight improvement. i did find however that it makes certain colours more vibrant on the lips.

this is a great product to have in my collection, particularly because i don't own many lip plumping products. i would like to think i would repurchase this because it is a great product but we'll have to see what happens next time i get around to placing an order!

what's your favourite elf product? have you got any lip plumping products to recommend?

Friday, 23 March 2012

recent happenings/discoveries

it been a while since a last got a post up simply because life seems to be moving by at 1000mph at the moment. so i hought i'd share with you a little bit of what i've been up too and all the lovely things i've learned in doing so.


♥ a few weeks ago now i got my january exam results and i massively surpassed anyones expectations, even my own! i'm now on track to get into uni come august and hopefully with some wonderful results! this really has made this year worth it and i'm beyond happy!

♥ results means its time to begin revision for summer exams so i am already filling my brain with everything that could possibly come up in any of my papers. sadly that means my easter holidays will be less than relaxing.

♥ last week i went up to loughborough to visit some friends and attend an open day. i was definitely impressed. the uni is amazing and i had an amzing night out the union dressed as a giant turtle, head to toe in green body paint!

♥ i've been ebaying loads of stuff in an attempt to make a few pennies so anyone looking for a bargin click the tab to the right and have a good old looksie. as well as selling some bits and bobs i've also been clearing my make-up to send a big old package to give and make-up.

♥ i had my a-level drama exam on wed night which leads to an slight decrease in my stress levels but the fact i don't get to know muy mark until august is so irritating! i was so happy see a group of my friends come watch me perform. sadly the saw the dress rehearsal which to be honest was just a little bit under rehearsed. but what can you do....

♥ last night i went to see charlie simpson with my brother. it was his present to me for my birthday. it was absolutely amazing. his voice is just devine. the bro earned major brownie points for this one.

♥ not really a happening but i am super excited for the hunger games movie that is out today. the books are one of my favourite series and i'm certain the film is going be just as awesome!


♥ good things come to those who wait
♥ there is no subsitution for real hard work and determination
♥ it's hard to make people care as much as you do
 ♥ good lyrics really do make a song
♥ charlie simpson is really underrated
♥ experiences really are what you make of them
♥ sometimes its hard to face your mistakes and forgive yourself

hopefully now exams/results are over i can really try to get back into blogging. i have so many amazing products to share with you as well as loads of other bits and bobs!

how are you all? been up to much?

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

nail art inspiration

those of you who have followed my blog for a while will have seen my poor attempts at nail art over the past 12 months. i just don't think it's ever going to be something i'm good at.... especially with my short, peely nails. (not exactly the most attractive things in the world!)

what with my lack of talent i can't help but go and gasp over the amazing nails that seem to be plentiful on blogs and tumblr. so here are some of my favourites that i've collected....

have you got any amazing nail art you've done? i'd love to have a look!


*pictures collected over time from tumblr so sources are unknown. if a picture belongs to you please tell me and i will be sure to link back to you!*

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

operation beautiful

imagine your having one of those days where you just feel disgusting. everything you wear/do to yourself makes you look no better. you feel gross and ugly. (lets face it, we all have days like this!) then you catch sight of a post it note on the side of the restroom mirror. it says 'you look beautiful just the way you are.' how could that not make you smile? if only a little bit!

this is a project that i first heard about on tumblr around about a year ago now. the aim is to spread a bit of love and confidence through the medium of post it note messages and end all this negative self-talk that seems to rife amongst women.

like many other people i really struggle with self-belief, both in my appearance and abilities. i have tried many a time to improve my confidence but sometimes the only way to really convince yourself of something is to hear it from someone else. the anonymous post it notes are the perfect way to to do that as it is something that is so unexpected!

i've been posting them myself in the toilets at the gym and in coffee shops for a while now but i think i'm going to start doing them at school too. lets face it secondary school can be hard enough without feeling awful about yourself too!

will you be getting involved in operation beautiful? have you already?

*all pictures sourced from the operation beautiful website*

denman tutti frutti hairbrush

| denman tutti frutti fragrance brush in green apple* £7.31- www.denmanbrush.com |

i'm a sucker for anything that smells good. so when i saw these brushes from denman i was instantly drawn to them! i don't often buy hairbrushes simply because a good quality one can last for such a long time. it's for this reason that i don't mind spending a little more on a hairbrush, as long as it guarantee's me beautiful, knot free hair for a minimum of a year (to be honest even a year would disappointment me a little!)

the denman brushes are made from a sturdy, white plastic decorated with little green apples on the back and handle. the green rubber pad is anti-static so your hair is left super smooth rather than standing up on end! the white pins are smooth with rounded edges to easily glide through the hair. it easily removes all my knots without tugging and pulling out all my hair.

the apple scent comes from the rubber pad. it is so yummy smelling! (it makes you want to eat it!) the fragrance is subtle and doesn't transfer onto the hair, making sure it doesn't clash with any shampoo or perfume. although this is great to ensure you don't smell like you sprayed yourself with everything on your dressing table sometimes i do find myself wishing the scent did transfer over, just because it would make my hair smell so delicious!

after trying the green apple scented brush i am super tempted by the lemon and strawberry ones! i've also discovered that there is an amazing coconut fragranced wooden brush which is calling my name so i'm sure that will find it's way into my life soon ;)

have you tried the denman brushes? if you could make your own scent what would it be?

p.s a massive thank you to the lovely lauren who featured me as her 'sunday shout-out' this week!

