Friday, 9 March 2012

benefit coralista blush

| benefit coralista blush £23.50 |

benefit is a brand i've never really got into simply because it is so darn expensive! i couldn't justify spending over £20 on a blush when there are so many good ones for a fraction of the price! it is because of this that i tend to get any products i want from benefit as gifts. when i got this from my mama at xmas i was super excited. it turns out she'd gone down to our local benefit counter with a picture of me and asked which blusher they thought would look best on me! (how adorable is that?!) they told her to get me coralista and i'm so glad they did! 

the packaging is so bright and adorable.who could resist the metallic leopard print?! i actually prefer this newer packaging to the old one (the lid used to come the whole way off.) the new lid makes the product easier to use in a hurry and the addition of a mirror in the lid is definitely a popular move.he little brush that comes with isn't very dense making it difficult to blend with, so i don't tend to use it, but it is handy for touch ups on the go or when i'm caught without my usual brush.

the colour is a gorgeous peachy, corally (yes, well done rosie) pink with a little added shimmer, to give a little added glow. it is beautifully pigmented and light, as well as blending well to give a great flush of colour to the cheeks which is easily build-able to give a more dramatic look. the staying powder is great. i can apply this in the morning and be sure that by the lunchtime it'll still be going strong! that is essential on a busy day when i don't have time to reapply!

as strange as this sounds the product smells amazing! i hadn't even thought to smell it until someone mentioned it to me! it has a very subtle fruity scent which is barely noticeable on the skin but i think it is a lovely addition. (i'm just a sucker for anything with a nice smell!)

yes the product is super pricey. but i have the dallas boxed powder already and despite owning it for a few years now i've barely made a dent in it! you need so little product to give a good wash of colour, so i suppose that does justify the price slightly more so. 

this is a blusher that i probably wouldn't have purchased myself but i am so glad it is part of my collection. it's like summer in a box! after weighing up the pros and cons i think i could possibly justify another box powder after exams maybe as a well done to myself (if i work hard that is!) simply because they last so long. if you're in the market for one i would definitely recommend having a look at coralista. especially with the sun on its way!

what do you think of benefit? are there any other boxed powders i should add to my list?


  1. this blush is such a gorgeous colour! i haven't tried much from benefit but i'll definitely be looking into this for summer :) xx

  2. accessorize do some lovely ones! and mememe :)

  3. I know what you mean about it being expensive but they do last a lifetime! And this new box is so much better right? I love Coralista :) xo

  4. i tagged you in my recent post ,hope you will join that fun idea :)

  5. This looks like a gorgeous shade, I love more coral/ peachy blushes. I wish I could justify buying a Benefit blush though, but my student budget just won't let me :(

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  6. I have Bella Bamba by Benefit and I can't rave about it enough! This looks beautiful lady! and the thing about your muma taking your picture into the store is just about the most adorable thing I have heard >__< bless her!

    Bea xx

  7. Lovely post and blog, I have just followed :) Feel free to have a look at my new blog

  8. I bought the Powda Wowza from Benefit which has Coralista, Bella Bamba and Hoola in it. Love it! The blushes are quite small in the set but they sure do last a long time :)


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