Tuesday, 13 March 2012

denman tutti frutti hairbrush

| denman tutti frutti fragrance brush in green apple* £7.31- www.denmanbrush.com |

i'm a sucker for anything that smells good. so when i saw these brushes from denman i was instantly drawn to them! i don't often buy hairbrushes simply because a good quality one can last for such a long time. it's for this reason that i don't mind spending a little more on a hairbrush, as long as it guarantee's me beautiful, knot free hair for a minimum of a year (to be honest even a year would disappointment me a little!)

the denman brushes are made from a sturdy, white plastic decorated with little green apples on the back and handle. the green rubber pad is anti-static so your hair is left super smooth rather than standing up on end! the white pins are smooth with rounded edges to easily glide through the hair. it easily removes all my knots without tugging and pulling out all my hair.

the apple scent comes from the rubber pad. it is so yummy smelling! (it makes you want to eat it!) the fragrance is subtle and doesn't transfer onto the hair, making sure it doesn't clash with any shampoo or perfume. although this is great to ensure you don't smell like you sprayed yourself with everything on your dressing table sometimes i do find myself wishing the scent did transfer over, just because it would make my hair smell so delicious!

after trying the green apple scented brush i am super tempted by the lemon and strawberry ones! i've also discovered that there is an amazing coconut fragranced wooden brush which is calling my name so i'm sure that will find it's way into my life soon ;)

have you tried the denman brushes? if you could make your own scent what would it be?

p.s a massive thank you to the lovely lauren who featured me as her 'sunday shout-out' this week!


  1. I have been eyeing up the strawberry one of these for ages, so cute :) x

  2. omg i never heard of this brand . And now I so want to get a strawberry one, to bad it doesn't transfer on your hair that would be so great. <3

  3. This sounds fab xx I love coconut so it would probably be that or vanilla xx

  4. Oh wow, I need to get one of these, they sound delicious!




  5. @jetleyface i think that one will be next on my list!

    @beautysparkless isn't it adorable! i wish it did too! how lovely it would be to smell like apple all day :)


  6. I have a denman brush and it's been really good. I love the idea of this scented one, it would be amazing if it made your hair smell of apples! I'll be looking out for it!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

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