Friday, 9 March 2012

benefit coralista blush

| benefit coralista blush £23.50 |

benefit is a brand i've never really got into simply because it is so darn expensive! i couldn't justify spending over £20 on a blush when there are so many good ones for a fraction of the price! it is because of this that i tend to get any products i want from benefit as gifts. when i got this from my mama at xmas i was super excited. it turns out she'd gone down to our local benefit counter with a picture of me and asked which blusher they thought would look best on me! (how adorable is that?!) they told her to get me coralista and i'm so glad they did! 

the packaging is so bright and adorable.who could resist the metallic leopard print?! i actually prefer this newer packaging to the old one (the lid used to come the whole way off.) the new lid makes the product easier to use in a hurry and the addition of a mirror in the lid is definitely a popular move.he little brush that comes with isn't very dense making it difficult to blend with, so i don't tend to use it, but it is handy for touch ups on the go or when i'm caught without my usual brush.

the colour is a gorgeous peachy, corally (yes, well done rosie) pink with a little added shimmer, to give a little added glow. it is beautifully pigmented and light, as well as blending well to give a great flush of colour to the cheeks which is easily build-able to give a more dramatic look. the staying powder is great. i can apply this in the morning and be sure that by the lunchtime it'll still be going strong! that is essential on a busy day when i don't have time to reapply!

as strange as this sounds the product smells amazing! i hadn't even thought to smell it until someone mentioned it to me! it has a very subtle fruity scent which is barely noticeable on the skin but i think it is a lovely addition. (i'm just a sucker for anything with a nice smell!)

yes the product is super pricey. but i have the dallas boxed powder already and despite owning it for a few years now i've barely made a dent in it! you need so little product to give a good wash of colour, so i suppose that does justify the price slightly more so. 

this is a blusher that i probably wouldn't have purchased myself but i am so glad it is part of my collection. it's like summer in a box! after weighing up the pros and cons i think i could possibly justify another box powder after exams maybe as a well done to myself (if i work hard that is!) simply because they last so long. if you're in the market for one i would definitely recommend having a look at coralista. especially with the sun on its way!

what do you think of benefit? are there any other boxed powders i should add to my list?

Thursday, 8 March 2012

no7 beautiful skin hydration mask

| no7 beautiful skin hydration mask £12.50- boots |

the quest for perfect skin continues! i bought this product because my retain-a has been massively drying out my skin and my mama was getting sick of me using up all of the yogurt on my face! (post here) as this was described as being for dry to very dry i thought it would be the perfect alternative.

the thing that immediately drew me to this has to be the way it is presented in the packaging. the product is a peach colour lotion layered inbetween a clear gel, to give a sort of spiral effect. once dispensed this becmes a runny, pink lotion, which i can only assume results from the two being mixed together.

 the only problem i have with the packaging is that the lid can be super difficult to get off. i always worry i'm going to break it! this hasn't happened thus far but i'm a worrier so the thought is always in the back of my mind. the pump dispenser is hygenic and easy to use, in that you can control exactly how much product you want.

it is meant to be left on for between 3-10 minutes but i have heard of many people using it as a sort of night cream and washing it off in the morning. i tend to wear it for 10 minutes in the evening when my skin looks a little dry and flakey. the product applies beautifully. it is fairly thin but is lovely and smooth. it eliminates all flakey bits and leaves my skin feeling so soft and fresh.

although yogurt is probably a cheaper alternative, simply for ease of use i find this to be a great product to have in my drawers. it does exactly what it says on the tin and i really can't fault anything about it! if only it was less than £10 then i could probably justify using it more often. saying that, with no7 vouchers available 80% of the time you could probably get it cheaper anyway!

are you a fan of no7 products? have you got some vouchers to spend?

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

loose weight with a bored list!

i'm an awful snacker. i eat when i'm bored.  and as i've trying super hard to get in shape for the summer that is definitely not what i want to be doing! so in typical rosie fashion i decided to solve this problem by creating a list. a 'bored list' to be exact.
the basic idea is that when i feel bored/hungry i go and complete a task off of my list. then if i'm still hungry after i know its the real deal and i can have a healthy snack. this should stop me from eating when i'm not really hungry... i hope!
have you got any ideas to stop snacking?

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

vivo baked blush

| vivo baked blush in rouge shimmer £4- tesco |

i really like to mix up my blushers so i was excited to finally be able to add one of these to my collection, i've heard so many people rave about them and when the lovely frances sent this to me after i won her giveaway, i was completely thrilled!

the packaging is made of a sturdy plastic which is great for me because i'm forever dropping things! this has already made contact with the floor quite a few times and it's still going strong! the blushers are domed so you get alot of product for your money (not that £4 was really stretching your pockets anyway!)

rouge shimmer is a gorgeous warm, dark, pink toned blush. (in some lights i find it can look slightly more red/orangey really highlighting the warm tones in it.) as the name would suggest it is shimmery but not glittery, so it gives a natural finish which i think is perfect for a night out. the colour is very subtle but can be easily built up to give a lovely, natural look to the cheeks. the product is super smooth and easy to blend, exactly what i need when i'm in a rush!

this product definitely lived up to all the hype and i've already got my eye on one of the other shades. i just need to get myself down to a big tesco's!

have you tried any vivo products? what's your favourite blusher at the moment?

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