Tuesday, 13 March 2012

operation beautiful

imagine your having one of those days where you just feel disgusting. everything you wear/do to yourself makes you look no better. you feel gross and ugly. (lets face it, we all have days like this!) then you catch sight of a post it note on the side of the restroom mirror. it says 'you look beautiful just the way you are.' how could that not make you smile? if only a little bit!

this is a project that i first heard about on tumblr around about a year ago now. the aim is to spread a bit of love and confidence through the medium of post it note messages and end all this negative self-talk that seems to rife amongst women.

like many other people i really struggle with self-belief, both in my appearance and abilities. i have tried many a time to improve my confidence but sometimes the only way to really convince yourself of something is to hear it from someone else. the anonymous post it notes are the perfect way to to do that as it is something that is so unexpected!

i've been posting them myself in the toilets at the gym and in coffee shops for a while now but i think i'm going to start doing them at school too. lets face it secondary school can be hard enough without feeling awful about yourself too!

will you be getting involved in operation beautiful? have you already?

*all pictures sourced from the operation beautiful website*


  1. I think that's a good idea! I will check the website NOW!

  2. Awh what a lovely idea. :)

    Karys x

  3. thats a really good idea :D
    i will have to start doing this :D

  4. I've started doing this as well! It's just a nice way to cheer up strangers :) xx

  5. What a brilliant idea. I've been known to leave random notes for people, when I've left jobs to ease people into their new role and even in text books for really bitchin' essays when I was at Uni ;)I think that it would be lovely to find one :D

  6. I love this, I'll be doing it too, great idea x


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