Tuesday, 27 March 2012

elf lip primer and plumper

| elf lip primer and plumper £3.50- elf website |

this is a product i picked up quite a while ago in one of my massive elf orders. i don't order from them very often but when i do i'm sure to really stock up! the products really can be a bit hit or miss. luckily for the most part the ones i've tried seem to be hits!

the packaging is very similar to the rest of the elf studio line; plain, sleek and black. to be perfectly honest there isn't much else to say about it. the lids fit closely on both ends, it would be difficult for them to fall off so your products are safe no matter how much rough and tumble they endure. very impressive for such a low price.

so lets start with the plumper. this smells very strongly on cinnamon which is obviously the key ingredient in creating those fish pout lips. the product is very much like a lip balm in the way it applies. very smooth and easy to use but not moisturising in any way (not that it is meant to be!) the cinnamon results in the lips feeling very tingley after application, infact i found due to the broken skin on my lips it was a little painful initally but that calmed after around 10 seconds. although only a temporary plumping effect this product definitely works! the difference was noticable and if you need a quick pick me up in the day you can easily pop some more on over/under a product, or just on its own. i wish this a product on its own!

the other side of this is the primer which is basically a flesh coloured lipstick. the product is pretty sheer and really creamy, making it easy to build on the lips to give the perfect base for any lip product. if i'm honest this is a little like putting foundation onto your lips only i found it left mine feeling less dry than usual. does this improve the longevity of your lipstick? i'm not sure to be honest. not noticably so but it may have caused a slight improvement. i did find however that it makes certain colours more vibrant on the lips.

this is a great product to have in my collection, particularly because i don't own many lip plumping products. i would like to think i would repurchase this because it is a great product but we'll have to see what happens next time i get around to placing an order!

what's your favourite elf product? have you got any lip plumping products to recommend?


  1. How weird is the plumper?! I put it on and it just burnt and smelt horrible (I hate Cinnamon.)

    I've not touched it since I bought it so I might dig it out and have another look xx

    1. I prefer the plumper to the primer if I'm honest. I guess if oi don't like cinnamon it probably isn't for you but I found the pain became more bearable after a few uses. I guess the pain made me feel like it was working? haha

  2. i bought this the other day and tried it out, i was debating taking it off it felt really quite painful compared to the other ones ive tried!

  3. I did not get on with this product at all. I found the plumper to be actually painful and the primer went patchy on me. Glad it worked for you though, I love the concept of the product it just wasn't right for me x

  4. will definitely give this a try as I've been looking for a lip plumper!

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