Wednesday, 14 March 2012

nail art inspiration

those of you who have followed my blog for a while will have seen my poor attempts at nail art over the past 12 months. i just don't think it's ever going to be something i'm good at.... especially with my short, peely nails. (not exactly the most attractive things in the world!)

what with my lack of talent i can't help but go and gasp over the amazing nails that seem to be plentiful on blogs and tumblr. so here are some of my favourites that i've collected....

have you got any amazing nail art you've done? i'd love to have a look!


*pictures collected over time from tumblr so sources are unknown. if a picture belongs to you please tell me and i will be sure to link back to you!*


  1. i love the funky ones like pink panther , but i hate the fact how fake and long they are . I think it does not look nice when u have super long nails

  2. I agree with you Suzanne, the designs are pretty but sometimes drag queen length nails ruin it lol . . i love the pacman ones! x x

  3. I like the gold sparkly ombre ones the best, but wish they were a little shorter! I hate those super-long false nails. Or any false nails.

    Natural is best!

    Emily x

  4. Those pacman nails are adorable :D
    Just started following your blog, would love you to check out my blog and follow back if you like :D

  5. You should get some of those nail paper things! Theyre really easy and have some awesome designs on them. Otherwise you can get nail stickers. I got a pack for my birthday of little diamantes and flowers, and they look so cute with minimal effort. Just paint your nail one colour, stick a flower in one corner and voila!
    And there are some awesome YT tutorials for easy nail designs. Some of them are really simple but look so good. One cheat that I've used before is to get some blank false nails and paint them before sticking them on. Turns out so much neater than trying to paint left handed or having to practically break your arm to get the right angle.

  6. oh i totally agree about the length and 'falseness'! i only use natural looking false ones.

    @sammi oooo i really must take a look at those! anything that makes my life a little easier haha



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