Thursday, 8 March 2012

no7 beautiful skin hydration mask

| no7 beautiful skin hydration mask £12.50- boots |

the quest for perfect skin continues! i bought this product because my retain-a has been massively drying out my skin and my mama was getting sick of me using up all of the yogurt on my face! (post here) as this was described as being for dry to very dry i thought it would be the perfect alternative.

the thing that immediately drew me to this has to be the way it is presented in the packaging. the product is a peach colour lotion layered inbetween a clear gel, to give a sort of spiral effect. once dispensed this becmes a runny, pink lotion, which i can only assume results from the two being mixed together.

 the only problem i have with the packaging is that the lid can be super difficult to get off. i always worry i'm going to break it! this hasn't happened thus far but i'm a worrier so the thought is always in the back of my mind. the pump dispenser is hygenic and easy to use, in that you can control exactly how much product you want.

it is meant to be left on for between 3-10 minutes but i have heard of many people using it as a sort of night cream and washing it off in the morning. i tend to wear it for 10 minutes in the evening when my skin looks a little dry and flakey. the product applies beautifully. it is fairly thin but is lovely and smooth. it eliminates all flakey bits and leaves my skin feeling so soft and fresh.

although yogurt is probably a cheaper alternative, simply for ease of use i find this to be a great product to have in my drawers. it does exactly what it says on the tin and i really can't fault anything about it! if only it was less than £10 then i could probably justify using it more often. saying that, with no7 vouchers available 80% of the time you could probably get it cheaper anyway!

are you a fan of no7 products? have you got some vouchers to spend?


  1. I might give this a try, ive got a £5 voucher which makes it more affordable!

  2. I'll be sure to try this out now a few more reviews are popping up :D The look of it attracted me to it in the store!


  3. @never to broke for beauty: that's how i bought mine. those vouchers are such an amazing idea!

    @lucyylou isn't it so pretty looking! it's definitely something unique to pop on my dressing table :)

    @beautybalm isn't it amazing!


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